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The best watches of 2020

Posted on 8 January 2020 at 2:17 PM

What is a good watch for you depends on your personal taste and preference. There is of course the choice between an automatic, mechanical or quartz watches. Are you going for the charm of the authentic operation of the watch movement? Or would you rather opt for a watch that is more resistant to shocks and bumps and is very precise? And matching your personality and clothing wardrobe, you might go for a cool, sporty or classic watch. But a good watch must also meet certain conditions in a general sense. The first condition is of course high quality and the use of high-quality materials for a sustainable product. Switzerland and Germany are known for the production of high-quality watches. Another condition can be a good price/quality ratio. An accurate representation of the time and possibly date are of course the most important requirements. After all, a watch is meant to be able to consult the time. Nevertheless, a watch has become more and more a fashion accessory.

Davosa is a German watch brand that uses high-quality Swiss timepieces. In addition to modern designs of good quality, this brand offers affordable products. With a wide collection of automatic watches in different styles, Davosa offers something for everyone. For example, in the collection we find watch straps made of different materials, which immediately give a different look. Among other things, use is made of leather, stainless steel and nato straps. Davosa also offers models that are water resistant up to 500 meters, this can of course also be an important condition. Davosa actually offers everything for watch lovers who want to wear a very good watch with a strong design.

A German brand that produces watches of very good quality is the Junkers brand. Junkers watches are made in Germany. Like Davosa, Junkers has remained affordable and therefore offers a good price-quality ratio. The great thing about this brand is that it has included both mechanical, automatic and quartz watches in the collection. With this the brand appeals to a wide audience. The timeless designs of Junkers are very varied and here too we see the use of various materials for the watch bands. Junkers also has a great selection for ladies. Junkers also has the charm of an underlying story and special history. This can certainly also be a reason for the true enthusiast to opt for this brand. Are you interested in aviation history? Then the Junkers watches are definitely recommended for you!

The Meccaniche Veneziane brand is an Italian watch brand that uses high-quality Swiss movements. Italian class in combination with Swiss quality is a golden handle. The brand offers affordable luxury watches for the true enthusiast. Also with this quality brand you are guaranteed a durable and reliable watch that you will enjoy for a long time. Meccaniche Veneziane also has a varied selection with many different colors and tires. In addition, the brand offers nice additional functions with certain models, such as the GMT function. Meccaniche Veneziane offers beautiful wooden watch boxes with the watches, which are made by hand by a traditional woodworking company in Friuli. This gives every watch that little something extra. The Meccaniche Veneziane watches exude power, luxury and sophistication. The wearer of such a watch wants to make a statement.

So in the coming year it is certainly worth taking a look at the extensive collections of these three brands. We will briefly summarize the benefits for you. All three brands use high quality sustainable movements. In addition, they all offer a very wide selection of watches with a different appearance and use different high-quality materials. Both Davosa and Junkers and Meccaniche Veneziane provide affordable luxury watches and thus offer a good price/quality ratio. A beautiful background, a handmade wooden watch box or a watch that is water resistant up to 500 meters can also be a plus for you. Although it is of course partly a matter of taste, quality and reliability are paramount. For these reasons we say that Junkers, Davosa and Meccaniche Veneziane are the best watch brands of 2020! 

Quickly view the current collections of Junkers, Davosa and Meccaniche Veneziane. We currently have interesting offers for all three brands!

The advantages of a quartz watch

Posted on 23 December 2019 at 12:07 PM

There are many fans of automatic and mechanical watches. The operation of the movement, the old-fashioned craftsmanship of the watchmaker and the special technique attract many watch lovers. Of course these automatic and mechanical watches definitely have their authentic charm, but the quartz watch also has its advantages. In this blog we write about the benefits of a quartz watch.

A quartz watch is a watch that works on a battery. This makes a quartz watch, for example, much less sensitive than an automatic or mechanical watch. These can be disrupted by shocks, a quartz watch is much less sensitive to bumps, bangs and falls than an automatic or mechanical watch. In addition, watches with an automatic or mechanical movement must be provided with the required specific movement. This is done by the natural movement of the wrist, the winding of the crown or by the use of a watch winder with an automatic watch. If this does not happen and the watch comes to a standstill, it may cause inaccuracies in the time/date display. You don't have this problem with a quartz watch. This watch simply works on a battery, so when it is empty it simply needs to be replaced. A watch that is equipped with quartz technology is therefore very reliable. It is a solid technology that ensures a very reliable time measurement. An additional advantage is that watches with a quartz movement are very affordable and therefore accessible to a wide audience. Automatic and mechanical watches are generally more expensive due to the technology.

Anyone who thinks that there are few quartz watches among the interesting watch brands is wrong. Beautiful brands such as Junkers, Cornavin and Eone Time produce beautiful quartz watches with a story. For example, the Junkers brand houses stylish watches with a link to the engineer and aircraft pioneer Hugo Junkers and his aircraft of the past. The brand offers a wide selection of watches with both automatic, mechanical and quartz timepieces. Eone Time manufactures special quartz watches suitable for people with a visual impairment, but also for the watch enthusiast with good eyesight. This is made possible by the unique design of the watches. In its collection, Cornavin offers both cool, sporty and classic designs and wants to offer every watch enthusiast an alternative. In addition, this brand goes for nothing but perfection and innovation and development is number 1. All three of these watch brands deliver nothing but high quality and stylish designs. So definitely worth seeing, especially if you like convenience as well as wearing a nice watch.

Are you looking for an affordable watch with reliable technology? Then a quartz watch is the best choice for you.

Watches with a clear time display

Posted on 17 December 2019 at 2:45 PM

Watches are increasingly seen as jewelery and accessory, while watches used to be instruments for determining the exact time and date. Of course, contemporary watches show the time, but the shape, style and design are equally important and perhaps more important. Simply because you can see the time everywhere, in the car, in the office, on your phone and on TV. Nevertheless, watches are still a perfect accessory for timekeeping. But there are big differences in time display. Seeing the time on a watch quickly and easily is important. What should you pay attention to when purchasing a watch that must have a clear time display?

First of all, we recommend looking at the size of the watch. It is of course more difficult to see on a small watch than on a larger watch. After all, with a larger watch (think 40mm case diameter and larger) the hands and the indexing are more visible. Good indexing naturally also helps. When the hour and minute display is clearly visible, this provides convenience in seeing the time quickly.

The design of the dial is also very important. A simple watch face without too many accents is easier to read than a busy watch face with all kinds of texts, symbols and dark colors. A good example of a watch that has a very clean face so that you can see the time easily and quickly is an Eone Time watch. This watch brand from the United States produces watches with a modern and simple design where you can see the current time, but more importantly, you can also feel it. This is ideal for people with reduced vision or who are even blind.

Use of color on the dial of a watch is another factor that determines whether a watch is easy to read. With much the same use of color of the dial and hands there is not enough contrast, so the hands fall away against the dial. It is then very difficult to see what time it is. That is why brands such as Davosa, Fortis and Meccaniche Veneziane always use contrasting colors for their dials and hands. This makes the hands and indexing stand out particularly well compared to the dial.

Good visibility of time in the dark is sometimes underestimated. Yet it is nice if you can also see the time when it is dark. For example if you are walking, driving a car or exercising. The better watches use SuperLuminova, a material with which the indexing and hands light up in the dark. This way you can also see the time when there is little light.

Some people like to wear an analog watch and others a digital watch. In terms of time display there is a difference. An analog watch displays the time via the hands and a digital watch via a digital display. A digital watch is actually a watch with a piece of electronics. One would rather look at hands to read the time, the other at a digital display. What exactly is clearer? That varies per user. But perhaps a digital watch offers just a little more precision.

The famous watch brand Rolex has several watches with a date magnifier so that the date display is magnified and extra good to read. This is a handy feature if you want to see the date quickly. The date magnifier is a characteristic of the watch brand Rolex that has become very famous and is highly appreciated by the true Rolex enthusiasts.

Watches with a clear time display ensure that you can see the time quickly and easily. This is not only comfortable but also very useful for example if you want to consult the time quickly without losing focus on another task. For example, while driving, exercising or watching a movie. A clear time display is very important for the visually impaired. The Eone Time watch brand is actually the pur sang watch brand that specifically produces watches for this.

Watch winder, do I need one?

Posted on 10 November 2019 at 1:53 PM

Automatic watches have a movement that must be supplied with energy to keep it running. With a quartz watch, a battery provides this energy. If the battery is empty, you can exchange it for a new battery. With an automatic watch, the watch must stay in motion to gain energy. For example, by wearing the watch or manually winding by turning the crown. Normally there is no battery in an automatic watch. If you do not wear an automatic watch, for example because you are wearing another watch or you are on vacation, how does the watch obtain energy through movement? The answer is a watch winder. The word watch winder actually already indicates what it is. A watch winder is a device that winds one or more automatic watches. Most watch winders do this through rotation of the watch. The watch is placed on a watch holder and placed in the watch winder, after which the watch winder starts turning. There is also a watch winder brand, Orbita from the United States, that winds watches by gently shaking the automatic watches.

Do you necessarily need a watch winder? One will say no, the other will say yes. We are convinced that a watch winder is the best watch accessory for automatic watches. Not only do the automatic watches continue to be supplied with energy and therefore ready to wear, the rotating watches in a beautiful watch winder are also a beautiful sight. Another advantage is that the distribution of the oil within the automatic movement remains neat and tidy. Think of a car, if you do not start it regularly and drive, certain parts will protest sooner or later.

In addition to the above advantages, watch winders for multiple watches often also offer extra storage options. This allows you to wind multiple automatic watches but also store them together, together with other (quartz) watches and jewelry, for example.

The watch winder as a watch accessory is becoming increasingly popular. There are several high-quality watch winder brands that are recommended by well-known watch brands. Almost every watch collector has a watch winder given the above advantages. Especially if you have 2 or more automatic watches, a watch winder is very useful. In addition, it also provides nice conversations with friends and family members who have never heard of this watch accessory but find the revolving watches very interesting.

Back to the question "do you need a watch winder?". A watch winder is not really necessary, but a watch winder has so many advantages that the real watch collector and fan always use a watch winder. As said, it is the most interesting and functional accessory for automatic watches. It is important that you always choose a good quality watch winder. Not sure what you need exactly? Ask us for advice, we will gladly help you further. Take a look around our webshop at various brands such as Benson, Swiss Kubik and Orbita. As an official dealer, we offer many brands, clear warranty and fast delivery.

From airship to watches; Zeppelin

Posted on 10 October 2019 at 12:03 PM

For watch lovers or collectors who are charmed by a special watch with a story, Zeppelin offers a wide choice. Zeppelin watches are made in Germany. The name of the brand refers to the designer Ferdinand Graff von Zeppelin of the aviation ship of the same name with a special history. The first majestic Zeppelin was built in 1900, the Zeppelin LZ1. In the years 1900-1938, another 100 of these legendary airships were built, in 27 different series. The Zeppelin has left an indelible impression and was very popular during WWI. With the Zeppelin watches the company Point-tec manages to capture a bit of nostalgia in a beautiful collection.

The collection of Zeppelin watches consists of both quartz and automatic and mechanical watches, so whatever type of watch you prefer, Zeppelin offers enough choice. The appearance of the Zeppelin watches can be called classic and stylish. The strong combination of a watch with a nostalgic character which at the same time has advanced technology, makes a Zeppelin watch a timeless piece. The watches from Zeppelin are also very affordable and therefore accessible to a wide audience.

Zeppelin 7672 watch

Zeppelin has various series in its collection and each series has its own story. For example, the "100 years Zeppelin" and the "Princess of the Sky" series are both designed to honor the 100th anniversary of the Zeppelin. The watches in the "100 years Zeppelin" series are characterized by the use of dome-shaped dials and crystal glass. With the beautiful ladies watches from the "Princess of the Sky" series, the exceptionally designed dials stand out. With this series they have tried to get back the feeling of glamor from the 1920s. A nice detail is that the Princess of the sky watches can not only be worn as a wrist watch, but also around the neck.

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