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Ingersoll watches with discount!

Posted on 24 November 2020 at 12:29 PM

For those looking for a watch that is not only of good quality but also affordable, we advise you to take a look at an Ingersoll watch. This watch brand is special and we would like to bring that to your attention. Creative, qualitative, original and affordable, that is the American watch brand Ingersoll in a nutshell. The great thing about this brand is that it not only has a lot to offer for men in this area. The ladies watches are also nicely represented in the collection. Where many watch brands choose to focus on the men's market, the modern woman can also indulge themselves at Ingersoll. The good price/quality ratio of the brand is something that has always belonged to Ingersoll. The brand was founded by the American brothers Charles and Robert Ingersoll. They came on the market in 1892 with the watch that entered the books as the so-called "Dollar watch". These watches became very popular and were sold for 1 dollar at the time. At that time, this amount was on average a daily wage. Ingersoll also owes its popularity to its collaboration with famous people. Examples include Henry Ford and Disney. Today Ingersoll watches are known worldwide.

Ingersoll offers in its watch collection both ladies and gents watches with a diversity in appearance. The heart of every watch is formed by a good quality automatic movement. This makes an Ingersoll watch reliable, durable and solid. A purchase that you make for a longer period of time. Ingersoll's approach can be called traditional, this is mainly reflected in the designs and the use of color.

The Ingersoll collection consists of different series and styles of watches. We will highlight some of these special designs in this article. We will start with a striking ladies watch, namely the Ingersoll IN 7210 PU Tulalip. This watch comes in the vibrant and striking purple color. What is further characteristic of this watch is the purple leather strap and the various details in the timepiece. Up to 40 gemstones are used in the same timepiece. The glass bottom is also very special. The watch has a second hand and luminous indicators. Furthermore, the watch closes with a folding clasp and the watch case is made of stainless steel. An absolute jewel for the wrist! The Ingersoll IN 7211 CR Pacific is another beautiful model for women. In terms of style, this watch is very similar to the Ingersoll IN 7210 PU Tulalip. However, this watch comes in the color cream and the watch is fitted with inlaid Swarovski stones.

For men, the Ingersoll IN3900 RG Apache watch, for example, is a nice model to take a closer look at. This watch has a classic and stylish look. It has a chic brown leather strap and hardened mineral glass. The watch case is made in the color rose, which combines very nicely with the white dial. Moreover, the watch offers several nice extra functionalities, such as a chronograph function, date display, second hand and luminous indicators. The timepiece contains 20 gemstones. The watch closes with a folding clasp.

The Ingersoll IN3105 BBKO Chinook watch is a men's watch with a somewhat tougher and more robust appearance. The watch has a black leather strap with striking yellow stitching. The timepiece is also black in color with yellow accents. The watch case is made of stainless steel PVD and the watch is waterproof up to 50 meters. You close this watch with a folding clasp. The watch is fitted with a second hand.

Yet another completely different design can be found in the Ingersoll IN1211 SL Corondo. This design is more classic and traditional in nature. The watch strap is made of black leather, which combines beautifully with the gray dial. The shape of the watch case is characteristic and the timepiece has 21 gemstones. Other high-quality materials used for this watch are hardened mineral glass and stainless steel. Furthermore, the glass bottom and the moon phase functionality make this model very special. In addition, the watch has a chronograph function, date display, second hand and luminous indicators. All in all, a very complete watch.

Finally, the Ingersoll IN3605 RWH Zuni watch is a men's watch that also exudes a traditional and classic atmosphere. This watch features a brown leather strap and a white dial with striking red accents. This watch is also equipped with a see-through back and the timepiece is provided with no fewer than 36 gemstones. This watch has a lot to offer in terms of extra functionalities. In addition to a chronograph function, this model is equipped with a power reserve display and date display. The watch closes with a folding clasp and is water resistant to 30 meters.

You will find the above models from Ingersoll and various other designs in our webshop. And not only that, you can now order various models with a nice discount! This is really about the last pieces, so take your chance! You place your order easily, quickly and safely in our webshop. When you order an Ingersoll watch from BensonTrade, you will receive it in a luxurious official box, with manual and a 2-year warranty.

Benson Black Series 8.16.B watch winder

Posted on 16 November 2020 at 11:25 AM

What could be better for a true collector of automatic watches than a beautiful handmade watch winder? A watch winder is not only indispensable for winding the watches, but also offers the possibility to present the watches that a collector has carefully selected in a beautiful way. In the right watch winder, the watches also remain beautiful and protected against wear, scratches and other external influences. Dust, dirt and condensation is also not good for a watch. For a collector, when selecting a suitable watch winder, it is of course important that all watches from the collection fit in the watch winder and are properly supplied with energy. There are therefore numerous watch winders on the market with different capacities. There is also a wide variety of watch winders in the field of brand and quality.

Of course, enthusiasts are familiar with quality in this area, coming from Germany and the watch country pur sang, Switzerland. But our own little country also has real quality in this area. A promising Dutch watch winder brand is Benson. Benson has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of watch winders. A big advantage of this brand is the good price/quality ratio. Benson produces the watch winders in-house and in this way is not only able to produce products of very good quality, but also to keep the price competitive. It is therefore possible to order high-quality watch winders at Benson, with all modern technology for a good price. Within the collection of Benson watch winders you will find the Compact, Smart-Tech II and the Black Series. In addition, Benson recently presented the new Swiss Series. Watch winders with a modern look and classic looking watch winders are well represented.

A model within the Benson collection that offers space for winding 8 watches is the Benson Black Series 8.16.B watch winder. This watch winder comes from the most luxurious line of this brand. The watch winder is made by hand with care, where an eye for detail is very important. This watch winder has a black exterior, which gives it a very luxurious look. The same watch winder is also available in carbon, macassar and white. The watch winder is made of quality wood and the glass door (mineral glass) offers your watches extra protection. Extra attention has also been paid to this on the inside of the watch winder, due to the fabric on the inside (soft velvet). In addition to the possibility to wind 8 watches, this watch winder from Benson also offers extra storage options for up to 6 other watches. This allows you to easily and conveniently store all your watches and other jewelry together. Benson uses flexible watch holders, so that almost any watch fits easily.

The Benson Black Series 8.16.B watch winder is also very complete in terms of technology. This is of course very important, after all you want the best for your watches. Not only does a watch winder have to wind your watches in the right way. A good watch winder is easy to operate and convenient to use. You also want a watch winder with reliable and durable motors. This watch winder from the Benson Black Series is equipped with quality Japanese motors, which are both quiet in use and energy-efficient. In addition, the watch winder offers 3 different directions of rotation. Each rotor is individually adjustable, so you can set the most optimal conditions per watch. Consider the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day. With the power winding function you can provide your watches with the required energy in a short time. Overwinding protection is of course also available. Furthermore, this watch winder offers a modern touchscreen display and the built-in LED lighting ensures that you can see your watches clearly at any time. In addition, the watch winder is equipped with a USB connection and a soft close lid. The watch winder is therefore fully equipped. In short, a complete picture and that for a competitive price!

Have you become curious about the watch winders from Benson or specifically the Benson Black Series 8.16 B? You can view this watch winder from Benson extra well on our website. Here you will find a video of the watch winder, so that it is shown properly. The watch winders from Benson of which no video is available, have been extensively photographed so that you still have a very good view of the watch winder.

If you are enthusiastic about this watch winder, or of course one of the other watch winders from Benson, you can also order it easily in our webshop. When you order the Benson Black Series 8.16.B watch winder you will receive it including manual, adapter, certificate and 2 year warranty.

In addition to watch winders from Benson, you will find many other beautiful watch winder brands in our webshop. In addition, a very wide range of quality watches can be ordered from various renowned brands. You will find watches with a variety of timepieces. Mechanical, automatic and quartz watches are widely represented. So take a quick look at

Attractive discount on all Fortis watches

Posted on 10 November 2020 at 1:30 PM

When you're looking for a new watch, you will consider various features for yourself before selecting a number of watches that suit your needs. Of course, a wide range of brands and models are available in this area. This does not always make it easier to pick the right watch. Of course quality comes first, after all you want to be able to enjoy your new watch for a long time. But other factors also play an important role. Where and when do you want to wear your watch, for example? Casual, business or during a sporting activity? It depends, among other things, on which functionalities and properties a watch should have. But of course the look of the watch is also important, it must suit your personal taste. In addition, the type of movement inside the watch plays a role. Do you prefer an automatic, mechanical or quartz watch? And what budget have you reserved for it? All things that are important to ask yourself when you want to buy a new watch. There is also a lot to choose from when it comes to brands. With this article we highlight a watch brand that knows how to live up to its name.

Are you looking for a very high quality watch? Then Fortis is an interesting watch brand that distinguishes itself from other brands. This Swiss brand can compete with more expensive brands in terms of quality, but is a lot more affordable. In other words, Fortis offers a very good price/quality ratio. The name of the brand already tells what it stands for. The meaning of Fortis in Latin is namely strong or robust and that is exactly what Fortis watches are. The advantage of Fortis being a small brand/company ensures, among other things, that extra attention is paid to finish and quality. It may be a somewhat smaller watch brand, but Fortis watches are certainly known for their good quality. Fortis has proven itself and produces watches that are durable, robust and can take a beating. Moreover, Fortis is a brand with a history, which has been able to market quality products since 1912. And thus also has gained the necessary knowledge and experience. The brand has great innovations to its name. Fortis, for example, was the first to launch water-resistant watches. This also applies to the first waterproof mechanical alarm chronometer. Characteristic of every Fortis watch is that it is provided with a well-known Swiss automatic quality movement. In addition, strong sapphire glass was chosen for the manufacture of the watches.

A striking feature is Fortis's collaboration with Russian cosmonauts, from which the Fortis Cosmonauts series emerged. This series is actually applied by the Cosmonauts and must therefore literally be able to perform under very high pressure. This of course says a lot about the quality of Fortis watches. In addition to this beautiful series, Fortis offers various other series with various sporty models of watches.

In addition to the Fortis Cosmonauts watches, the brand also offers various other beautiful series. A number of designs from these series are now available in our webshop with an attractive discount. These are discounts that are certainly worthwhile and amount to up to 30%. So you now have the opportunity to purchase a Fortis watch of extremely high quality and an exclusive design for an extra competitive price!

We will highlight a few watches in this blog. The first model that you can order at a discount in our webshop is the Fortis Aeromaster Steel 655.10.10. This watch comes from the Aeromaster series, which houses special pilot's watches. This Fortis watch is characterized by a clear dial and is waterproof up to 200 meters. Furthermore, the watch is equipped with SuperLuminova, which lights up in the dark. With a Swiss made automatic movement, luminous indicators, date display and second hand you purchase a real gem!

The next model that is now extra competitively priced is the Fortis Dornier GMT 402.35.41 watch. This is also a pilot's watch, like this watch there is no other. The watch has a sporty look and is black in color with green and blue accents. This watch also has Superluminova and also has various extra functionalities. It is equipped with a GMT and chronograph function, screw-down crown, second hand and luminous indicators. The Swiss made automatic movement is one of top quality. The watch closes with a buckle and is waterproof up to 200 meters. All in all, a very complete picture for the real enthusiast.

The Fortis Cockpit One 704.21.18 watch is also recommended. This watch is fitted with a Swiss made automatic movement. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters. The watch strap is made of rubber. Other materials used for this watch are stainless steel and sapphire glass. The watch has extra functionalities, namely: luminous indicators, date display and second hand. This watch is also equipped with SuperLuminova.

The latest watch is the Fortis Marinemaster 670.17.41. The watch has a Swiss automatic movement and is water resistant to 200 meters. The watch strap is made of rubber and the case of stainless steel. Naturally, this watch is also equipped with the extremely strong sapphire glass. In addition to SuperLuminova, this watch also offers various extras, including a screw-down crown, rotating bezel and luminous indicators. The watch is also equipped with the Fortis submarine engraving, which of course really gives it something extra.

Interested in one of these watches? Then quickly view our current collection of Fortis watches and get started! You will receive your watch in a luxurious official box, with a 2-year warranty and manual.

MeisterSinger watches

Posted on 3 November 2020 at 12:23 PM

For many men, the watch is the ideal piece of jewelry. Where a very diverse range of jewelry is available for the ladies, it is a lot more limited for the men. Still, a good watch can complete your outfit. Of course, the choice for a beautiful watch often depends on personal taste, but the type of outfit also plays a role in this. When you are looking for a watch for sports, you will end up with a completely different watch than when it has to be a watch that matches a business outfit. That is why many men own more than one watch.

MeisterSinger CC303 watch

When it comes to choosing a watch, there is a very wide range. Not only with regard to the appearance of the watch, but also when you look at the functionalities, the price and the history of a certain brand, there is a lot to choose from. Different brands offer a lot of diversity in the appearance of their products. When we talk about a brand with a history, there are several brands with a good story or a long history in the field of watches.

The German brand MeisterSinger watches is such a brand. If you are new to this brand, it is really worthwhile to dive in. MeisterSinger was founded in 2001 by Manfred Brassler. He had the idea of ??developing an alternative to the existing watches on the market. He put watches on the map with a one-hand time display. MeisterSinger watches have their own signature and are recognizable at all times. They are therefore loved all over the world. In addition to the time display with a single hand, the unique index and the strongly curved glass are characteristic of the MeisterSinger watches.

MeisterSinger watches are comparable to larger brands in terms of technology and quality, but they are better priced. That makes them very interesting for every enthusiast and collector and makes this brand very famous. MeisterSinger may be a small brand, but it has made a name for itself. Important is the attention that the brand pays to the quality and finish. With a MeisterSinger watch you certainly choose a special accessory that you can enjoy for a long time.

The MeisterSinger collection consists of chic watches that match any stylish outfit. You will find a number of special models from MeisterSinger in our webshop. These models are offered with a nice discount, which makes it extra interesting to take a closer look. The first model in this category is the MeisterSinger Circularis CC303 watch. This watch is fitted with a supple leather strap made of brown crocodile leather. This, in combination with the beige dial and stainless steel case, really makes this watch a picture. The MeisterSinger Circularis CC303 is equipped with a mechanical movement that works with the help of winding. This timepiece has 120 hours of power reserve. The watch is waterproof up to 50 meters and fitted with a folding clasp.

The next model is the MeisterSinger Circularis CC908LG. The blue dial in combination with the comfortable brown crocodile leather strap gives the watch a luxurious look. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement, has a date display and has an 18 karat gold bezel. The case is made of stainless steel and the glass is strong sapphire glass. In short, a nice complete model for the real enthusiast!

Another beautiful watch from this brand is the MeisterSinger Salthora Meta X SAMX902GR. This very special watch has a rotating bezel and is waterproof up to 200 meters. This model also offers luminous indicators. This is a watch with a sporty look, in the colors green and black. A beautiful design for the sporty among us. The beautiful leather strap is also fitted with green accents, which gives the watch that little bit extra. Due to the supple leather, the watch is very comfortable to wear. The automatic timepiece is from the quality brand Sellita, so you can be sure that you get a durable and reliable product!

The last model we want to mention is the MeisterSinger Scrypto Unitas AM505. This model comes in the colors black and silver. The strap is made of black quality leather. This watch has a second hand and a Swiss made mechanical movement. The watch looks calm in terms of appearance and with its classic design is suitable for almost any outfit.

You can easily order all of the above MeisterSinger models in our webshop. They come with a manual in a luxury box and with a 2-year warranty. As mentioned earlier, these models are available with a nice discount and are now extra attractive. There are only a few pieces available per model, so if you are interested, get started quickly!

Watches, the ultimate accessories for men!

Posted on 26 October 2020 at 11:30 AM

Where woman easily completes her outfit with a wide choice of all kinds of accessories and jewelry, the man generally has less choice. Actually, the men's watch is one of the few accessories that are specifically marketed for men. Now the watch obviously has several functions. Perhaps you initially think of a watch as a tool as a time meter with possibly a date display or some other extra functionalities. Nowadays many people have a (smart) phone and can use it to see which date it is or consult the time. However, the watch remains an important and very useful accessory in several ways.

For example, if you can view the time or date on a watch, this usually goes faster than if you have to reach for your phone. That is a first advantage. In addition, there are so many other reasons to wear a watch. For some people it is a status symbol. They want to show that they have good taste or that they are able to afford this luxury product. In addition, a watch is often used as a style object. As a man, you complete your outfit by wearing a matching watch. There are therefore many different watch brands, colors and types of watches on the market for men. This means that a suitable alternative is available for every individual, personality, outfit and taste. Whether you are looking for a cool and robust watch, or for example a stylish classic watch, there is always a wide range to choose from.

When a watch is used as an accessory, the look and design of the watch may be the most important. For example, watches are regularly worn on specific occasions, such as an job application or business meeting. At such a moment you want to radiate self-assurance and skill. The right outfit with the perfect watch can help you with this. But even if you are on a date, a good watch can be just the thing that completes the whole picture in terms of your look. Self-assurance and expression of taste also play a role in this. You not only have the choice of different colors of watches, the use of materials can also give a watch a completely different look. Where you can create a more classic look with a leather watch strap, a stainless steel watch strap gives the watch a more rugged look.

If you are not only looking for the right watch that matches your outfit, but are also interested in how the clock works, an automatic watch with a see-through bottom is a suitable alternative for you. This gives you a nice accessory and at the same time a gadget where you can not only consult the time and possibly date, but also view the fascinating operation of the clock up close. There are also watches available that keep track of the moon phase for the real enthusiast. A GMT function, chronograph function and luminous indicators are also possible.

For occasions other than those mentioned above, you may not just be looking for a design with a matching look. You may then place even more demands on the specific watch as an accessory. Consider, for example, when you exercise or when you go on vacation. The watch will then have to be able to take a beating. And a diving watch must of course be waterproof. A stopwatch function is also indispensable for a sports watch. In addition, a sporty and robust look will probably fit better here than a classic one. This may mean that you choose a watch with brighter colors and a more robust watch case.

Because a watch is not only sensitive to taste, but also radiates a certain style and in certain situations the functionalities are of great importance (think of sports watches), there are many men who own more than a single watch. This makes it possible to wear a suitable watch for every situation, occasion and outfit. This way you can make the men's watch your ultimate accessory at any time of the day, whatever you are doing.

Do you want to complete your outfit or are you looking for a watch with specific functionalities for sports, for example? In our webshop you will find a very wide choice of men's watches in different colors and styles and from different brands. With the extensive filter system you can easily indicate your wishes and requirements in terms of brand, material, type and functionalities, among other things. This way you can easily find the perfect watch for you! BensonTrade has extensive experience in the field of both watches and watch winders and can therefore provide you with professional advice and also provide the necessary service. You will also find information about the different brands on the website, very interesting for the enthusiast to read. Especially if you are interested in a watch with a story and history.