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Locman watches

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Locman watches

Technology, innovation, Italian design and passion are the values ??on which Locman's identity is based. The concept of luxury conveyed by the brand's watches is affordable and suitable for any watch enthusiast. The Locman watches symbolize Italian originality in combination with reliable technique and a competitive price. Italian Locman is based on the island of Elba and is the country's most popular watch brand. On Elba, Locman works on innovations in technology and design. With special rights to watch production for the Italian army, Locman watches offer not only beautiful modern designs, but also a lot of quality, which is highly valued by the aviation and navy of the Italian army. The popular Montecristo models are an icon and an excellent choice if you are looking for a contemporary watch with an original design and trendy use of color. A Locman watch is highly recommended for the real watch enthusiast.

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Locman Montecristo Carbon serie

Locman Montecristo Classic serie

Locman Montecristo Diver serie

Locman Montecristo 44mm serie

Locman Montecristo 41mm serie

Locman Aeronautica serie

Locman Mare serie