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    Certina watches

    Certina watches

    Certina watchesCertina, established in 1888. It has been a well known Swiss brand since and it has been very ambitious for years. History and present are two returning elements in the most recent Certina collections. By using exceptional concepts, strong materials and components Certina knows how to win every watchlover over to its side. Certina takes its bearings in the sporting area by developing a series of watches with a clearly sporting streak. Certina symbolizes this by elegance and an active lifestyle. Certina means: a sporting man, expecting more from his watch. Certina's promising watches are there for the exacting man!

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    Certina DS Podium Big Size serie

    Certina DS Action Diver serie

    Certina DS Podium GMT serie

    Certina DS Podium serie

    Certina DS Action serie

    Certina DS Multi-8 serie

    Certina DS Podium Shape serie

    Certina DS Podium Valgranges serie

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