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The affordable Benson Compact watch winders

Posted on 28 September 2020 at 11:22 AM

The Dutch watch winder brand Benson is active worldwide and one of the larger players in the field of watch winding technology for automatic watches. The brand combines excellent winding properties with attractive designs and an attractive price level. The nice thing about Benson watch winders is that they offer different models with different price levels. As a watch enthusiast, who is looking for a good watch winder to wind your automatic watches, you always succeed at Benson.

Benson Compact watch winder

The collection of Benson watch winders has the Compact, Smart-Tech II and Black series. The Compact watch winders of the brand are the entry-level models for those who are looking for a good watch winder but do not want to spend hundreds of euros on a watch winder. This watch winder model actually offers everything you need.

The Benson Compact watch winders are distinguished by their compact and modern design. The technology is formed by a solid Japanese motor from Mabuchi. The control panel is an LCD screen with which you determine the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day. You can turn the automatic watch clockwise, counter-clockwise and alternately in both directions. In addition, you can wind the watch at 600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2100 revolutions per day. This combination of selectable direction of rotation and number of revolutions per day allows you to wind up literally any automatic watch, regardless of brand or model, quickly and safely. It doesn't matter whether your watch is Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, Oris, Omega or IWC.

The Benson Compact watch winders are available for 1 and 2 automatic watches. With the model for 2 watches you can operate and set both rotors individually. So you can wind two different watches at the same time. You can also wind a watch and leave the other rotor stationary. The advantage of the Benson Compact watch winder for 1 watch is that it also works on batteries. This allows you to easily place the watch winder in a place of your choice without needing mains power nearby. You can also put the watch winder in a safe or take it with you on a trip or vacation.

Another important advantage of all Benson watch winders is the flexible watch holders. These are very wide and suitable for any type of watch, large or small. You can easily place both men's and women's watches on the holder, after which you click it into the watch winder. As a result, the watch is safely fixed in the watch winder and it cannot fall out of course.

The watch winders from the Compact series are available in different colors. Prices start at 169.00 euros (incl. VAT). This is a very competitive price for a watch winder that offers everything you need to provide an automatic watch with energy. Naturally, an adapter and manual are included and the watch winder will be delivered well packaged.

Fortis watch sale | Last pieces!

Posted on 23 September 2020 at 3:32 PM

The Swiss watch brand Fortis has been producing beautiful watches according to the highest quality standards since 1912. Fortis watches can best be described as sporty, solid and tough. The brand works closely with Russian cosmonauts, which means that important technology and materials find their way into Fortis watches.

Fortis Marinemaster 6701741-K watch

Each Fortis watch is Swiss made and contains a Swiss automatic movement. This combination ensures that the brand is popular among watch enthusiasts worldwide. They appreciate the watches because they offer great value for money. The prices of a Fortis watch are therefore lower than those of watch brands with a comparable quality and finish level.

Fortis is not a brand that you see a lot during marketing campaigns on banners or in magazines. It is a relatively small watch brand that focuses not so much on marketing but on the production of very beautiful watches. A small team of professional technicians makes the Fortis watches in Grenchen by hand, whereby the watch only leaves the factory when it has been subjected to various strict tests.

As an official Fortis dealer, we still have a few models in stock. We offer these at very competitive prices. We currently have a beautiful pilot's watch, the Fortis Aeromaster Steel 655.10.10 watch, available for the price of 999 euros (normal retail price 1490 euros). The special Fortis Dornier GMT 402.35.41 watch is also worth mentioning. This watch is limited and a special edition of the Swiss watch brand. This model is hardly available anywhere new, we still have a few copies available.

We also have two models from the Fortis Cockpit and Marinemaster series available. The first model is an original pilot's watch with classical influences. This Fortis Cockpit One 704.21.18 watch has a simple design and therefore a calm look. The Fortis Marinemaster 670.17.41 watch is an extra sporty watch and suitable for diving due to its water resistance up to 200 meters. This model has a rubber strap, orange second hand and rotating bezel. Ideal for use in the water, while swimming, snorkeling or diving.

The special prices apply as long as the stock of Fortis watches lasts. Each watch is new, original and comes with a 2-year warranty, manual and watch box.

The advantages of Italian watches

Posted on 22 September 2020 at 11:18 AM

The most famous watch brands such as Breitling, Rolex, IWC and Tag Heuer come from Switzerland. This country is still the watch country par excellence. This has always been the case and will not change quickly in the future. The Swiss have built an excellent reputation in terms of quality, design and appearance. As a result, Swiss watches are still extremely popular and everyone knows the most famous Swiss watch brands. They are often luxury brands that are associated with class and luxury.

Locman Aeronautica watch

Yet there are many watch brands from other countries that are not inferior to the well-known Swiss watch brands. They also produce beautiful watches in France, Germany, Japan and Italy that can certainly compete with Swiss watch brands in terms of quality. In this blog we will discuss Italian watches. Italy has a few beautiful brands, some of which we offer in our webshop. What are the advantages of Italian watches?


The first advantage of Italian watches, and perhaps the most important one, is the design. There is actually no country in the world whose people have such an incredibly good sense of design. Not only when it comes to watches, the Italians have an eye for detail and design. Italy is a household name, especially when it comes to fashion and cars. You can think of brands such as D&G, Armani, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Everyone knows these brands.

In the field of watches, Italy is becoming more and more successful. Brands such as Sector, Meccaniche Veneziane and Locman are appealing watch brands. The Sector watch brand is in the somewhat lower price segment, but produces fine watches with a sporty character. Locman and Meccaniche Veneziane are in the middle segment in terms of price.

Locman is a brand that focuses on a completely contemporary design with many different use of color. Meccaniche Veneziane is a newcomer and very popular for their cool and sporty watches. Especially the Nereide watches with their Rolex look sell very well. The Strumento Marino brand also comes from Italy. This brand offers a good mix of Italian design and affordable prices. But don't forget the watch winders from Scatola del Tempo in addition to Italian watches. Watch winders with a very nice appearance and typical Italian design. Ideal for winding an automatic watch.

Design is hugely important to Italian watch brands. This allows them to distinguish themselves from other brands. This also affects the use of materials. The Italian watch brands choose the best materials, not only for the watches themselves, but also for the manual and packaging.


The second advantage of Italian watches is the good quality. Where Swiss watch brands have the reputation of delivering good quality, Italian watches certainly have this too. Often because these Italian watch brands also use Swiss timepieces, both automatic and quartz. This guarantees quality. Cheaper brands such as Sector also use Japanese timepieces, such as Miyota. Meccaniche Veneziane watches are available with Swiss movement and with Japanese movement. This depends on the exact series. The latest series are all equipped with an automatic Japanese timepiece because they are slightly cheaper, but qualitatively hardly inferior to a Swiss timepiece.

In short, quality is also an important aspect with Italian watches. Quality that is guaranteed by using Swiss or Japanese timepieces.

Most Italian watches are fitted with a stainless steel watch case, sapphire glass and a beautiful watch strap. These are actually the most important parts of a watch, besides the movement. All brands also give a minimum of 2 years warranty on their watches.


The last important advantage of Italian watches is the price. Swiss brands have the name and you pay a price for that. Swiss watches are generally more expensive than watches from other countries. Of course you get a watch of excellent quality for this, but you also pay part for the name and history.

Italian watches often have a very good price/quality ratio and are certainly more attractively priced than Swiss watches. This is a big advantage. Meccaniche Veneziane watches are a good example. These watches actually offer everything that the major well-known watch brands offer, however Meccaniche Veneziane uses a much more attractive price level. This makes such a watch much more accessible than a Rolex, Breitling or Oris watch. Of course, these brands have proven to make fantastic watches for years, while Meccaniche Veneziane has only been around for a few years. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you can have a lot of fun with a Meccaniche Veneziane watch for a modest price.

If you are looking for a watch with a beautiful design, made of good materials and for an attractive price, then you should definitely check out a few Italian watch brands. We are personally very fond of Meccaniche Veneziane. Simply because they make beautiful watches that are of very good quality. In addition, they offer sapphire glass, a rotating bezel, a water resistance of 200 meters, screw-down crown and a comfortable watch strap. The brand's sporty designs appeal to a large audience, and certainly us!

Take a look at the Italian watch brands Locman, Meccaniche Veneziane, Sector and Strumento Marino. With all these brands we have various models with an attractive discount of up to 40%.

Lapizta watches | SALE!

Posted on 16 September 2020 at 9:42 AM

Lapizta is the name for race track in Spanish. The Lapizta watches have a link with motorsport. This results in extreme watches with all kinds of elements from this sport. The designs, materials and specs are all made for speed, strength and sportiness. Lapizta watches are generally oversized. The perfect fit makes them comfortable to wear. Lapizta works together with major motorsport companies such as Porsche and Ducati. Experience and advice are therefore directly processed in the Lapizta watches in terms of technology, innovation and quality. Lapizta is an absolute must for the true motorsport enthusiast.
In this article we would like to discuss a number of Lapizta watches. These watches are popular and give a good impression of the Lapizta watch collection.

Lapizta Oryx L211201 watch

Lapizta ORYX L21.1201 watch

This Lapizta Oryx L21.1201 watch has a black dial and a diameter of 48mm. The thickness of the watch is 14 mm. The case is black in color due to the PVD material on the watch case. The watch has hardened mineral glass. The strap is made of black leather. The watch is based on a Miyota quartz movement. The chronograph that the watch has provides accurate time measurement. With a date display and stopwatch function, the watch is very complete in terms of functions.

All in all, a very complete watch for the racing enthusiast.

Lapizta IZURUS L24.1803 watch

This Lapizta Izurus L24.1803 watch has a white dial and a diameter of 48mm. The thickness of the watch is 14 mm. The case is rosé colored. The watch has hardened mineral glass. The strap is made of black rubber. The watch is based on a Miyota quartz movement. The chronograph that the watch has provides accurate time measurement. With a date display, screw-down crown and stopwatch function, this watch has everything you need.

Lapizta ZATARA 43mm L27.2305 watch

This Lapizta Zatara 43mm L27.2305 watch has a black dial and a diameter of 43mm. The thickness of the watch is 12 mm. The case is PVD black in color. The watch has hardened mineral glass. The strap is made of black rubber. The watch is based on a Miyota quartz movement. The chronograph that the watch has provides accurate time measurement. With a date display and screw-down crown, this watch is well equipped with useful features.

Are you looking for a sporty watch with a link to motorsport, then Lapizta is the watch you definitely want to wear. This brand combines a nice price with excellent features. Currently we have discounted almost all Lapizta watches, so you can buy them for an extra competitive price. Each Lapizta watch comes with a luxury watch box, manual and a 2-year warranty.

Eone Time Bradley Voyager watch

Posted on 7 September 2020 at 4:05 PM

Eone Time is a watch brand that has a modern look and is suitable for both people who do not see well and for people who just love a modern design. The watches are affordable and you wear a beautiful unique watch on your wrist. The Eone Time watches are based on a reliable quartz movement and are always equipped with a comfortable watch strap. Optionally you can opt for a metal watch strap.

Eone Time Bradley Voyager watch

One of the most popular models from Eone Time is the Eone Time Bradley Voyager. This watch is named after Brad Snyder, an army officer who can no longer see due to an explosion in Afghanistan in 2011. As a swimmer, he won silver and gold medals at the 2012 Paralympics in London. Each Eone Time watch is a wonderful mix of design, an interesting story and an attractive price.

The Eone Time Bradley Voyager watch is a beautiful watch. If you love perfection and a beautiful modern design then this watch is definitely for you. This men's watch weighs about 90 grams and is therefore very light. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters. The watch strap is brown and is made of leather. The watch case is 11mm thick and has a diameter of 40mm. The watch case is made of aluminum material and has a gray dial. The movement inside the watch is of Swiss origin and therefore Swiss made.

Each Eone Time watch comes in chic packaging with manual and a 2-year warranty. The price of this watch is 295 euros. This is a very good price for a unique watch with Swiss made movement.

We have been an official dealer of Eone Time watches for quite some time now. We also have the most extensive collection available and most of the brand's watches in stock for fast delivery.

Laco watches: unique price/quality ratio

Posted on 1 September 2020 at 8:40 AM

The German watch brand Laco does exist for 90 years and is a traditional watch producer where quality, craftsmanship and beautiful materials are central. The Laco watches are best known for the appealing pilot watches that they have been producing since 1940. In addition to pilot's watches, Laco also produces modern watches with excellent functionality and high wearing comfort. Every Laco watch is manufactured in Pforzheim, Germany, by professional technicians who all have the same goal: to produce beautiful Laco watches. If you are looking for a quality watch with a retro look and an affordable price, then a Laco watch is definitely worth considering. Quality has the highest priority at Laco, so you are always guaranteed an excellent watch. The Laco watch collection consists of various series. The watch brand is of course known for its pilot watches, but it has a lot more to offer. Laco has beautiful watches with chronograph function and a large collection of watches with a modern design.

You buy a Laco watch not only for yourself but also for your posterity. The quality and high-quality finish that make every Laco watch a beautiful piece of technology will adorn your wrist. The watches have a traditional look and modest character. The sublime quality that every Laco watch houses is reflected in the special timepieces and beautiful leather watch straps. Do you opt for traditional quality? Then you choose a Laco watch.

Laco Chronograph watches

A good example is the Laco Chronographen 861915 Trier watch. The watch case is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 10mm and a diameter of 40mm. This watch weighs about 90 grams. The dial is black and fitted with SuperLuminova C3. The timepiece is a quartz timepiece with chronograph function. The watch is fitted with a black leather strap that is very comfortable.

The price is 290.00 euros. That is not much money for a watch that is made in Germany and is of very good quality. Each Laco watch comes with a 2-year warranty, luxury watch box and manual.

Laco Classics watches

The Laco Classics 862064 Cottbus 40 watch has a completely different style. This watch has a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 10mm. It is provided with hardened mineral glass and weighs 70 grams. The water resistance is up to 50 meters. The cream colored strap is made of leather. The automatic timepiece is a very nice quality piece. The timepiece is based on the 9015 Miyota timepiece. With a discounted price of 379 euros (original price 440.00 euros), the watch is absolutely affordable. It offers a lot of quality and a unique look.

The Laco collection has many more watches within the Classics series. There is a choice of different models and colors.


The Laco watches are of real top quality and very attractively priced. Laco watches have a beautiful design and a calm appearance. As a result, Laco appeals to many watch enthusiasts.

We are an official dealer of Laco watches. This has the advantage that we always have the latest collections and competitive prices. It is also important because we are in direct contact with Laco. This allows us to inform you quickly, deliver quickly and always help you with service.

Are you looking for a quality watch for an attractive price? Take a look at our collection of Laco watches. The brand has a lot to offer. With its diverse styles and collections you will certainly succeed at Laco.

Modern Eone Time watches

Posted on 25 August 2020 at 4:45 PM

Eone Time comes from the United States and was founded in 2013. The beginning was the Eone Bradley watch, which is the first watch of this particularly ambitious watch brand. The watch brand initially focused with the Eone Bradley watches on people with a visual impairment. However, the design became so popular that people without visual impairments started to buy the watches as well. As a result, Eone Time combines the best of both worlds.

This has been exactly the approach of the watch brand; to make a watch that can be used anytime and by anyone. Functionality comes first. The watches look modern and are available in many different colors. The Eone Time watches have a reliable quartz movement and are equipped with a comfortable watch strap. Because the watches are also light, it is nice to wear them. The advantage of Eone Time watches is that they have a very attractive price and you still wear a unique watch.

The Eone Time collection includes many different styles and features to choose from. An important advantage is the favorable price. The price range is between 265 and 360 euros, which is a very attractive price for such a quality watch.

Eone Time watches

The watches of this American brand are all waterproof up to 30 meters and have a nice watch strap with buckle. There is a wide choice of different color watch straps so you can personalize the watch exactly to your wishes. You can also opt for a stainless steel strap on each watch. This makes the ideal Eone Time watch always within reach for you. The diameter of the watch is 40 mm and the case has a thickness of 11 mm. As a result, the watches are not too big. The watch cases are made of aluminum and therefore lightweight, making the watches very comfortable to wear.

Eone Time watches are one of our favorite types of watches. The brand is very sympathetic and the watches are of excellent quality. The origin and intentions of the brand make a nice contribution to society. Precisely because Eone Time makes watches that are (also) suitable for the visually impaired. We have now been an official dealer of this brand for more than 8 years to our full satisfaction. We receive very nice reactions from many customers. From people who have a visual disability, but also from customers without a visual disability who just find the watches really nice and beautiful.

We, BensonTrade, have been an official dealer of Eone Time watches for quite some time. We are not only the first official dealer in the Netherlands and Belgium, we also have the most extensive collection in stock for fast delivery worldwide. Each Eone Time watch comes with a 2-year warranty in an original watch box. Of course, each watch is also provided with a manual.

Do you have any questions or comments regarding this blog article about Eone Time watches? We are here for you and are happy to help you if you have any questions!



Junkers watches, beautiful watches from Germany

Posted on 20 August 2020 at 5:28 PM

Junkers watches have already gained some fame. The German watch brand produces beautiful watches for an affordable price. This combination makes a Junkers watch one attractive choice for those who are looking for a nice watch but don't want to spend too much money. A watch from Germany is still highly regarded because the Germans attach value quality and finish. According to German philosophy, a watch must be of impeccable quality. Junkers, located in the south of Germany, ensures that quality is guaranteed by using excellent timepieces of Japanese and Swiss origin in its watches. The timepiece is the heart of the watch and one of the most important parts.

The Junkers watch collection consists of a few series of which the Bauhaus series is definitely the most popular. Junkers watches are originally pilot watches, but the brand has introduced the Bauhaus watches which was an excellent move. The Junkers Bauhaus watches are designed according to the Bauhaus art movement with simple but effective designs. The watch cases are very thin making the watches comfortable to wear. The thin watch cases also have the advantage that the watches are lightweight. The Junkers Bauhaus often have a white, cream-colored or black dial. The watches are equipped with a fine leather strap, but can also be equipped with a stainless steel Milanese strap. It is very stylish and lightweight, so the Junkers watch still remains nice on the wrist.

A big advantage of the Junkers watches is that they are very affordable. The collection starts from 199 euros for a watch made in Germany with a good timepiece and a minimum of 2 years warranty. There are not many watch brands, produced in Europe, that can compete with this. We think a Junkers watch is an excellent choice because we have been working with this for over 15 years watch brand to our complete satisfaction. During this period we have shipped thousands of Junkers watches to customers. Quickly view our collection of Junkers watches for the most current models and attractive discounts that we give on certain watches from this beautiful German watch brand.

Quality Epos watches at BensonTrade

Posted on 11 August 2020 at 3:05 PM

Epos is a must for anyone looking for a watch of Swiss made quality. This is a Swiss watch brand that is absolutely unique in design and quality. Epos offers a nice collection of quality watches with automatic movements. Epos is very popular and watch enthusiasts know why. The quality of the watches speaks for itself. The brand's approach is traditional and has extensive experience in the field of mechanical and automatic watches, since the brand was founded in 1925.

Epos watch

Epos watches are made by hand by people who understand their profession. This happens in Switzerland, the watch country pur sang. Epos is seen as a niche brand that knows how to combine quality, durability, design and affordability very well. The price/quality ratio of the watches from Epos is therefore very good. The timepieces used for Epos watches are those of the well-known brands Sellita and EtA. This says a lot about the reliability of the watches.

Within the Epos collection, the watches are divided into various special series, each with their own specific characteristics. The watches in the Epos Emotion series, for example, have a calm and modest character. With a clear dial and a beautiful leather or robust stainless steel watch strap, Epos offers a watch that suits every character. Special and interesting detail of the watches are the models where the timepiece can be clearly seen through the transparent bottom. Certainly the real enthusiast of the operation of the movement will appreciate this property.

Another beautiful series from Epos is the Epos Sportive series. The watches in this series have a sporty and cool appearance. We see watch straps made of leather, stainless steel and rubber. Different models stand out because of the blue and yellow accents that have been incorporated into the designs. Most models are up to 200 meters waterproof, but also some up to 500 meters waterproof, for the real water sports enthusiast. In addition to the two series mentioned, you will find many other beautiful watches within the collection of Epos, really worth seeing!

You can order a watch from Epos easily and safely at BensonTrade. BensonTrade supplies Epos watches with a two-year warranty in an official watch box. BensonTrade may call itself an official dealer of Epos and therefore also supplies Epos watches on request that are not included in our webshop. You can certainly contact BensonTrade for models that are not listed in our shop, we can supply any current Epos watch. 

Discount on the Benson Black Series Tower watch winders

Posted on 5 August 2020 at 7:58 AM

The Dutch watch winder brand Benson has been producing its popular Black Series models since 2015. This series of watch winders is characterized by a very luxurious and modern design, beautiful materials and high end technology. The Benson Black Series watch winders offer a unique price/quality ratio and wind every automatic watch without any problems.

Benson Black Series Tower 6.17.MA watch winder

In 2017, Benson presented its Black Series Tower watch winders. These watch winders are designed as a tower of two parts that are placed on top of each other. The bottom part contains storage space for extra watches and jewelry and is lockable via a lock. The top part contains the watch winders. Because the top part has a glass door, you have a perfect view of the rotating watches. Each rotor is operated via the touchscreen, with which you can also switch on the built-in LED lighting.

The Benson Black Series Tower watch winders have proven to be very popular. Most models are sold out worldwide and we only have a few pieces in stock. Normally Benson watch winders are not discounted, but we make an exception for these Tower watch winders. We need space in our warehouse. For these last pieces we have provided all models with a nice discount.

Each Benson Black Series Tower watch winder comes with a 2 year warranty, manual and certificate.