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Watch winder, do I need one?

Posted on 10 November 2019 at 1:53 PM

Automatic watches have a movement that must be supplied with energy to keep it running. With a quartz watch, a battery provides this energy. If the battery is empty, you can exchange it for a new battery. With an automatic watch, the watch must stay in motion to gain energy. For example, by wearing the watch or manually winding by turning the crown. Normally there is no battery in an automatic watch. If you do not wear an automatic watch, for example because you are wearing another watch or you are on vacation, how does the watch obtain energy through movement? The answer is a watch winder. The word watch winder actually already indicates what it is. A watch winder is a device that winds one or more automatic watches. Most watch winders do this through rotation of the watch. The watch is placed on a watch holder and placed in the watch winder, after which the watch winder starts turning. There is also a watch winder brand, Orbita from the United States, that winds watches by gently shaking the automatic watches.

Do you necessarily need a watch winder? One will say no, the other will say yes. We are convinced that a watch winder is the best watch accessory for automatic watches. Not only do the automatic watches continue to be supplied with energy and therefore ready to wear, the rotating watches in a beautiful watch winder are also a beautiful sight. Another advantage is that the distribution of the oil within the automatic movement remains neat and tidy. Think of a car, if you do not start it regularly and drive, certain parts will protest sooner or later.

In addition to the above advantages, watch winders for multiple watches often also offer extra storage options. This allows you to wind multiple automatic watches but also store them together, together with other (quartz) watches and jewelry, for example.

The watch winder as a watch accessory is becoming increasingly popular. There are several high-quality watch winder brands that are recommended by well-known watch brands. Almost every watch collector has a watch winder given the above advantages. Especially if you have 2 or more automatic watches, a watch winder is very useful. In addition, it also provides nice conversations with friends and family members who have never heard of this watch accessory but find the revolving watches very interesting.

Back to the question "do you need a watch winder?". A watch winder is not really necessary, but a watch winder has so many advantages that the real watch collector and fan always use a watch winder. As said, it is the most interesting and functional accessory for automatic watches. It is important that you always choose a good quality watch winder. Not sure what you need exactly? Ask us for advice, we will gladly help you further. Take a look around our webshop at various brands such as Benson, Swiss Kubik and Orbita. As an official dealer, we offer many brands, clear warranty and fast delivery.

From airship to watches; Zeppelin

Posted on 10 October 2019 at 12:03 PM

For watch lovers or collectors who are charmed by a special watch with a story, Zeppelin offers a wide choice. Zeppelin watches are made in Germany. The name of the brand refers to the designer Ferdinand Graff von Zeppelin of the aviation ship of the same name with a special history. The first majestic Zeppelin was built in 1900, the Zeppelin LZ1. In the years 1900-1938, another 100 of these legendary airships were built, in 27 different series. The Zeppelin has left an indelible impression and was very popular during WWI. With the Zeppelin watches the company Point-tec manages to capture a bit of nostalgia in a beautiful collection.

The collection of Zeppelin watches consists of both quartz and automatic and mechanical watches, so whatever type of watch you prefer, Zeppelin offers enough choice. The appearance of the Zeppelin watches can be called classic and stylish. The strong combination of a watch with a nostalgic character which at the same time has advanced technology, makes a Zeppelin watch a timeless piece. The watches from Zeppelin are also very affordable and therefore accessible to a wide audience.

Zeppelin 7672 watch

Zeppelin has various series in its collection and each series has its own story. For example, the "100 years Zeppelin" and the "Princess of the Sky" series are both designed to honor the 100th anniversary of the Zeppelin. The watches in the "100 years Zeppelin" series are characterized by the use of dome-shaped dials and crystal glass. With the beautiful ladies watches from the "Princess of the Sky" series, the exceptionally designed dials stand out. With this series they have tried to get back the feeling of glamor from the 1920s. A nice detail is that the Princess of the sky watches can not only be worn as a wrist watch, but also around the neck.

BensonTrade supplies Zeppelin watches as standard in a luxury watch box and with a two-year warranty and manual. 

Why do I buy a Orbita watch winder?

Posted on 30 August 2019 at 9:36 AM

Watch winders are available in various quality and price ranges. In this blog we regularly take a look at a special brand, about which we would like to tell you more. After all, it is nice to know more about a watch winder brand, its history and what it stands for. It also helps to make a better choice when you are looking for a good watch winder.

Orbita is a special brand in the luxury watch winder segment. This brand is from the United States. Orbita was founded by Chuck Agnoff in 1996 in Wilmington, North Carolina. The professionals at Orbita watch winders have set themselves the task of learning everything there is to know about automatic watches, after which the company went looking for the mildest way to wind these watches. The corporate philosophy of the progressive brand is: "creating products with lasting value and exceptional attention to detail, as well as products that people like to use."

Orbita Avanti 36

The pursuit of innovation and the progressive attitude of Orbita have resulted in the brand having several patents to its name. Orbita watch winders use Swiss motors, which guarantee durability and reliability. In addition, Orbita chooses only the best materials, such as handmade and detailed inlays, the best types of leather and refined lacquers. In combination with an advanced technology, this Orbita watch winders makes an extremely solid and reliable product for the true enthusiast.

With two different systems for excitement, Orbita offers a watch winder to suit every watch and every enthusiast or collector. First of all, Orbita uses the unique "Rotorwind system" they have patented. The watch winders with this system provide an automatic watch with energy by gently "shaking" the watch. The so-called "Programmable system" offers the more standard way of winding, namely through rotation. The watches rotate in the watch winder. The luxury systems of Orbita watch winder are available for both a single watch and for multiple watches. The Avanti Thirty Six Rotorwind watch winder offers space for up to thirty-six watches, ideal for a real watch collector.

The look of the designs of the Orbita watch winders is luxurious, classic and elegant. And the watch winder will therefore be a wonderful and valuable addition to your collection and interior. Orbita watch winders uses wood in a lot the designs, which entails a chic look.

In our webshop you will find a wide selection of Orbita watch winders. The watch winders come with a two-year warranty and user manual.

What do we offer our clients?

Posted on 1 August 2019 at 2:25 PM

Nowadays it is easy to order a product quickly and easily on the internet. There are many web shops that specialize in all kinds of products. We at BensonTrade specialize in watches and watch winders. As an official dealer of many watch and watch winder brands, it is important that we have the latest collections, give a clear guarantee and of course guarantee that the watch is authentic and new. Precisely because we are an official dealer, we can ensure the above important points for our customers.

With more than 15 years of experience, we have become a respectable name in the field of watches and watch winders. Our web shops are not only in the Dutch language but also in English. In our warehouse near Uden we have many watch brands and watch winder brands in stock so that we can quickly provide our, often international, customers with their order. We do this via DPD, Fedex and PostNL.

Reliability is very important. That is why we offer our clients numerous extra guarantees (SSL security on the website, payment by credit card with insurance and our membership of Webwinkelkeur).

We welcome you to our webshop(s) and if you have any questions or comments, we will be happy to help you!

Why do you need a watch winder?

Posted on 22 June 2019 at 12:06 PM

A watch collection of automatic watches is not complete without a watch winder. Every automatic watch needs movement to be supplied with energy. When an automatic watch comes to a standstill, this can have negative consequences for the watch. An example of this is an inaccuracy in time and date display. But the oil is also not properly distributed by movement during a longer standstill. As a watch lover, this is of course not what you want. We often make the comparison with a car. If you put a car in a garage for a long time, it will cause problems when you want to drive. If you drive and maintain the car well, you can enjoy it for years. In a sense, this also applies to automatic watches.

Normally the movement of the wrist ensures that an automatic watch keeps running. But what if you don't wear your watch? Or if you have an entire collection that you cannot logically wear at the same time? Then a watch winder is the desired accessory! A good watch winder ensures that the watch is wound correctly. As mentioned earlier, this also ensures that the oil supply remains optimal and that the watch is protected against wear and damage. With a watch winder you are also immediately provided with a safe storage place for your automatic watch(es). Many watch winders also have a storage function for other jewelry and watches.

A watch winder also offers the possibility to present your watch collection in a beautiful and luxurious way. With all the original, luxury and unique watch winders that are available on the market, there is always one that fits perfectly with your collection and interior. Because a watch winder is not only an indispensable accessory in terms of functionality, it is also a valuable aesthetic addition to your collection! A watch winder that shines beautiful LED light on the revolving watches is already a spectacular sight in itself.

Watch winders are available in various capacities. You can go for a watch winder with space for a single watch, two watches, four or six watches, but watch winders are also available for enthusiasts with a large collection. Brands such as Benson and Orbita offer watch winders for 12, 16 or even 32 automatic watches.

Different watch winders are designed in such a way that winding your watches is really worth watching. There are even those whose designs are inspired by different forms of art or which have been designed in consultation with artists, such as watch winders from Luwima and Kunstwinder as brands. There are also several original ways of winding that you as a watch lover will certainly be charmed by! Bernard Favre is a good example of this. This Swiss brand produces watch winders in which the watch is wound in a three-dimensional movement. Unique and a beautiful sight!

You buy a watch winder when you want the best for your automatic watch(es). The device is not only functional in terms of excitement, it is also aesthetically a beautiful accessory that stands out and always is good for a topic of conversation.