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Swiss made automatic watches

Posted on 14 March 2019 at 6:40 PM

Swiss watches are known for their extremely high quality. Therefore Switzerland is considered as the watch country par excellence. It is therefore the origin of various famous watch brands such as Tag Heuer, Glycine, Cornavin and Rolex. If a watch brand is allowed to use the Swiss made designation, this automatically means that it must meet various strict quality requirements and conditions.

Yet it is too easy to say that all watches with the designation Swiss made have the same quality. The requirements set for a Swiss made watch are a minimum standard, which means that there are brands that impose even higher conditions on their products. Although excellent quality is always guaranteed, brands that choose to meet the minimum requirements and where possible use parts from other countries within the conditions are also included.

Swiss made watch

The requirements and conditions for a Swiss made watch were set in 1971. This was followed by another revision in 1995. Among other things, the movement of a Swiss made watch must come from Switzerland and must also be built into the watch case in Switzerland. The last inspections of the watch must also have been performed in Switzerland. In addition, 60% of the development costs and/or costs of the materials must be incurred in Switzerland.

A Swiss automatic watch is timeless, often assembled by hand by professionals and very durable. Quality of both the finished product and the materials used are absolutely paramount. Switzerland has a long history in the field of watchmaking and has therefore gained extensive experience and has many trained professional technicians in this field. Although the very first watch is not from Switzerland, nevertheless the Swiss have played an important role in the development of the watch as we know it today. For example, the Swiss Abraham Louis Breguet has developed various technical innovations that are still used today.

Affordable watches

Posted on 9 January 2019 at 3:07 PM

Choosing a nice watch that is also affordable is sometimes quite difficult. There is so much choice in terms of brands, models, colors and materials. In addition, everyone has a certain budget, so the watch must also fit within the budget. You also want to buy from a reliable store so that you are assured of good service, fast delivery and after sales when the watch has a defect.

What would we advise you if you want to buy a nice affordable watch? For starters it is important to determine which brands, styles and colors you like. Do you want a classic watch (for example Junkers and Zeppelin) or just sporty (Armogan and RSC)? Then you determine what the watch may cost. Based on that you can look for the watch that appeals to you the most in terms of details such as dial color, functions, size and type of watch band.

In a price range up to 400 euros we recommend a quartz watch, simply because automatic watches in this price range are not too good. Quartz watches are also very solid and mostly Swiss made, which ensures quality.

Above 400 euro you can choose between a quartz or automatic watch. This depends on your preference and when you want to wear the watch. Do you exercise a lot? Then a quartz watch is better. Do you want a stylish watch with original technology? Then a watch with automatic movement is a good choice.

For watches under 100.00 euro you have to pay attention. These may be shady watch brands, older models or watches of poor quality. Quality has its price and a good watch for sure. There is a lot of technology in the watch. The better the materials and the craftsmanship the higher the price. At the same time you can probably enjoy it much longer.

Finally, it is really important where you buy the watch. There are so many stores and online shops. Buy at that store or online shop that gives you a good feeling. Take a look at the website and read the terms and conditions carefully. Also check if the store is an official dealer of the brand, this is useful if you have to claim warranty.

Junkers Bauhaus watch

A watch winder as must have watch accessory

Posted on 12 December 2018 at 3:25 PM

A watch winder is an indispensable accessory for every lover of automatic watches. When an automatic watch is not worn, the movement is not provided with energy, which causes the watch to stop. When this happens, the watch will no longer indicate the correct time and date. In addition, various functions, such as a moonphase or GMT, are not longer displayed correctly. A watch winder prevents these problems and also ensures that you have a permanent place where you can store your automatic watches safely, so you always have them ready and they can not get damaged. In addition, a watch winder is easy to use. In short, with a watch winder you never have automatic watches that stand still and you never have to manually wind up and set your watches in terms of time, date and moon phase or GMT function. In addition, a watch winder provides a good oil supply for your watch, which ensures more duability.

There are various types and brands of watch winders on the market, with different functions and differences in capacity. There are for example watch winders with space for one watch, but also for two, four, eight or even sixteen watches. There is also a wide choice in terms of the look of this luxury watch accessory. Different materials are used for watch winders, such as leather, glass, wood and metal. Because a lot of care and attention is paid to the 'looks' of a watch winder, this is not only a handy accessory for watches, but also often a decorative object.

RDI Signature watch winders

Some watch winders are true works of art. For example the Planet series by Bernard Favre, the Kunstwinder watch winders and RDI Signature watch winders from Switzerland. Each watch winder is suitable for all automatic watches regardless the brand or model. In short, a watch winder is a must-have for watch lovers and therefore a very suitable Christmas gift!

The perfect watch box to store watches

Posted on 30 November 2018 at 2:37 PM

When you store your watch(es), you want them to be in a safe place and can not be damaged. In addition, more and more people nowadays have multiple watches to wear a matching watch with their outfit. You want to be able to store the watches that you do not wear in one place. A watch box protects your watch(es) from moisture and dust. In addition, a watch box is a stylish accessory. There are watch boxes with different capacities available with storage space for one or more watches. There are also watch boxes for small and large watches. A watch box must have a good fit for your watch(es), so that they are laying stable in it.

What can you expect from a good watch box? The box must be sturdy and of good quality. In addition, it is important that it protects against moisture or dust. The material on the inside is preferably provided with a luxurious fabric insert (velvet), so that no scratches can occur in, for example, the glass or stainless steel of your watch case or bracelet.

Benson Watch box

Besides the storage function, it is also important that the watch box you choose fits with your style and interior. If you choose a watch box that suits you, share it with your friends! There are boxes available of different materials and in various styles. Think for example of watch boxes made of wood, stainless steel or leather. A watch box that has been given care is a valuable and indispensable item for the real watch enthusiast.

We have several beautiful Benson watch boxes in the collection that are made by hand. These watch boxes are produced in-house and are of high quality. They offer the best protection for watches and/or jewelery.

The charm of classic watches

Posted on 16 November 2018 at 9:03 AM

The classic watch is one that can not be ignored within the world of watches. Despite the fact that watches are subject to fashion and trends, the classic watch continues to occupy an important place in the collections of classic watch brands such as Schaumburg, Ingersoll, Van Speyk and Elysee. The classic watch is timeless, stylish and in particular has a modest character. The dials are often solid black, white or cream coloured. The watch cases are relatively small to average (38-42 mm). The brands that carry classic watches in their assortment are generally brands with a lot of history and mostly family businesses.

A classic watch is available in different styles and the various watch brands give it their own style. Nevertheless, we can say that most classic watches have a clean and simple appearance. In general, a classic watch has a leather watch strap in the colors brown or black. In addition, the most classic watches are equipped with an automatic or mechanical movement. After all, watches were initially equipped with a mechanical movement that had to be wound up. A quartz watch did not exist at all and only became known and popular in the '60's. The dial and the functions of the watch are very important for a classic watch. Less is more we could say. The dial must not be too complicated, simplicity is the code word.

Junkers Bauhaus watches

A classic watch is often worn in combination with neat clothing. Because the classic watch shows a certain class, it stands for reliability and skill in a sense. The wearer of the watch shows a professional and skilled impression, and therefore the classic watch is also worn mostly by business man. They mostly wear this type of watch in combination with a chic suit. But also with casual clothing you can very well wear a classic watch. The simplicity makes it easy to combine with many different colors and styles. A very good choice if you want to be able to wear your watch with different types of clothing, both at the office and when meeting your friends or family. 

Classic watches come in many different shapes and designs. You do not buy such a watch as an impulse, it will last for a longer period in your watch collection. Always consider different brands, price ranges and designs. Would you like advice with the purchase of a beautiful classic watch? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.