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High discounts Swiss made Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore

Posted on 29 March 2020 at 3:30 PM

Recently, the Italian watch brand Meccaniche Veneziane, which has become very famous for its extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, presented the latest Redentore 3 watch models. This new series is based on the previous Redentore watches that have a Swiss made automatic movement from STP. The new Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore 3 watches, however, have an automatic Seiko movement. In addition, the design has been slightly modified and the watch has become a bit thinner in terms of the case. The prices of this new series are also slightly lower than of the Swiss made Redentore watches, because of the movement. A Swiss automatic movement is simply more expensive than an automatic Seiko movement from Japan.

Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore watch

The Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore watches with Swiss movement are no longer produced and are hardly available anymore. Almost all models are completely sold out. We still have various watches of this series in stock and offer a 20% discount off of the official retail price. As a result, you can now buy a beautiful Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore watch with Swiss automatic movement for a very attractive price. The discount applies while supplies last.

Take a quick look at the current collection of Redentore watches with a 20% discount, and if you prefer the Redentore 3 watch with Seiko movement, you can find these watches here.

Italian class - Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide watch

Posted on 24 March 2020 at 12:23 PM

Looking for a quality watch with Italian class? Then Meccaniche Veneziane is a great watch brand for you! This Italian watch brand produces extremely high quality watches with automatic movements. The Swiss made watches from Meccaniche Veneziane are equipped with Swiss quality movements. The combination of Swiss quality and Italian design makes this watch brand unique and interesting.

Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 1202002

The Meccaniche Veneziane watch collection consists of modern and sturdy watches with a kind of Rolex look. One of the things that is striking is the use of various colors and materials within the collection. Characteristic is also the beautiful finish of the products. The Meccaniche Veneziane collection is divided into several series; Nereide, Arsenale and Redentore. A series that stands out within the collection is the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide series. These watches actually offer everything a modern and sporty watch should have. The main advantages of these watches are the Swiss made designation and a very competitive price!

The Nereide watches by Meccaniche Veneziane have a lively use of color. Colors such as red, blue and green provide a fresh and sporty look. The modern designs feature a beautiful soft leather watch strap that is handmade. The different leathers used for the Meccaniche Veneziane watches come from Veneto and Tuscany. The combination of the Swiss automatic movement, the stainless steel watch case, the strong sapphire glass and the leather watch straps result in a quality watch, with a modern and sporty look, of very high quality.

The Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide watches are waterproof up to two hundred meters. Other great features of these models are the screw-down crown, rotating bezel, luminous indicators and date display. In addition, they are equipped with C1 Swiss Superluminova. The Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide Ardesia and Rubino models are also equipped with Côtes de Genève. These last models are also sold with a nice discount, since this is the 2018 model line.

Then there is also the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide Jubilee series. The watches within this series have the same lively use of color as the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide models. However, instead of a leather strap, these models have a sturdy stainless steel watch strap. These models are also waterproof up to two hundred meters. The Meccaniche Veneziane collection also has the Nereide Ceramic models. Here we see models with a black leather watch strap and a black dial. These models are equipped with a ceramic bezel. Last but not least is the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT series. Here we see watches with the beautiful and popular GMT function, again striking by a lively use of color.

We are official dealer of Meccaniche Veneziane. When you choose a watch from Meccaniche Veneziane, it comes with a two-year warranty. In addition, you will receive the watch in a unique wooden watch box, which is made by an artisanal woodworking company in Friuli. In this region, the craft of woodworking is an important part of the culture. With such a beautiful watch box, the reception of your watch is extra special!
Naturally, a certificate and manual are included.

Watch winders from Orbita | Swiss technology

Posted on 21 March 2020 at 3:43 PM

For the true enthusiast of automatic watches, Orbita will be a well-known watch winder brand. This brand originates from the United States and uses the well-known Swiss technique and motors. The very luxurious watch winders from Orbita are the absolute top in this area and are therefore known worldwide. Orbita offers a choice of the so-called "Programmable System" and the "Rotorwind System" patented by them. This last system was developed by Orbita itself and provides the watches with the required energy by gently shaking the watch. The "Programmable System" works like a regular watch winder which winds the watches by rotation. Orbita has a spacious and very beautiful collection of watch winders, of which the Orbita Avanti series is the most luxurious and extensive. Orbita watch winders offer plenty of options for lovers of single watches and large collectors.

In the Orbita Avanti watch winder series we see very luxurious watch winders made of beautiful macassar wood and glass. The classic designs are very exclusive. The special wooden cabinets are fitted with inlaid carbon. The Orbita Avanti watch winders within this series are, just like the other Orbita watch winders, suitable for any automatic watch regardless of brand or type. There are Orbita watch winders with different capacities. There are watch winders with room for three watches, but also for up to thirty-six automatic watches. Ideal for the real watch collector. The Orbita Avanti watch winders are equipped with special watch watch holders, made of flexible foam. These feature the Orbita logo. The special pads are suitable for almost any size of watch, but for smaller watches there are also special smaller watch holders available. They protect your watch perfectly.

Orbita Avanti 36 watch winder

The Orbita Avanti watch winders are equipped with the latest techniques. Orbita can therefore be called a very innovative brand, which has several patents. This includes the aforementioned "Rotorwind System". The Orbita Avanti watch winders are quiet and energy efficient to use. In addition, they provide three directions of rotation, namely CW, CC and Alt. In addition, the rotors are individually adjustable and the watch winders are equipped with an LCD screen. Of course there is also an overwind protection.

BensonTrade is the official dealer of Orbita. When you order an Orbita watch winder in our online store we supply it with a two-year warranty and manual. We ship worldwide via Fedex, DPD or PostNL. Of course you can pay with your credit card, iDeal or Paypal.

Fortis watches for Russian cosmonauts

Posted on 16 March 2020 at 4:07 PM

The word Fortis in Latin stands for strong, solid, powerful and durable. This is exactly what the watch brand Fortis stands for. They produce watches that are absolutely durable and very reliable. The Fortis watches are handmade by hand in Switzerland, the watch country pur sang. The quality of Swiss made watches is widely known. The Swiss made watches from Fortis, which are equipped with Swiss movements, therefore stand for an extremely high quality, beautiful finish, durability and reliability. Despite the extremely high quality of the products, the brand is very affordable. With extensive experience and a long history in the production of quality watches, Fortis can be called an extremely innovative luxury brand. Fortis is known, among other things, because they were the first to come on the market with a water-resistant watch. We really like the Fortis watches! Every time we check a Fortis watch before shipment to a customer, we are positively surprised by the high level of finish, detail and use of materials. A watch brand that we love!

What makes the Fortis brand extra special is the cooperation they have entered into with Russian cosmonauts. The Fortis Cosmonauts watches are the result of this. In this series we find modern and sturdy watches. These watches have been standard equipment for the Russian cosmonauts since 1994, which shows a great confidence in the quality of the Fortis watches. For this purpose, the watches must of course be able to perform under very high pressure. The watches in the Cosmonauts series are made of high-quality materials such as titanium, extremely strong sapphire glass and stainless steel. The watches are waterproof up to 200 meters and feature SuperLuminova that glows in the dark. Additional light-emitting indicators, a rotating bezel and date display are also additional features. This series also provides a model with chronograph function. The emblem of the "Russian space agency" is engraved on the back of these watches, which makes these watches extra special.

Fortis Aeromaster watch

Another beautiful series within the Fortis collection is the Marinemaster series. In this series we see real diving watches that are suitable for diving, snorkeling and swimming. These Fortis Marinemaster watches are also waterproof up to 200 meters and here too there are no luminous indicators and date indication. With a Swiss automatic movement and SuperLuminova that glows in the dark, these watches are also top quality. The appearance of the watches within the Marinemaster series can be called sporty and modern. In terms of color, we see both black and bright colors such as orange and yellow.

BensonTrade, as official dealer, provides a wide range of Fortis watches. In addition to the watches from the Marinemaster and Cosmonauts series, you will find several other very interesting models from Fortis here. Various Fortis watches are also available at attractive prices from BensonTrade. When you choose a Fortis watch at BensonTrade, it comes in a luxurious official box with a two-year warranty.

The best Junkers watches | BensonTrade

Posted on 13 March 2020 at 7:56 AM

The lover of watches with a beautiful history, will certainly be charmed by the special watch brand Junkers. The brand found its origin in the aircraft industry special enough and grew into a well-known and popular watch brand. This German brand is today known for the production of stylish quality watches and offers a very wide collection of watches with automatic, mechanical and quartz movements. The Junkers watches are all equipped with a Swiss or Japanese quality movement and guarantee a durable and reliable product. With the good price/quality ratio you are assured of a lot of quality. Junkers watches are manufactured in Germany by real craftsmen which ensure great watches. 

Junkers Bauhaus 6060-5 watch

In addition to the variety of different types of timepieces, there is also a very wide range of Junkers watches in terms of appearance and design. The different series in the Junkers collection contain a variety of watches in various styles. The popular Bauhaus watches, for example, are characterized by simple and clean-looking dials. These watches find their inspiration in the Bauhaus art movement, where minimalism and simplicity predominate. In the Junkers Bauhaus series we see watches with a stainless steel bracelet, but also various models with a beautiful leather strap in the colors brown and black. There are also watches within this series with interesting additional functionalities such as date display, power reserve and luminous index. Models with a see-through bottom with a view of the timepiece are also an option, for the true enthusiast of automatic watches and interested in the authentic operation of the timepiece. What all designs have in common are the beautiful finish and classic appearance.

Junkers also offers a wide choice for the ladies. The Junkers Bauhaus Lady models also have a beautiful classic and timeless look. Suitable for every stylish lady and fits almost every outfit due to the neutral and simple design. A series of Junkers with men's watches with a somewhat more rugged appearance is the Junkers Cockpit JU-52 series. In this series we see a lot of black, leather watch straps and a robust appearance. Real pilot watches! In addition to the series mentioned, there are several other series from Junkers with very interesting models and designs. Really worth checking out.

In our webshop you will find a very wide range of Junkers watches. When you choose a Junkers watch and order it from us, it comes in an official luxury box with a two-year warranty. In addition, we currently offer various Junkers watches with nice discounts, including some of the popular Junkers Bauhaus models. An absolute opportunity to order such a special and stylish watch for a great price.

Swiss made MeisterSinger watches with discount!

Posted on 7 March 2020 at 3:06 PM

MeisterSinger watches, a unique German watch brand with a clear signature. The brand that was founded by Manfred Brassler in 2001 is characterized among other things by the fact that the watches have only one hand. This gives the watches a calm look and at the same time ensures practical and clear readability of the time. This is an absolutely unique concept in terms of time display for wrist watches, which is centuries old and is used in a modern way by MeisterSinger for its watches. In addition, MeisterSinger distinguishes itself from other beautiful watch brands by the unique index and the strongly curved glass.

For everyone who likes stylish, high-quality watches with a special design, MeisterSinger is a very interesting brand. In terms of quality and reliability, this brand is an example of true German reliability. The watches also stand out because of the beautiful finish and the use of high-quality materials, which results in a sublime end result. Consider, for example, stainless steel and sapphire glass. The state-of-the-art technology, a combination of German and Swiss quality and a design with its own unique look makes the MeisterSinger watches definitely one of the most interesting watches.

MeisterSinger Circularis CC908 watch

The MeisterSinger watches are equipped with high quality Swiss timepieces. There is a choice of both automatic and mechanical timepieces. The one-hand watches in the MeisterSinger collection each have their own appearance and special features. An example of a nice watch from the collection is the MeisterSinger Salthora Meta X SAMX902GR. This watch is water resistant to 200 meters and is equipped with a rotating bezel and luminous indicators. The watch has a calm appearance with a black leather strap.

Another great example of one of the classic MeisterSinger watches is the MeisterSinger Circularis CC908LG. This watch is water resistant to 50 meters and has a stainless steel case with an 18 carat rose gold lunette. Also striking are the beautiful blue dial and beautiful watch band made of brown crocodile leather. The watch has an automatic movement and date display.

BensonTrade has selected a number of beautiful MeisterSinger watches for you, of which only a few are in stock per model. You can now order this with discount up to 30% off of the official retail price. A wonderful opportunity to come into possession of a beautiful German quality watch with a unique appearance. When you order a MeisterSinger watch from BensonTrade, it will be delivered in the original box with manual and a two-year warranty. Choose a MeisterSinger watch now and convince yourself of the quality and class of this unique watch brand.

Epos watches from Switzerland

Posted on 1 March 2020 at 10:12 AM

Most Swiss watch brands make beautiful watches. Consider brands such as Glycine and Epos. Both brands have been part of our watch collection for some time. We have had Epos in our collection for more than one year and we have been very surprised, positively. The brand has a long history and produces very beautiful automatic watches with the Swiss made label. Epos watches are all equipped with a solid Swiss timepiece. This guarantees quality and durability. Swiss timepieces are still the best in terms of quality and accuracy. However, a Swiss timepiece also has its price. These timepieces are usually considerably more expensive than timepieces from Germany, France or Japan. Yet Epos knows how to make beautiful Swiss made watches that are very affordable. The advantage of Epos is that they have a very large watch collection that has different designs. The brand has the Originale, Emotion and Sportive series in which watches stand out from the rest. The Epos Originale watches have a retro character with Bauhaus elements. The Epos Emotion watches are mainly classic and have a modest design. The Epos Sportive watches are, as the name suggests, sporty and modern in design. This gives the Swiss watch brand Epos a nice variety of watches in its collection.

Epos Sportive watch

Swiss made Epos watches

As mentioned, Epos is a Swiss watch brand that makes Swiss-made watches. All Epos watches have an automatic ETA timepiece. The ETA company is a well-known and important player in the Swiss timepiece market. The ETA timepieces are used by many world-famous watch brands, whether modified or not. The Epos watches are much more attractively priced than comparable watches from Switzerland, despite the great emphasis that Epos places on precision, quality and finish. Every Epos watch is made with the greatest care in the factory and fully tested and checked before it leaves the Epos watch factory. This allows Epos to offer the best quality for years of watch pleasure.

Epos is a relatively small watch brand. Because of this the production numbers are small and the watches are very interesting for the real watch lover. After all, because the numbers are small, this makes an Epos watch more special because you don't see them as much as other major Swiss watch brands such as Rolex, Breitling, Omega or Oris. Of course, previous mentioned brands have a different price and greater fame, but with its long history, Epos has acquired a good place within the Swiss watch industry.

What we think about Epos watches

If we had to describe an Epos watch, we would say that an Epos watch is an excellent alternative for those who would like to see the quality of a Swiss watch reflected in his or her watch, are less sensitive to a "brand" and choose a good price/quality ratio. Comparable watches are 1.5x or even 2x more expensive. This allows you to buy a beautiful Swiss watch with an Epos watch at an affordable price.

Official Epos watch dealer

As an official Epos dealer, we offer various benefits and guarantees. We offer the latest watches, even those that are not on our website (please ask us). We guarantee that every watch is new and original. Of course every Epos watch comes with a minimum of 2 years warranty, original watch box and manual. We also have all watches on our website in stock and available immediately. We ship insured and registered worldwide via PostNL, DPD or Fedex and you can pay with your credit card, Paypal, iDeal or regular bank transfer. For customers outside the EU we deliver VAT-free (minus 21%).

Do you have any questions or would you like advice about an Epos watch? Call or email us and we will gladly help you further.

Tag Heuer watches with high discount!

Posted on 26 February 2020 at 2:24 PM

Tag Heuer is a beautiful Swiss watch brand with a beautiful history. This luxury watch brand offers an extensive collection of watches with Swiss made timepieces. These guarantee quality, durability and reliability. Tag Heuer sets itself extremely high requirements when it comes to quality, technology, finish and control. The Tag Heuer watches are therefore manufactured by highly skilled technicians and each watch is extensively tested and checked. Finishing touch, that is what Tag Heuer is all about. Everything must be perfect, to the smallest detail!

Tag Heuer Carrera watch

In addition to the finish and quality, innovation and innovation are very high on the Tag Heuer brand priority list. They have been a well known name in quality watches for more than 150 years and have never stopped developing and improving their watches during these years. This means that today Tag Heuer produces watches with the latest technology and the best timepieces.

The models in the Tag Heuer collection can be called stylish and modern. The Tag Heuer collection consists of different series, including the popular Carrera and Aquaracer models. The Carrera models by Tag Heuer are characterized by the use of beautiful materials such as stainless steel and sapphire glass. They are classic and at the same time beautiful sports watches, the inspiration for these designs we find in motorsport.

In the Tag Heuer Carrera series there is a very wide selection of beautiful watches. BensonTrade has a nice selection of Tag Heuer watches in the collection. The Carrera models available at BensonTrade have a chronograph function, luminous indicators and date display. The beautiful stainless steel band is a real eye catcher and give the watch a tough and robust appearance. These watches are also water resistant to 100 meters.

The Tag Heuer Aquaracer watches are inspired by the magical underwater world. These watches are water resistant up to 300 meters. Tag Heuer also offers a very wide selection in this series, in which we see different colors and watch bands. Black, white, gold and rosé color, among other things, are reviewed.

You are at the right place at BensonTrade for the Swiss made watches of Tag Heuer! BensonTrade offers the watches of Tag Heuer up to 30% cheaper than the regular jeweler. So take your chance and convince yourself of the quality, class and reliability of a Tag Heuer watch! When you choose to order a Tag Heuer watch at BensonTrade, it comes with a two-year warranty in a luxury official box.

Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore watches with Seiko movement

Posted on 18 February 2020 at 2:56 PM

We have often written about the Italian watch brand Meccaniche Veneziane in our news articles and blog articles. The appealing young watch brand is conquering the world at full speed with its beautiful automatic watches from the famous Nereide, Redentore and Arsenale collections. We prefer to describe the Meccaniche Veneziane watches as high-quality, modern and stylish. However, the brand offers many more great benefits, such as the handmade straps and watch boxes. But even more important is the unique price/quality ratio of Meccaniche Veneziane.

Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore 1301001

Redentore Swiss made collection

In addition to the Nereide collection, the Redentore collection is the most popular. This collection of watches has a classic and stylish look. The simplicity provides a beautifully quiet watch face on which you can quickly and easily read the time and date. The current Redentore watches are equipped with a Swiss made automatic movement from STP. These watches are made in Switzerland and meet the highest quality standards. These watches are still available while supplies last. At Meccaniche Veneziane in Italy, most models are already sold out and no longer available. We still have various models in stock.

Redentore watches with Seiko movement

Meccaniche Veneziane is now also launching Redentore watches with a Seiko automatic timepiece that is not inferior in quality to the Swiss STP timepiece, but is a lot cheaper. Seiko is a world-famous watch brand and also produces timepieces that are used by other brands. The big advantage of these timepieces is that they are very reliable but also considerably cheaper since they are produced in large numbers.

The Redentore models with Swiss movement cost more than 600 euros, and the new Redentore models with Seiko movement start from 420 euros. This is a big price difference and the result of another automatic timepiece in the watch. The rest of the watch has remained exactly the same. The case, band, glass and water resistance have not changed.

The new Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore models with Seiko timepieces are also called Redentore 3. The three stands for the third edition of this series. The first two were delivered with Swiss movement, this new edition (3th) with automatic Seiko movement.

New Nereide watches also with Seiko timepiece

Meccaniche Veneziane will in the near future also replace the current Nereide models with models with an automatic Seiko movement. The current Nereide watches have an automatic STP timepiece from Switzerland and may carry the Swiss made designation. In March Meccaniche Veneziane will present the latest Nereide watches with Seiko movement. The prices for these models will start from 499.00 euros. As with the Redentore models, the Nereide models will not differ in terms of materials and properties. The new Nereide watches will also be automatic, have the same dimensions and will maintain a water resistance of 200 meters.

Meccaniche Veneziane wants to use this Seiko timepieces to produce watches that are cheaper than the Swiss made models. This makes the watches more accessible for a larger group of people.

Are you looking for a good watch with a beautiful design and appearance? The Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide and Redentore watches meet these characteristics. You can now choose from these watches with Swiss made or Seiko movement. This as long as there is stock, because the Swiss made watches are sold out quickly and are no longer produced.

Quickly take a look at the current Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore watch collection!

Davosa Ternos and Argonautic watches

Posted on 17 February 2020 at 4:55 PM

The German watch brand Davosa is not only known for the production of watches of the well-known German solid quality, but also for the stylish and chic appearance of their products. The very good price/quality ratio offered by Davosa makes this brand a very suitable choice for the true watch enthusiast and collector. Davosa provides a wide range of modern watches with sufficient supply in both automatic, mechanical and quartz watches. Whichever variant you prefer, you can go to Davosa for this. The Davosa watches are fitted with Swiss timepieces, exclusively from Valjoux, Sellita and ETA. These guarantee durability and reliability and therefore a long service life.

Davosa Ternos GMT watch

In addition to the high quality, wide choice and good price/quality ratio, Davosa also stands out for its beautiful finish. They go for perfection, which results in an excellent end result. The different models in the Davosa collection are varied in appearance and use of materials. For example, we see watch bracelets made of stainless steel, but also made of leather or nato. Despite the diversity in appearance, all Davosa watches have different characteristics in common, including timeless design and technical innovation.

The collection of Davosa watches consists of different series. This also includes sporting series such as the Davosa Ternos series and the Davosa Argonautic series. The range is also very diverse within these series. In the Ternos series we also find the Ternos Diver watches, which can be distinguished in the Ternos Diver and Ternos Diver Ceramic variants. These watches are water resistant up to 200 meters. Just like all Davosa watches, the Ternos watches have a screwed bottom and extremely strong sapphire glass. The watches in the Ternos series come in different color styles. In this series we see, among other things, the colors black, gray, blue, green and brown.

The watches in the Davosa Argonautic series are water resistant up to even 300 meters. Within this series, various materials are used for watch straps, such as rubber, nato and stainless steel. In the Argonautic dual time series, watches are included with a GMT function. In the various Argonautic series, there are many other beautiful functions to be found, such as luminous indicators, a rotating bezel and chronograph function. So there is a suitable alternative for every enthusiast!

BensonTrade offers a very wide range of Davosa watches. When you choose to order a Davosa watch at BensonTrade, it comes standard with a two-year warranty and packed in a luxury official watch box. We also currently have various Davosa Ternos and Argonautic watches with a nice discount!