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Which watch do you take with you on holiday?

Posted on 30 June 2020 at 11:27 AM

Which watch do you take with you on holiday? This is useful to know because you do not want the watch band to become discolored, your watch to be damaged, or to get water in it when you go snorkeling or diving. If you go on holiday again during the summer holidays, it is still useful to know whether you are bringing the right watch. For example, if you go on vacation where you have to travel a lot, or you have many activities planned or just go on a relaxing holiday, you have to adjust your watch accordingly. If you are going for a relaxing holiday then you don't want to walk around with a big clumsy heavy watch and it has to be one that fits well with your outfit. If you go on a tour, choose a watch that is comfortable, robust and can take a beating. In addition, a handy feature is the GMT function (second time zone) if you travel a lot in different countries or time zones. If you have booked a sun holiday, choose a watch with a steel or rubber strap because leather straps discolour in the sun and leather straps also become of less quality when the strap comes into contact with the salt water of the sea.

The perfect watch for a sunny holiday

If you go on holiday to the sun, for example in Spain or Italy, it is best to wear a watch that can stand the sun well. If you go diving or snorkeling, the watch must be able to withstand salt water and be waterproof. An absolute must have is the Davosa Ternos Professional TT GMT 161.571.45 watch. Davosa watches use Swiss made movements that are among the best movements in the world in terms of quality and durability. Davosa makes exclusive use of quality movements from ETA, Valjoux and Sellita. As standard, all Davosa watches are equipped with the extremely strong sapphire glass. Sapphire glass is the best choice to protect your watch. It is pre-eminently the most clear and strongest type of glass used when making a watch. A screw down crown and case back of the watch are certainly recommended when used in the water. In addition, every Davosa watch offers comfort and style. The Davosa Ternos Professional TT GMT 161.571.45 watch has a diameter of 42 millimeters and is 15mm thick. The bracelet is made of stainless steel and of course the watch lights up in the dark. As an interesting extra, this watch has a ceramic bezel and helium escape valve for diving. The GMT function makes this watch an ideal watch for on vacation. The price of this watch is currently 1099.00 euros.

Relaxing holiday? Wear a light watch with a leather strap.

If you are going on a relaxing holiday choose a dress watch, a watch that goes well with your outfit, when you go out (dinner, party or to a club). When you go out you want a watch that is comfortable and fits nicely with your outfit. The Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 1302016 watch is a very good choice. This latest series from Meccaniche Veneziane is called Nereide 4.0. This watch has a brown dial and brown leather strap. The Nereide watches are extremely popular and are now adapted to details. The main change is that the movement of the Nereide 4.0 watches is now an automatic Seiko movement. This makes the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 watches now even more attractively priced. This collection of watches is characterized by anti-reflective sapphire glass, BGW9 Swiss Superluminova, rotating BK7 Crystal bezel and a water resistance of 200 meters/20 ATM. Naturally, the leather watch straps of all Nereide 4.0 watches are handmade in Italy. The back of the watch has a special engraving. The Mecccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 watches are high-quality, refined and affordable. Each watch comes with a 2 year warranty, luxury watch box and certificate. The price of this watch is 529.00 euros.

Sporty watch for an active holiday

If you are going on an active holiday, it is best to choose a sturdy and robust watch with good water resistance. The watch must be comfortable to wear and of course have a beautiful design, but also have to withstand the circumstances where you are going. For example, high temperatures that make you sweat, salt water, shocks and/or different time zones.

The ideal watch for an active holiday is the Epos Sportive 3441. Diver. The Epos Sportive watches have a modern and sporty design. The stylish and sturdy designs in combination with a leather strap or stainless steel strap make for a beautiful combination. Each Epos Sportive watch is Swiss made and equipped with a Swiss ETA movement. The automatic ETA 2824 movement is reliable and ensures a perfect time display. Epos only uses high-quality materials and each watch is manufactured by hand. This distinguishes Epos from other brands. An eye for detail, quality and perfection are central to the production of the attractive Epos Sportive watches.

The Epos Sportive 3441. Diver watch is waterproof up to 500 meters and has a black rubber strap. Naturally, the watch is equipped with sapphire glass and a handy folding clasp, making it easy to open and close the watch. The price of this watch is: 1190.00 euros.

Round trip vacation, a GMT function is ideal!

Do you travel a lot? For example by plane, train or bus you want a watch that is comfortable, not too heavy, but robust and can take a beating. We recommend a watch with the handy GMT function (second time zone). This is ideal if you travel a lot in different countries. This allows you to easily read the current local time from anywhere in the world, but also another time set by you.

If you are looking for a stylish watch for your trip, the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT Diaspro Classico watch is an excellent choice. The Italians' love for beautiful design and beautiful materials is reflected in the sublime Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT watches. This watch brand combines Swiss made movements with handmade leather watch straps and a handmade wooden watch box. Top quality. This is also reflected in the strong stainless steel watch cases, sapphire glass and the screw-down crown. Naturally, the watches of this Italian watch brand are waterproof, the Nereide GMT models even up to 200 meters. Every Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT watch meets the highest demands in the field of watch technology because pure materials are used and every watch is extensively tested and checked after production. The GMT function is a valuable feature for the true enthusiast. Meccaniche Veneziane stands for Italian mastery with a very affordable price! The price of this watch is 1249.00 euros.

Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT Diaspro Classic watch


You have different types of watches for different types of holidays. For example, if you go to Spain where the sun often shines and the temperatures can rise quickly, you need a good quality watch that can withstand the sun, is waterproof and can withstand salt water when you go diving/snorkeling. We briefly explain the discussed watches for a good overview.

For a sun holiday it is best to buy the Davosa Ternos Professional TT GMT 161.571.45. The Davosa watches are comfortable, stylish and offer good quality. The Swiss movements are of good quality and are among the best in the world. This watch has the extremely strong sapphire glass. An ideal travel partner.

If you are going on a relaxing holiday it is best to buy the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 1302016 watch. This watch has a 2 year warranty and is refined qualitatively and is also affordable. The watch has anti-reflective sapphire glass which is an extra handy feature.

If you choose an active holiday, it is best to buy the Epos Sportive 3441. Diver watch. This watch is reliable and has a sporty look. All Epos watches are manufactured by hand. If you choose a sporty watch from Epos, you are always ensured of quality.

If you are going on a tour then it is best to choose the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT Diaspro Classico watch. This watch has a handmade leather watch strap and a handmade wooden watch box. The watch is waterproof and has a water resistance of 200 meters. The GMT function is ideal when you are on a tour, you always have the current time locally and of your new destination available at a glance.

The watches described above are all of excellent quality. In terms of quality and durability, there is not much difference between these watches. However, one is more suitable for taking on a specific holiday than the other. This depends on the type of holiday and the activities you want to undertake. Before you go on vacation, think carefully about which watch you want to wear. After all, you don't want to expose your favorite watch to the risks of high temperatures, salt water, transpiration or even theft. Expensive watches are often an invitation to the thieves' guild to keep a closer eye on you and to take your watch away from you unexpectedly. Always place your watch in a locker when you are not wearing it so that you cannot lose it. Otherwise, the holiday will become much more expensive than you had previously planned.

As official dealer of Epos, Meccaniche Veneziane and Davosa, we offer a minimum of 2 years warranty on every watch. Each watch is new and will be packed in the original box including manual. We ship our watches worldwide (insured and registered) via Fedex, DPD or PostNL. In our webshop you can pay with your credit card, Ideal, Paypal or regular bank transfer.

Do you have any questions or comments regarding this blog article about which watch is best to take with you on holiday? We are ready and happy to help you! We wish you a nice and safe holiday!

Premium watch winder

Posted on 24 June 2020 at 3:31 PM

The watch winder is the most popular and convenient accessory for an automatic watch. This device ensures that your favorite automatic watches always run on time by winding them. This means you do not have to set your watch on time and wind up manually every time. The watch winder ensures that the watches rotate gently, which gives the timepiece inside the watch energy. This energy is converted into the "running" of the watch movement, so the watch shows the exact time.

When an automatic watch is not worn sufficiently, it will stop. Stop the time, date and other functions. The use of a watch winder not only prevents the watches from coming to a stop, they also prevent the oil within the movement from being distributed properly, with the risk of damaging the movement as a result. In addition, you no longer have to open the crown to set the time and/or other functions correctly, this considerably reduces the risk of damage to the crown and pin (connection between the crown and the movement).

In other words, using a watch winder to wind automatic watches is useful, but certainly also good for preserving automatic watches. You prefer to put your money in watches instead of service or repairs, right?

There are many different brands and types of watch winders. In this blog article we write about premium watch winders, in other words the best and most luxurious watch winders. What is a premium watch winder? A premium watch winder winds every automatic watch, or several automatic watches, in a safe and professional manner, whereby the watch winder itself is made of the best materials and is equipped with the latest technology. You often find a premium watch winder in the higher price segment.

What features does a premium watch winder have?

If you are looking for a premium watch winder, how do you recognize it? There are many brands that produce affordable watch winders that are an excellent choice. But if you are really looking for top quality, special materials and a beautiful design, there are only a few brands that may call itself a premium watchwinder brand.

Strong and reliable motors

We believe that a premium watch winder should be equipped with strong and reliable motors, each driving one watch. This gives you optimal flexibility for winding automatic watches. Strong and reliable motors come from Japan, Germany and Switzerland. These countries have various manufacturers of watch winding motors and extensive experience in winding technology. These motors also last longer in terms of power and noise level. A good motors is not only powerful but also produces a low sound level. Watch winders with Chinese motors are not the best option. You can often find these on Amazon, Aliexpress and Ebay. Cheap quickly becomes expensive and you do not want to take any risks with your watches.

User-friendly operation

If you spend more money on a high-end watch winder, you can also expect that it can be operated and adjusted easily and comfortably. Operation should be easy to use and respond accurately to user instructions. Almost all premium watch winder brands use operation via a touchscreen or LCD panel. These systems are fast, luxurious and reliable. In addition, they are user-friendly and you can set the watch winder much faster and easier than with traditional push buttons or rotary buttons. You can even control the Chronovision watch winders via your phone with an app and the Paul Design Gentlemen watch winders have a remote control. Is this necessary? No, absolutely not because once you have set the watch winder correctly, you hardly have to operate it every time again. But they are nice extras and make using a watch winder extra fun and easy.

Beautiful materials and high-quality finish

The design is also very important. A premium watch winder must of course also look good. The design must be beautiful and perhaps even an eye catcher. The best materials are used for a high end watch winder. You can think of aluminum, stainless steel, real leather, glass and carbon. There are big differences in different materials. But you can recognize a really good watch winder immediately. This looks high-quality, where the materials catch the eye and the finish is of a particularly high level. A premium watch winder exudes originality, class and luxury. A good example are the Bernard Favre Planet watch winders from Switzerland. This brand produces very special watch winders in which the automatic watch rotates on its own axis and thereby obtains energy. Bernard Favre uses the most beautiful materials, which makes these watch winders absolutely premium.

Another good example is Orbita. The larger watch winders of this brand are made of beautiful wood that has a very exclusive and beautiful appearance. The watch cases of this brand are finished to perfection by traditional craftsmen. Quality and finish are of paramount importance to Orbita watch winders.

Additional functionalities

If you want to buy a premium watch winder, it must of course also distinguish itself from other watch winders in terms of functionalities. The watch winder must have nice extras and details. You can think of bluetooth connection, a special app with which you operate the watch winder or a remote control. You can also think of the powerwinding function that all Benson Black Series watchwinders have. But don't focus on too many luxurious functions, because they often make the watch winder more difficult to operate. The best premium watch winders are very quick and easy to operate because they have a good operating system.

Good after sales

A more expensive and more high end watch winder naturally also comes with a premium service. For the price you pay, you can also expect that any imperfections will be solved quickly and professionally. Even if you need help setting up the watch winder, you can expect professional and friendly help from a premium brand. After all, you not only pay for the product itself, but also for the after sales service.

Most high-end brands have the aftersales in perfect control. In case of a problem you will be helped quickly and friendly. A product can always fail, but the way in which it is repaired often characterizes the brand.

After-sales are closely linked to the dealer network. A premium watch winder brand has fairly good dealer coverage. This allows you to view, test or simply order the watch winders online from a good online dealer. Premium brands never have a lot of dealers, there are often a few per region, province or country. Check the website of the relevant brand where you can go. Or Google on the brand name and contact an online watch winder shop with knowledge and experience.

Which brands produce premium watch winders?

Above we have described which characteristics in terms of motors, operation, materials, functions and after sales a premium watch winder must meet. But which brands producing watch winders that meet these requirements could you take a look at? We have already mentioned brands such as Bernard Favre, Orbita, Chronovision and Benson. But a lesser known brand such as Kunstwinder that manufactures beautiful watch winders by hand or Elma Motion that is known for its high reliability, are certainly brands that you can consider.


Premium watch winders are among the best in the world. They are certainly not cheap, but they do offer everything you need to wind automatic watches safely and professionally. In addition, you get a watch winder with a particularly beautiful design that is made of beautiful materials that are not only beautiful but also high-quality.

Do you want the best for your automatic watches and do you have a good budget for a premium watch winder? Be sure to check out the above brands!

The new Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 watches

Posted on 18 June 2020 at 9:53 AM

Watch enthusiasts do all have their own favorite style, type of movement and watch brands. Of course there is the difference between automatic, mechanical and quartz watches. But also in terms of style, design and brand experience, there is an extensive range available within the watch industry. Are you going for a watch with a sporty look? Or does a classic model suit you better? And then of course there is the price. Watches are available in different price ranges. It is not always the case that you have to pay a high price for a watch with real quality. Sometimes you will find real gems for a competitive price and we can help you find one with this blog article.

Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 watch 1302012

Do you happen to be a real watch enthusiast and also a fan of the Rolex look? But your budget doesn't allow you to buy a Rolex watch? Then there is an Italian watch brand that definitely deserves your attention! Take a look at the collection of the Italian brand Meccaniche Veneziane. The watches of this stylish brand are not only of very good quality, but also very affordable. The modern designs are sporty and are reminiscent of the Rolex look, especially the Nereide watches from this beautiful watch brand. The Meccaniche Veneziane watches are manufactured with great passion and pure craftsmanship in Venice and that is reflected in the end result. The watches exude luxury, quality and class. The nice thing about these watches is that even though they look very expensive, they are very affordable. This makes a quality watch with Rolex look accessible to everyone.

Within the Meccaniche Veneziane collection, we find the new Nereide 4.0 watches. These models are equipped with automatic Seiko movements, where the earlier Nereide models have Swiss movements. This makes the newer Nereide watches extra affordable and with these Japanese movements, good quality is still guaranteed. The Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide models are characterized by high-quality handmade leather straps, anti-reflective sapphire glass, BGW9 Swiss Superluminova, rotating bezel and good water resistance. The leather used for the beautiful watch straps comes from Veneto and Tuscany and is completely processed by hand into a beautiful watch strap. With a water resistance of up to 200 meters, these watches are also suitable for sports and water enthusiasts. Extra features such as a screw down crown, rotating bezel and luminous indicators make these models extra interesting and very complete. Actually, these watches offer all the features you want when you want to wear a modern and sporty watch, which at the same time has a beautiful and luxurious look.

The Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 watches are available in different vibrant dial colors, such as black, white, red, clear blue and green. Also regarding the leather straps we see different shades and colors within the collection. There is a choice of different color combinations in terms of watch straps and dials, but there are also different models where a specific color is continued in the whole watch. This ensures a calm looking design. Characteristic for Meccaniche Veneziane watches are also the accents by means of the stitching on the leather straps. Within this series there is certainly plenty of choice with regard to the appearance of the watches. So you can perfectly match the watches to your choice of clothing, for example your shoes and belt.

Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 watch 1302010

As a very special extra is that Meccaniche Veneziane offers the special wooden watch boxes with their watches. These watch boxes are manufactured by an artisan woodworking company in Friuli, according to the old tradition of woodworking. This makes the total package of a Meccaniche Veneziane watch extra special. The combination of Italian class, high-quality automatic Seiko movements, handmade watch bands and beautiful watch boxes makes Meccaniche Veneziane absolutely unique and more than worth a look. But the best is the price, because you buy a Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 watch from 499 euros. If you compare this with several other brands in this price range, this Italian watch brand offers a unique price/quality ratio. We cannot actually name a brand that is comparable in quality, functionality, level of finish and price.

This watch brand appeals to us because it is a relatively new watch brand driven by a young team that tries to combine a beautiful design with good materials and a very competitive price. Because why would you pay too much for a nice watch? Meccaniche Veneziane is a watch brand that focuses on modern watches with an Italian look and beautiful finish. A lot of attention has been paid to the details of each watch, be it a watch from the Redentore, Nereide or Arsenale collection.

If you choose to purchase a Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0, take a look at our webshop. When you order your favorite watch from this collection with us, you will receive it with a two-year warranty. Of course, the watch is then packed in the beautiful wooden watch box for which Meccaniche Veneziane is known.

BensonTrade is official dealer of Meccaniche Veneziane and therefore always has the latest collections available. Most models are in stock and immediately available. From our warehouse in Uden we ship worldwide via PostNL, DPD or Fedex. Of course you can pay with your credit card, iDeal, Paypal or regular bank transfer.

Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 watch winder

Posted on 11 June 2020 at 9:21 AM

For the watch enthusiast with multiple automatic watches, a good watch winder is a "must have".. There are various options on the market for the beginner watch collectors and watch enthusiasts with many automatic watches. An extensive range of brands, quality, capacity and designs.

In this blog article we write about the Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 watch winder which winds 4 automatic watches. A watch winder that offers everything to wind automatic watches professionally and safely. But first, let's take a look at the brand itself.

Paul Design, from the United Kingdom, produces high-end watch winders that are affordable due to effective production. The Paul Design watch winders are designed by Paul Chen, a watch enthusiast and technician interested in materials, shapes and technique. Paul Chen opts for quality, high-quality materials and durability in his designs. Characteristic are also the luxurious finish of the products and the beautiful but above all unique designs. This combination of features has made Paul Design watch winders very popular in a short time.

Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 watch winder

Within the Paul Design collection we find various options for the enthusiast with multiple automatic watches. One of the most popular watch winders within the collection is the Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 watch winder. This watch winder offers the possibility to wind four automatic watches at the same time. In addition, it is possible to store six more watches in this watch winder, which is a great advantage because you can store all your watches together in a safe place. The watch winder has a modern touchscreen, with which it is possible to set the watch winder as desired. For example, you can individually set the number of revolutions per day and the direction of rotation per watch, according to the specific needs of your watches. The watch winder is therefore suitable for any type of automatic watch, regardless of watch brand or model. The design of the watch winder is modern and luxurious.

The heart of the Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 watch winders is formed by Japanese Mabuchi motors. For each watch there is one motor that is durable and virtually silent and energy efficient. This watch winder is particularly suitable for winding larger and heavier watches, for example from Breitling, Rolex, Omega or Tag Heuer. The watch holders on which the watches are placed are flexible and adjustable so that you have the right fit for your watches. Then you click the watch holder with the watch on it in the watch winder, so that the watch is safely secured in the watch winder and there is no risk of the watch falling out. This is what you sometimes see with watch winders that use pillows instead of watch holders.

The Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 watch winder has a few nice features that distinguish the watch winder from other brands. This watch winder has built-in LED lighting. By means of this LED lighting you can always view your watches when they rotate. Furthermore, the watch winder is equipped with a remote control that allows you to change the settings remotely. Especially in this price range you hardly see brands that offer a remote control. This is a real advantage, especially in terms of convenience and comfort. The Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 watch winder is available in the version black shadow. This version is characterized by beautiful wood with a lighter pattern that forms a nice combination.

The watch winder is made of beautiful wood, stainless steel and glass and has a stylish and luxurious look. All in all, this watch winder is a very nice choice for the gentleman or lady with a passion for automatic watches!

The Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 watch winder costs 980.00 euros, including a 2-year warranty, manual and sturdy packaging. As an official dealer of Paul Design we not only supply the watch winder of your choice, but also a top service. We ship worldwide via PostNL, DPD or Fedex and you can of course pay with credit card, iDeal, Paypal or bank transfer.

Which watch do you wear during a job interview?

Posted on 4 June 2020 at 7:31 AM

You are looking for a new job and suddenly you get the opportunity to apply for your dream job. A job interview is not only exciting but also important, after all you want that great job! The first impression is very important and is often formed in seconds by the person sitting opposite you. That is why you have taken care of your hair, clothing, shoes and perhaps a nice parfum. Everything has to fit together. But which watch do you wear when applying for a job?

Which watch is best to wear?

You often only get one chance for a first impression, so it has to be right. A watch is an accessory that often catches the eye and says a lot about the person who wears it. When applying for a job, you want your clothing, belt, shoes and watch to be matched. It has to fit together without getting boring.

To determine which watch is best to wear during a job interview, you should ask yourself a few questions; what type of job is it and what type are you?

Which watch best suits the type of job?

Let's get into the job type first. Suppose you apply for a job in construction (for example as a carpenter or construction worker), then you choose a robust watch that looks sporty. You want your sportsmanship and fitness to stand out. In addition, a high-quality and robust watch indicates that you choose quality. The German brand Davosa produces watches that are extremely strong and reliable. They are not cheap, but you do buy a watch that you can enjoy for years and certainly has a sporty look.

When you apply for a job as a salesperson, you can wear a sporty watch depending on the type of products or service you need to sell. But you better choose a modest watch. A watch that radiates confidence and does not stand out too much. If you have to sell something, the customer's attention should not be completely absorbed by your watch. You want your customer to be interested and interested in the product or service you need to sell. A few watch brands that meet these characteristics are Junkers and Iron Annie.

When you apply for an office job you have a wide choice of types of watches. It is important that you look at how your colleagues are dressed. Does everyone wear casual clothes or a tailored suit? If you choose a casual watch, you can easily wear an Eone Time watch. These watches are unique in design, have a sympathetic appearance and are also affordable. Adjust the choice for your watch to this. Of course, the watch should also be comfortable on the wrist when you sit at a desk a lot.

If you are going for a managerial job, we advise you to have a modest watch that exudes style and quality. For example a Swiss made watch. A good example is a watch from Epos or Fortis. Both qualitative brands that have Swiss made timepieces. The designs are relatively classic, stylish and exude class.

What type are you?

In an interview it is important that you are yourself. The employer would like to see this, so that he can decide on this basis that you are the best option for the job and fit within the company. We advise you to wear a watch that suits you best and says something about who you are. If you are outgoing, social and sporty, choose a watch that stands out a bit, for example because of a specific brand, chronograph function, the size of the case or a special color of the dial or watch strap. However, if you are more an understated and calm person, it is best to choose a classic and elegant watch. This type of watch has an understated design, relatively small watch case, white or black dial and often a leather watch strap. A good choice is a watch with an automatic movement. This radiates peace and class.

How do you wear your watch during the job interview?

A watch often stands out. It is a handy and attractive accessory, and often the only piece of jewelry for men. Women often have more choice in terms of jewelry, for example by wearing a beautiful ring, bracelet or necklace.

There are some important points when wearing a watch during an interview. A mistake is quickly made. We give you some tips: make sure your watch is not too present, a gaudy watch does not make a good impression. The watch should absolutely not be too big, but certainly not too small. Choose a watch with an average size, for example with a 40-42 mm case diameter. It is best to match your watch to the rest of your clothing. If you opt for brown shoes and a brown belt, for example, wear a watch with a beautiful brown leather watch strap.

A very important aspect is that the time and date are set correctly. The wrong time and date look sloppy. In addition, you don't want to be late for your job interview, or even come on the wrong day. Also, despite the fact that you really like your watch, don't try to look too much at your watch. This is because it is uninterested or gives the impression that you have to go somewhere else that is more important.


Wearing the right watch for a job interview is extremely important. Think carefully in advance about which type of watch you want to wear, which watch best suits the job and yourself. Make sure that the watch does not stand out too much, is not excessively large or small and that you do not continuously look at your watch.

A job interview is important and can change your life. The first impression is absolutely important because an image of and about you is formed within seconds. By wearing the right watch you are slightly more likely to get a positive result. If you choose the wrong watch, you have less chance on your dream job. And maybe you are lucky and have spent time choosing the right watch, and the man or woman opposite you is very interested in watches. Then you immediately have a nice topic of conversation and this takes the stress off it a bit.

Before setting off for your job interview, take a few minutes to determine which watch you want to wear, and you may have your dream job afterwards!