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Designer watches

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Designer watches are characterized by a specific design and distinctive look. A timeless, modern or a bold design ensures a certain look of a watch. A designer watch can also be based on art or architecture. A good example is Bauhaus. Dutch and Danish design are other good examples that are used to design watches.


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Junkers Bauhaus serie

Junkers Bauhaus 6030-5Junkers Bauhaus 6030-5
 € 799 € 719

Escada Catherine serie

Escada Catherine E4335011Escada Catherine E4335011
 € 479 € 349
Escada Catherine E4335022Escada Catherine E4335022
 € 529 € 359
Escada Catherine E4335034Escada Catherine E4335034
 € 499 € 359
Escada Catherine E4335063Escada Catherine E4335063
 € 529 € 359

Escada Lauren serie

Escada Lauren E2105214Escada Lauren E2105214
 € 499 € 329

Escada Madeleine serie

Escada Madeleine E3305164Escada Madeleine E3305164
 € 599 € 399

Eone Time Bradley Canvas serie

Eone Time Bradley Compass serie

Eone Time Bradley serie

Eone Time Bradley Mesh serie

Eone Time Bradley Black serie

Escada Estelle II serie

Zeppelin Princess of the Sky serie

Armogan Spirit of St. Louis serie