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Classic watch winder

A classic watch winder is a perfect choice for traditional automatic watches. A classic watch winder is characterized by a relatively simple design and fine materials, such as wood, leather and glass. When you prefer a warm atmosphere and perfect combination with your interior in the living room, bedroom or office, we recommend a classic watch winder.



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Wolf Heritage serie

Wolf Heritage 270102Wolf Heritage 270102
 € 850 € 765

Wolf Roadstar serie

Wolf Roadstar 457056Wolf Roadstar 457056
 € 499 € 399
Wolf Roadstar 457356Wolf Roadstar 457356
 € 1.599 € 1.439

Kunstwinder Classics serie

Orbita Sparta serie

Wolf Cubby serie

Wolf Cubby 455267Wolf Cubby 455267
 € 207 € 197

Benson Easy serie

Rapport Evolution serie

Rapport Astro serie

Heisse & Söhne Curve serie

Heisse & Söhne Alpha serie

Heisse & Söhne Berlin serie

Benson Premium serie