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MeisterSinger Circularis CC908LG watch

Posted on 3 February 2023 at 3:06 PM

Are you looking for a special watch of excellent quality? A watch that not everyone wears on their wrist, but that has a unique and unique look? A watch that expresses character and personality? Then it is definitely worth reading this article for you! Today we pay extra attention to a unique watch brand from Germany. We are talking about the timeless and innovative brand MeisterSinger.

MeisterSinger knows how to interest almost every watch enthusiast with its watch collection, by offering a combination of class and style, technical finesse and a unique identity. MeisterSinger's own signature can be recognized by the unique one-hand time display that the brand uses. Manfred Brassler, the founder of the brand, had a vision all of his own when he founded MeisterSinger. His ambition was to start a watch brand that went back to the beginnings of watchmaking. This translated into the designs of today. Watches that have the aesthetics and fascinating look of the old measuring instruments of the times gone by. The essence and simplicity in MeisterSinger's designs are therefore clearly recognizable. MeisterSinger watches are also characterized by the strongly curved glass and a unique index.

For MeisterSinger, it's not the minutes and seconds that count, but the moment. The MeisterSinger watches with one hand display want to help us to deal more calmly with time and thus live more in the moment. Another important pillar in the production of MeisterSinger watches is innovation and progress. For example, MeisterSinger developed the MSH01 in 2016 with a power reserve of no less than 120 hours. This timepiece was the first ever to be awarded the Red Hot Design Award and the German Design award. MeisterSinger can also call itself the brand that has received the most design Awards.

A particularly beautiful watch from the MeisterSinger collection is the MeisterSinger Circularis CC908LG watch. In our opinion, this watch stands out as one of the most interesting models of the brand. This is a fine example of the simplicity and essence in a watch model, as envisioned by Manfred Brassler. This watch is adorned by a beautiful watch strap in a classic brown color, made of particularly beautiful crocodile leather. The watch closes with a folding clasp, which gives this design an extra luxurious look. The dial of the watch is dark blue in color and only features subtle details, including the single hand. The watch case is made of stainless steel and has a thickness of 10 mm and a diameter of 43 mm. Furthermore, it is equipped with an 18 carat gold bezel, which further emphasizes the elegant appearance of the watch. Because this watch is equipped with the well-known and very strong sapphire glass, scratches don't easily get a chance and the watch stays beautiful for an extra long time.

MeisterSinger Circularis CC908LG watch

As for the movement, the MeisterSinger Circularis CC908LG is equipped with an automatic high-quality movement, also known as the MSA01. It has an excellent power reserve of 120 hours. A date display is also visible on the movement of the watch, for a nice complete picture. With the MeisterSinger Circularis CC908LG you choose a watch with its own identity, which is suitable for both a classic business outfit and a modern casual outfit. With this watch on your wrist you will certainly attract attention, all eyes will be focused on this unique piece of jewelry. The philosophy behind the way of displaying time and the history behind the brand will interest every sincere enthusiast. In terms of quality and detail, MeisterSinger can compete with the very best brands like no other. This is clearly reflected in this specific model by MeisterSinger, including a piece of technical finesse, use of materials and appearance.

With a watch from MeisterSinger you always look good and stylish. At the moment we offer a number of MeisterSinger watches in our webshop, with a very attractive discount. You will also find the MeisterSinger Circularis CC908LG in this category, so you can now purchase this exceptional watch at an extra competitive price. Of course, the MeisterSinger watches in our webshop are all new and come in the original box. You will also receive your new watch with a clear manual and a 2-year international warranty. This way you always order with us with peace of mind. We only have a few pieces in stock of the various discounted watches. So don't wait too long and order your favorite MeisterSinger watch now with a nice discount, up to 30% of the official retail price.

Design watches

Posted on 27 January 2023 at 11:34 AM

A beautiful, stylish and at the same time high-quality watch is increasingly appreciated by both modern men and women. There are therefore many enthusiasts and collectors who have a special interest in watches of high quality and a unique design. Design watches are characterized by a distinct and characteristic design. They are clearly recognizable as part of a brand and also have a timeless and contemporary look.

There are also watch brands that specificly design watches that are inspired by an art movement or a movement within architecture. For example, within the collection of the Junkers brand, we find special watches that refer to the Bauhaus art movement, where minimalism and simplicity predominate. However, there are also several other inspiring brands that have managed to put their name on the map with their special design watches. For example Escada, Eone Time and RSC.

For the ladies, a good example of a watch brand with real designer watches is the Escada brand. As a renowned luxury fashion brand, Escada is able to respond to fashion like no other and design watches that are perfectly suited to the modern woman. Every watch from the Escada collection is clearly recognizable by the characteristic appearance of the watches. The brand also knows how to combine the unique appearance of the designs with the well-known Swiss made quality. The brand uses Swiss made quartz movements. These function by means of a battery. They are also very resistant to shocks and impacts and offer an extremely accurate time display. With a watch from Escada you choose not only a unique and appealing design, but also top quality. Escada watches are also perfectly finished and only the best quality materials are chosen for the manufacture of these watches. Beautiful examples of Escada watches with a real designer look are the watches from the Escada Lauren, Catherine and Madeleine series. Here we see watches with a stainless steel watch strap and case, with a choice of different color combinations. For example, the brand offers completely silver, gold and rose colored watches, but also watches with a combination of these colors. These watches close with a folding clasp, which gives the whole an extra luxurious look. This is partly because the band blends together extra nicely. In addition, a folding clasp is extra safe and you will not easily lose your watch. If you, as a woman, are looking for a real designer watch, the Escada collection is definitely worth a look. You choose a watch of high quality and at the same time an absolute eye-catcher on the wrist. We also currently offer several beautiful watches from Escada in our webshop with a very attractive discount. So you now have the perfect opportunity to purchase a special and high-quality ladies watch from us at a very interesting price!

Another example of a watch brand that offers designer watches is the unique brand Eone Time. Eone Time watches are very recognizable in terms of design. Eone Time watches are specially designed to be used by both people with and without visual disabilities. Due to the special combination of the unique design, with which you can 'feel' the time, and the stylish appearance, this watch brand can definitely be called 'one of a kind'. Although the design is recognizable and comes back with every watch from the brand, Eone Time still manages to offer variation by designing watches with watch straps made of different beautiful materials. In addition, there is also a lot of diversity in terms of color within the Eone Time collection. For example, we see watch straps made of canvas, stainless steel and leather, in different colors such as yellow, gray, green, gold, rosé and, for example, black. We also see watch cases made of titanium and aluminum. Both strong materials and light in weight, making them very comfortable to wear. The picture is complete with a top quality Swiss made quartz movement. In short, Eone Time is original, of high quality and moreover, suitable for both people with and without a visual impairment. This combination of properties makes the brand accessible to a wide audience. In addition, the watches of this special brand are attractively priced. Eone Time therefore knows how to offer a very good price/quality ratio.

In our webshop you will find design watches from both the luxury brand Escada and the unique brand Eone Time. However, we also offer several other beautiful brands with design watches within the collection. Examples include the Junkers, Zeppelin and Armogan brands. If you are looking for a beautiful design watch, you are certainly in the right place in our webshop. We can also provide you with appropriate advice or an answer to your questions if necessary!

The best diving watches under 1500 euros

Posted on 19 January 2023 at 2:59 PM

Are you looking for a diving watch and are you not sure which brand or model you prefer? In this article we write about the best diving watches up to 1500 euros. Fortunately, there are many dive watches within this budget, so there is a lot of choice.

When purchasing a new watch, several aspects are important. However, when the watch to be purchased is a diving watch, special requirements apply. A diving watch must of course meet several conditions in order to be a diving watch at all. In the first instance, a diving watch must of course be water resistant. A screw-down crown also contributes to this. In addition, a diving watch must be able to take a beating, as it is generally used intensively. Luminous indicators are also a plus in a high-quality dive watch. These ensure that the watch can also be consulted in the dark. It is clear that it is wise to take a good look at the functionalities and the use of materials of the watch when purchasing a diving watch. It can therefore be useful to be well informed before you make a purchase. Dive watches are available in different price ranges. In this article we would like to introduce you to the best diving watches up to 1500 euros.

The first dive watch we selected for this article is the Davosa Argonautic Carbon Limited Edition 161.589.75. Davosa is a German watch brand that is very well known. The brand works with Swiss made timepieces that are among the best in the world. The Davosa Argonautic Carbon Limited Edition 161.589.75 has a very sporty and robust character. The watch strap is made of rubber and comes in the color black. The strap closes with a folding clasp. The watch case is made of carbon and also completely black. The case has a thickness of 13mm and a diameter of 42mm. The dial is also black, with bright green accents. Sapphire glass is used for this watch, which is extremely strong. This makes the glass highly resistant to damage. The Davosa Argonautic Carbon Limited Edition 161.589.75 is equipped with a Swiss made automatic movement. In addition, this diving watch is waterproof up to 300 meters and is therefore perfectly suited for the real sports enthusiast. This model also offers several nice extras. For example, the watch has a screw-down bottom and a rotating bezel. In addition, this fantastic Davosa watch has a date display, second hand, helium valve and luminous indicators. This can rightly be called a diving watch with all the trimmings, where only very high-quality materials and the well-known Swiss technology have been chosen.

The second diving watch that should not be missing in this list is the Epos Sportive 3441. Diver. Epos is a Swiss watch brand that has been active in the watch industry for almost a century. The brand is known for the production of extremely luxurious and high-quality watches. The Epos Sportive 3441. Diver is equipped with a rubber watch strap in the color black, with a luxurious folding clasp. The watch case of this watch is made of stainless steel and has a thickness of 15mm and a diameter of 43mm. In addition, the extremely strong sapphire glass has been used for this watch. The color of the dial is black and also features white and yellow accents. The heart of the watch is formed by a Swiss automatic movement from the well-known brand ETA. The watch offers very good water resistance. This model is waterproof up to 500 meters and also has a screw-down crown. The luminous indicators ensure that you can consult the watch at any time. The rotating bezel, date display and second hand complete the picture.

Another wonderful diving watch is the Tag Heuer Aquaracer CAP2111.BA0833. This watch has a Swiss made automatic movement and is 300m water resistant. The stainless steel case and watch strap ensure optimal wearing comfort. The white dial offers good readability. This watch has sapphire glass and a chronograph function. With a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 15mm, this is a watch with fairly average dimensions. Of course, Tag Heuer has an excellent reputation and is a high-end watch brand. The Tag Heuer Aquaracer CAP2111.BA0833 watch is therefore a wonderful example of a beautiful watch with a professional appearance.

With one of the aforementioned diving watches you are guaranteed to choose quality and reliability. It also completes your sporty outfit! Both the Davosa brand, Epos and Tag Heuer are very well known when it comes to the production of diving watches and that is of course not for nothing. You can all order the three mentioned diving watches from us. All three models are available from us for less than 1500 euros. For the Epos model and the Nauticfish model, we even offer these at an attractive discount. So you can now purchase a top quality diving watch at an extra competitive price. So don't wait any longer and view these sporty watches in our webshop!

For which watches is a watch winder suitable?

Posted on 13 January 2023 at 10:19 AM

Just like luxury watches, watch winders are not only a handy accessory for many watch enthusiasts, but also a kind of status symbol. There are watch winders available with the most luxurious designs, made of the most beautiful materials. In addition, there are also watch winders that are particularly effective and functional, but are simpler in terms of design. Watch winders are also available in different price ranges. For example, within the watch industry we find many different models for people with different preferences.

But for which type of watch is the watch winder actually suitable? And what does a watch winder do? We are happy to answer that in this article.

A watch winder is specifically suitable for automatic watches. There are watches with different types of timepieces. First of all, we have the quartz watch. This type of watch functions with the help of a battery. A mechanical watch, however, works completely differently. This is because it is equipped with a movement that has to be wound by hand. The watch winder is not suitable for quartz or mechanical watches. A watch winder is also not suitable for watches with the Seiko Kinetic movements. This type of watch is equipped with a built-in battery and therefore has a completely different timepiece than an automatic watch.

An automatic watch is really in a class of its own in that respect. This is because its energy needs are met by means of the right movement. The automatic watch can therefore be called a special type of watch. You provide your automatic watch with energy without even realizing it, through the natural movements of the wrist. The automatic movement is therefore a true piece of craftsmanship and extremely fascinating for many lovers of luxury watches. The problem with an automatic watch is that you run the risk of downtime when you're not wearing the watch. After all, the watch will not be provided with movement and will therefore not be wound up. There are various risks associated with the standstill of automatic watches. First, it can cause time inaccuracies that prevent your watch from displaying the time and date correctly. Second, standing still means having to reset your watch or watches over and over again. As a lover of beautiful watches, you naturally want your watches to be ready for use at all times. The watch winder has been developed to ensure this.

A good watch winder provides every brand or type of automatic watch with the movement it needs. This is generally done through rotation, but in some cases also in other ways, such as gently shaking the watch. By using a good watch winder, you can be sure that your automatic watch is always ready to wear, even if you haven't worn it for a while. In addition, a watch winder is also a beautiful and safe storage place for your watch or watches. If you own a collection of automatic watches, a watch winder with a luxurious look also offers a nice opportunity to exhibit your watches. Finally, the oil in an automatic watch is optimally distributed by the movements of the watch winder, which guarantees the life of your automatic watch. In summary, a good quality watch winder is absolutely essential if you own one or more automatic watches.

Watch winders are available in all shapes and sizes. There is a big difference in quality, price and design. Of course it is important to opt for quality when you want to purchase a watch winder. After all, you want the best care for your automatic watches. However, the best does not always mean the most expensive. There are several beautiful brands that offer top quality at an attractive price. In addition, there are of course also the extremely luxurious watch winders with a higher price tag. In this article we would like to introduce you to a number of top quality watch winders with a diverse capacity and variation in terms of appearance, use of materials and extras.

The first watch winder that we would like to take a closer look at comes from the Swiss brand Swiss Kubik. Switzerland is of course known as the watch country pur sang in the field of luxury watches. Switzerland also has excellent quality to offer in the field of the watch winder, which is known worldwide. The Swiss made watch winders from Swiss Kubik have therefore been a household name in this field for years. Within the Swiss Kubik collection, watch winders are available with various capacities and in different price ranges. The Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black is a watch winder that is suitable for winding one watch at a time. This makes this watch winder suitable if you own 1 or 2 automatic watches. The watch winder is made of aluminum and comes in the color black. Due to the combination of the compact design and the choice of aluminum that is lightweight, this watch winder is extremely handy. The Swiss Kubik watch winders can also function for up to 3 years on a set of AA batteries, making it a good option to place this watch winder in a safe. Taking it with you on a trip or to the office is also a good option. The Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black is equipped with a powerful Swiss made motor. This ensures that you can easily wind any brand or type of automatic watch with this watch winder. The number of revolutions is also adjustable using the handy USB connection. If you would like to be able to close your watch winder to protect your watch against moisture and dirt, Swiss Kubik offers the option of ordering a protective glass for an additional charge. This is easy to place on the watch winder, with which you can make it lockable.

A second watch winder that we would like to pay more attention to is from the Orbita brand. Orbita is a progressive brand that has several patents to its name. For example, the brand offers watch winders with the 'Rotorwind System' developed by them, in which the energy supply is regulated by gently 'shaking' the watch. In addition, Orbita also offers watch winders with the 'Programmable System', which work through rotation. We are happy to tell you more about the Orbita Sparta Bold 1 Black W05521. This is also a watch winder suitable for winding one watch, with a simple appearance. With this model from Orbita you choose a watch winder that is of extremely high quality, but for which you do not have to pay the main price. The watch winder provides a very effective and safe way of winding, but is not equipped with all kinds of fuss. With this, Orbita knows how to keep the watch winder attractively priced. This model is made of plastic and comes in the color black. However, the same model is also available in several other colors such as blue, green and brown. This watch winder is equipped with a Swiss made motor. This is not only extremely reliable, but also energy efficient and quiet in operation. This means that you can place this watch winder with peace of mind in places where silence is desired, such as in the bedroom or in the office. In addition, this watch winder also works on batteries. In combination with the compact design, this makes this watch winder suitable for placing in a safe. Finally, the Orbita Sparta Bold 1 Black W05521 is equipped with the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection.

A third watch winder that we would like to tell you more about is from the RDI brand. RDI is known for its unique designs and the appealing use of shapes and colours. The brand is inspired by elements from nature, among other things. The RDI Prestige K10-1 is a watch winder from the RDI collection, which is suitable for winding a single watch. As far as the design is concerned, the use of beautiful shapes is particularly striking with this model. The cube-shaped watch winder is surrounded by 4 pillars, all 4 with wavy patterns. The combination of the color black and the color of the stainless steel gives the watch winder a luxurious, robust and tough look. The watch winder is manufactured with the utmost precision in Switzerland by real professional technicians. The sublime finish and eye for detail are the exclusive result of this. The watch winder can be closed at the front with a glass door, so you offer your watch optimal protection against harmful external influences. The Swiss made motor of this watch winder ensures efficient and safe winding for any type and brand of automatic watch. The watch winder is also very quiet in use, which ensures optimal user comfort. With this watch winder from RDI you have access to the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. Moreover, with this model you opt for an absolute eye-catcher in your interior, which will make your watch stand out even more.

The last watch winder we want to tell you more about comes from the collection of the exclusive German brand Heisse & Söhne. Heisse & Söhne is known, among other things, for the manufacture of very luxurious watch winders and beautiful wooden cabinets. This brand uses high-quality Japanese motors, which provide a safe way of excitement and are also quiet in use. They are also very reliable, so you can always count on your watch winder. The Heisse & Söhne Triton 70019-131.33.37 is an extremely luxurious watch winder, from the latest series from Heisse & Söhne. This watch winder is suitable for winding up to 8 automatic watches at the same time. Together with the exclusive look of the watch winder, this makes this model extremely suitable for the real collector. This watch winder is the perfect display for a beautiful collection. The watch winder is made of beautiful wood, among other things. The beautiful foot provides an extra luxurious look. The color of the wood contrasts nicely with the black interior of the watch winder. The soft fabric on the inside also ensures that your watches are protected against damage. The Heisse & Söhne Triton 70019-131.33.37 can also be closed with a luxurious glass door. This door is equipped with a modern fingerprint lock. With this combination you not only offer your watches the best protection, but you also always have a nice view of your watches, even during the winding process. Because the watch winder is also equipped with modern built-in LED lighting, you can literally put your collection in the spotlight if desired. The watch winder is fully adjustable using the innovative LCD screen. This allows you to set the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day, among other things. It is possible to do this individually per rotor, so that you create the most ideal conditions for excitement for each watch individually. The watch winder is also equipped with the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. In addition, this model also has a sleep mode. Using this feature, you keep your watches just below the optimum level of excitement, allowing you to give them some rest.

If you have become interested in one of the aforementioned watch winders, or if you want to orient yourself further on the possibilities in this area, you can contact us in the webshop. We offer the watch winders mentioned in this article, but also many other high-quality watch winders from various renowned brands. Due to our extensive experience in the field of both automatic watches and watch winders, we can, if desired, provide you with appropriate advice or, of course, an answer to your questions.

The watch winders in our webshop come with a minimum of 2 years warranty, so you always have peace of mind when placing your order with us. Payment is possible with various secure payment methods, such as credit card, Paypal, iDeal and bank transfer. We ship our products worldwide without any problems, using the services of Fedex, DPD and PostNL. Of course we ensure that your new watch winder is carefully packaged before it is on its way. Now complete your hobby and/or collection with a high-quality watch winder and you never have to worry about stopping your automatic watches again!

Laco Fliegeruhren B 861749 Paderborn 42mm

Posted on 5 January 2023 at 6:47 PM

With the slogan 'time for legends, time for a Laco pilot's watch', the German watch brand Laco knows how to arouse the interest of many watch enthusiasts. Pilot watches are very popular with enthusiasts and collectors alike. This is not for nothing. With a beautiful pilot's watch you imagine yourself back in times gone by because of the nostalgic look that they often bring with them. Because a pilot's watch used to be easy to read for pilots, today's pilot's watches are also usually somewhat larger with a clear index. In addition, many pilot's watches are also easy to read in the dark, because that was also an important requirement at the time.

There are several renowned watch brands that produce high-quality pilot watches with an appealing design. The Laco brand is one of them. Laco has even become best known for the production of traditional pilot watches. The brand has been producing these since 1940 and therefore has a rich history. In addition, the brand has continuously gained new knowledge over the years and has been able to develop further. In addition to the special pilot watches of the brand, you will also find modern watches with a contemporary look within the Laco collection. With this, Laco knows how to appeal to a wide audience.

Laco chooses only high-quality and very beautiful materials for the production of their watches. It is not for nothing that the brand is allowed to carry the 'made in Germany' label, which indicates that it concerns watches of extremely high quality that are also extremely reliable and solid. Every Laco watch always involves the hand of the craftsman, who works on the watch with passion and expertise. The brand is known for the fact that the watches from the collection not only offer high quality, but also very good wearing comfort and high quality. Due to the good price/quality ratio of Laco watches, you can purchase a watch from this brand with an appealing design and very good quality, at a competitive price. This makes the Laco collection attractive to many watch enthusiasts and/or collectors.

We would like to introduce you to a special pilot's watch from the Laco collection, namely the Laco Fliegeruhren B 861749 Paderborn 42mm. This watch offers everything the enthusiast is looking for in a pilot's watch. Of course it starts with a timeless design with a retro edge. The watch strap of this watch is made of supple leather in the color brown, which is decorated with white stitching. This watch strap closes with a buckle. The watch case of this model is made of stainless steel and has a thickness of 12mm and a diameter of 42mm, which makes this a robust model. The dial of the watch is black in color and very easy to read. By using the very strong sapphire glass, Laco ensures that scratches are not easily visible on the glass. The heart of this watch is formed by a high-quality automatic movement from Laco itself (Laco 24 movement). This ensures a reliable basis for the watch. In addition, this model offers Superluminova C3, which makes the watch easy to read in the dark. Finally, this model has a second hand.

Laco Fliegeruhren B 861749 Paderborn 42mm

All in all, with this watch Laco definitely offers a model that will appeal to every enthusiast of pilot watches. The design breathes nostalgia and because of the modest character of the watch it can be worn with many types of clothing styles. This watch comes into its own very well with both a business and a more casual outfit. The well-known German solid quality ensures that this watch can take a beating and therefore lasts a very long time. You don't just buy a Laco watch for yourself, but also for your offspring. With the Laco Fliegeruhren B 861749 Paderborn 42mm you wear a real eye-catcher on your wrist!

In addition to the various series of special pilot watches, you will also find the Laco Classics series at Laco. Here you can find watches with a calm appearance and a minimalist character. With these watches, Laco knows how to combine classic with modern. This series offers both more calm shades of watches and watches with striking colors such as blue and green. We also see diversity in the material used for the watch straps. This series includes watches with leather watch straps, but also with watch straps made of nato. The Laco Chronograph series is also definitely worth a look. Here we see modern watches with a beautiful chronograph function.

If you want to order the Laco Fliegeruhren B 861749 Paderborn 42mm, you can do this quickly and easily in our webshop. This model is also currently discounted, so you can purchase this watch at an extra competitive price. We also offer many other beautiful watches from Laco, including from the Laco Classics and the Laco Chronograph series.

BensonTrade is an official dealer of Laco watches. We have been representing this German brand in the Netherlands for more than 12 years. We have the most popular models in stock and always a few watches with a nice discount. Do you want to wear a beautiful Laco watch? Take a quick look at our collection of Laco watches and before you know it you will be wearing a beautiful retro watch from Germany.