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Junkers watches

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Junkers watches

Hugo Junkers started his first firm, the German Junkers, in 1895. Junkers became especially known because of its aircraft industry which delivered lots of airplane models for warfare during WWI and WWII. Next to it a lot of world records were set in aviation by Junkers airplanes. Junkers watches are loved around the world because of their simple but extreme luxury and classical designs. Each Junkers watch is known for its pure technique combined with a good dose of history. The Junkers watches are produced in Germany en you can choose for an automatical, mechanical or quartz movement. The extremely populair Bauhaus series offers minimalistic design and very thin watch cases. Do you prefer a good quality watch with a very competitive price? Then a Junkers watch is certainly worth considering. 

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Junkers Bauhaus serie

Junkers Bauhaus 6030-5Junkers Bauhaus 6030-5
 € 799 € 639

Junkers Bauhaus Lady serie

Junkers G38 serie

Junkers G38 6970-3Junkers G38 6970-3
 € 279 € 219
Junkers G38 6970-5Junkers G38 6970-5
 € 279 € 219
Junkers G38 6984-4Junkers G38 6984-4
 € 279 € 219

Junkers Cockpit JU52 serie

Junkers Hugo Junkers serie

Junkers Spitzbergen F13 serie

Junkers Tante Ju serie

Junkers Tante Ju 6890-2Junkers Tante Ju 6890-2
 € 279 € 189
Junkers Tante Ju 6890M-2Junkers Tante Ju 6890M-2
 € 299 € 219

Junkers Dessau 1926 serie

Junkers Eisvogel serie

Junkers Eisvogel 6734-4Junkers Eisvogel 6734-4
 € 259 € 229

Junkers Iron Annie serie

Junkers Iron Annie 6656-1Junkers Iron Annie 6656-1
 € 749 € 479

Junkers South America serie

Junkers Worldtimer serie

Junkers Worldtimer 6892-5Junkers Worldtimer 6892-5
 € 329 € 289