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Davosa Ternos Ceramic GMT 161.590.06 watch

Posted on 19 May 2022 at 2:37 PM

A beautiful and luxurious watch is a must have for the trendy man in this modern era. Not only as an instrument to measure time, but even more so as the perfect piece of jewelry in combination with his outfit. Sometimes the luxury watch is even regarded as a kind of status symbol or collector's item. Many luxurious and high-quality watches come from Switzerland. Just like Switzerland, however, Germany also houses many beautiful watch brands with a collection of exceptional watches. A German watch is a solid watch and therefore a purchase for a longer period of time.

Davosa is a special watch brand from Germany. Davosa aims to manufacture watches for people who are fascinated by beautiful watches. They do this according to the ideology that this should be done with as much knowledge as enthusiasm. After all, the passion of the watchmaker is always reflected in every high-quality watch. It is not without reason that Davosa is allowed to carry the 'Swiss made' label, which emphasizes the quality and durability of the watches. Very high demands are made on watch brands with the Swiss made label. When you choose a Davosa watch, you don't just buy it for yourself. It is a special piece that can also be passed on to your posterity. Davosa is characterized by putting innovation and renewal high on the list of priorities as a traditional brand. The brand therefore enthusiastically opts for new materials. For example, they were one of the first to use ceramic bezels in their diving watches.

Another characteristic feature of the German watch brand Davosa is that the watches of the brand have a very good price-quality ratio. With a Davosa watch you choose top quality at an attractive price. Despite the fact that this brand has become increasingly popular over the years, the brand has the ambition to remain affordable and therefore accessible to a wide audience. What also makes Davosa attractive for the real enthusiast is that it is a brand with a history. The first step towards the Davosa that we know today was already taken in 1881 by Abel Frederic Hasler. He then started making watches in the Swiss Jura, from which the Davosa brand would eventually be born.

Within the Davosa collection we find beautiful traditional pilot watches, robust diving watches and various other men's and women's watches. This means that Davosa not only offers excellent quality, but also variety. Swiss timepieces are used for Davosa watches. These are known for their unparalleled quality and reliability and thus lay a solid foundation for each individual watch.

We would like to highlight one of the very popular Ternos models from Davosa for you. It concerns the Davosa Ternos Ceramic GMT 161.590.06. This watch is a real diving watch and belongs to the cream of the crop in this field worldwide. This model therefore has a sporty and tough look. The sporty character of the watch is reflected in the stainless steel watch strap in combination with the black dial and red/blue colored rotating bezel. The watch closes with a folding clasp and is fitted with extremely strong sapphire glass. This glass is known for its robust character and ensures that there will be hardly any scratches on your watch. The watch case of this watch is made of stainless steel and has a thickness of 12 mm and a diameter of 40 mm.

Of course, the Davosa Ternos Ceramic GMT 161.590.06 watch is equipped with a Swiss made automatic movement. This model also has an impressive list of extras. With this watch you have a date display, second hand and luminous indicators. In addition, this watch also offers a nice GMT function, it is equipped with a date magnifier and of course the aforementioned rotatable ceramic bezel. In summary, with a watch like the Davosa Ternos Ceramic GMT 161.590.06 you choose a watch that is of excellent quality and also affordable. In addition, this watch is suitable to wear with any outfit and you can also use it during sporting activities such as diving. This makes this watch interesting for the real sports enthusiast, but also for those who like to wear a sporty and cool watch with a business or casual outfit. With a watch like this one from Davosa, you are guaranteed a quality watch that you will enjoy for years to come. Each Davosa watch is also equipped with the most modern technology and is very complete.

The Davosa Ternos Ceramic GMT 161.590.06 watch is of course just one example of a very beautiful design from the Davosa collection. You will find even more sporty diving watches in the Ternos and Argonautic series from Davosa, which are very popular for a reason.
We have been an official dealer of Davosa for more than 10 years and are convinced of the excellent quality of this brand. We deliver every Davosa watch worldwide with a 2 year international warranty.

Are you looking for a beautiful watch with excellent features and an interesting price? Take a quick look at the current Davosa watch collection. Maybe you'll be wearing a beautiful Davosa watch this summer.

Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 Black Shadow watch winder

Posted on 13 May 2022 at 1:30 PM

A good watch winder ensures that automatic watches are supplied with sufficient energy so that they do not come to a standstill. This watch accessory is not only functional but also a must have for the real watch enthusiast.

If you are looking for more than a standard watch winder that only provides effective winding, there are many options. For example, if you are not only looking for a high-quality watch winder, but are also looking for extensive storage space for both your automatic watches and any other watches or jewelry, then this is an interesting article for you.

Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 Black Shadow watch winder

Watch winders are of course available in many designs and sizes. However, there are brands on the market that have many extras to offer, such as extra storage space. If this is also combined with a very good price/quality ratio, then you naturally want to know all about it as a lover of automatic watches. A brand that meets the above characteristics is the Paul Design brand. Paul Design is a brand that hails from the United Kingdom. This brand is known as a traditional brand that produces classic stylish watch winders. Moreover, Paul Design attaches great importance to innovation and development. We can therefore say that Paul Design is a progressive brand with a lot of potential. We have been an official dealer of this brand for more than 10 years now.

Paul Design is a brand with an extensive collection of watch winders that has a lot to offer for the admirer with a few automatic watches as well as for the real collector. With the Japanese motors that Paul Design uses for its watch winders, the brand opts for high quality. In addition, these motors last a long time and are economical in energy consumption. Another plus is that the motors are able to perform their work silently. You can therefore place a Paul Design watch winder without any problems in places where silence is desired, such as the bedroom or in an office. Paul Design also goes for the latest techniques in combination with inviting prices. With a Paul Design watch winder, you choose affordable quality and, moreover, a tasteful design.

A watch winder from the Paul Design collection that is really worth mentioning is the Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 Black Shadow watch winder. This watch accessory is made of beautiful wood and finished in the color black shadow. The interior of the watch winder is black in color. This model can be closed with the handy mineral glass door. This makes this watch winder ideal for winding and storing your automatic watches. In this watch winder you can not only wind 2 automatic watches at the same time, this model also offers storage space for 3 extra watches or, for example, jewelry or cufflinks. This watch winder from Paul Design also has a solid foundation in the form of Japanese motors from the quality brand Mabuchi. With a watch winder of this caliber you are always sure that your automatic watches will not come to a standstill. In addition, the Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 Black Shadow watch winder is very powerful and suitable for winding any automatic watch. This regardless of the brand, type or size of watch. The flexible watch holders used by Paul Design also make this possible. These watch holders ensure that almost any size watch can be placed effortlessly in the watch winder.

The modern touchscreen makes it possible to change the settings of the watch winder within a very short time. You can do this for each watch separately. This way you ensure that every watch gets exactly the excitement it needs. Think, for example, of the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day. The watch winder also offers built-in LED lighting. This is certainly a plus for the admirer of automatic watches, since this way you can always keep your watches in view. The Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 Black Shadow watch winder is equipped with the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection.

In summary, with the Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 Black Shadow you choose a classic stylish watch winder in which your automatic watches can be wound efficiently and gently. Moreover, your watches will attract everyone's attention when they are placed in this watch winder. With the built-in LED lighting, you can put your watches in the spotlight if desired and emphasize the elegant character of the watch winder. The Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 Black Shadow is suitable for both a modern and more classic interior. Due to the compact design, there is a nice place for this design in every interior. With the watch winders from Paul Design you get a relatively large amount for an attractive amount. With this, Paul Design knows how to appeal to a wide audience.

We are an official dealer of Paul Design and we are very enthusiastic about this brand. We are able to provide you with the latest collections, the best prices and the best service. The Paul Design watch winders are supplied by us with a 2-year warranty and a clear manual. Choose the best for your automatic watches and for your wallet, choose a Paul Design watch winder!

Davosa Argonautic Carbon Limited Edition 161.589.65

Posted on 7 May 2022 at 3:09 PM

The trade of the authentic watchmaker became an important source of income for many farmers in the mountains in Germany and Switzerland 200 years ago. To bridge the tough winter months, many farmers learned this special craft at the time. That is where the origin of watch brands with a history lies, such as the German watch brand Davosa.

Since that time, techniques have been continuously refined and innovation and development have never been shunned. This makes the watch of today, with the modern developed technology, combined with the traditional love for the profession. At the Davosa brand, the watches are worked with a lot of knowledge and skill, but above all with passion. This can be seen in the attention to detail that is reflected in every single watch, in the advanced technology used and the high standards that the brand has to meet. Davosa carries the Swiss made label and therefore works with the high standards that are set for it. This guarantees the high quality of the watches and with a Davosa watch you purchase a watch that you will enjoy for years to come.

The Davosa logo refers to the distilled compass rose, which is seen as a historical maritime symbol. This symbol would bring everyone who wore it back home safely. For Davosa, this wind rose is a symbol to keep going when there are setbacks and to keep pursuing your goal. At the same time, the wind rose stands for water sports and adventure. This is completely in line with the Davosa collection, because it not only houses beautiful pilot watches, but also beautiful diving watches of superior quality. Davosa wants to keep the watches accessible for every lover of beautiful watches. The brand excels because of the good price/quality ratio of the watches. The quality of Davosa stands for itself. The brand combines German solidity, Swiss made quality and a unique sense of style. Added to that are the inviting prices, Davosa is a brand that is certainly worth taking a closer look at.

The Ternos and Argonautic series from Davosa, among others, are immensely popular. These series contain watches suitable for the avid sportsman. For example, you can go to Davosa for diving watches that are among the best in the world. A good example of such a watch is the Davosa Argonautic Carbon Limited Edition 161.589.65. This watch is entirely finished in the color black, with striking orange accents. This combination of colors makes this model a real eye-catcher on the wrist. The watch strap is made of rubber, which makes the watch very comfortable to wear. This model closes with a folding clasp. The watch case of the watch is made of carbon. This not only makes this watch case extremely strong, but also ensures a very sporty and sturdy look of the watch. The watch case has a thickness of 13 mm and a diameter of 42 mm. Davosa only chooses the best materials. For example, the brand has equipped this watch with sapphire glass, which is known for being extremely strong. So you don't have to worry about scratches on your watch.

Davosa Argonautic Carbon Limited Edition 161.589.65

The automatic movement of the Davosa Argonautic Carbon Limited Edition 161.589.65 is of course Swiss made quality. The watch is water resistant up to 300 meters. In addition, this model offers several nice extra functionalities. This watch has a date display, second hand and luminous indicators. Superluminova ensures that the watch can also be consulted in the dark. Finally, this watch is complete with rotating bezel, screw-down crown and back and helium valve. As icing on the cake, this model also comes with a beautiful nato watch strap. This is also available in the colors black and orange and is therefore a perfect match for the watch. The combination of the excellent quality and extensive list of functionalities makes this watch unique. However, this is emphasized even more because this model is limited to 140 pieces worldwide. The watch was specially issued for the 140th anniversary of Davosa. With this watch on your wrist, you actually wear a unique piece that you will not soon see on another. This makes this watch not only extra interesting for lovers of beautiful watches, but also for the real collector. In that respect, this watch can be called a true collector's item.

Davosa offers the high-quality watches from the collection at competitive prices, which means that you get a lot of value for money. With Davosa you choose affordable quality and a sporty look and feel. You can order many Davosa models in our webshop. There is a suitable Davosa watch for every lover of luxury watches. We deliver the desired Davosa watch with a 2 year warranty in a luxurious official watch box.

Please note: we only have a limited number of copies of this special Limited Edition watch in stock. Davosa has no more copies in stock and they are no longer in production. For these special watches, it really is gone = gone.

Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT Ardesia watch

Posted on 30 April 2022 at 12:50 PM

Are you a fan of Rolex watches? As you know, these watches are quite pricey. And you may not have the budget to buy a Rolex. Then the Italian brand Meccaniche Veneziane is for you. Meccaniche Veneziane combines the well-known Italian class and style with high-quality technology and these watches from this brand are affordable at the same time.

While Meccaniche Veneziane previously only used Swiss made timepieces, the brand now also offers watches with equally high-quality Seiko timepieces. This has the advantage that the brand can offer the watches at even more competitive prices. The inspiration of Meccaniche Veneziane can be found within traditional Venetian watchmaking. The brand's logo is inspired by the cross of the San Marco bell tower in Venice. The look of the watches from Meccaniche Veneziane refers to the materials used over the years to build Venice. With this knowledge, Meccaniche Veneziane is rightly a brand with a story and also has an interesting history. The name of this brand has since been transferred to Venezianico. However, it is the same company and the same type of watches.

The people behind Meccaniche Veneziane are convinced that colors are important in conveying emotions. The brand wants to be unique in this and express freedom of mind. This inspires them to use interesting and unique color combinations. This is clearly reflected in the beautiful collection of Meccaniche Veneziane, of which a lively and creative use of color is a characteristic feature. The affordability of the watches from Meccaniche Veneziane is a great asset for the brand. They know how to keep their watches attractively priced by not using unnecessary intermediaries between them and the customer. This ensures, among other things, that they offer affordable watches, without having to compromise on quality. The brand is therefore known for the extremely good price/quality ratio it offers.

The Meccaniche Veneziane collection contains watches with a modern and sporty look, reminiscent of the famous Rolex look. The watches of Meccaniche Veneziane are fitted with stainless steel straps or with beautiful leather watch straps that are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. The leather used for this comes from Veneto and Tuscany. The particularly beautiful leather straps are supple, durable and soft and extremely comfortable to wear. Characteristic are the accents on the straps in the form of stitching in a mostly contrasting color. For the enthusiast there is a choice of watches with a striking use of color. With this you choose a real eye-catcher on the wrist. However, there are also beautiful watches from Meccaniche Veneziane available in more calm tones. In combination with, for example, a rose colored watch case, these are also beautiful designs.

The Meccaniche Veneziane collection is divided into different series of watches. The most popular series is the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide series. These models of this luxury brand are waterproof up to 200 meters. The Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT Ardesia comes from the Nereide series and we would like to take it as an example. This watch has a beautiful vintage leather strap in the color brown. The stitching on the strap is done in a lighter shade. The dial of this model is black in color and features red, blue and white accents. The watch case of the watch is made of stainless steel. The case has a thickness of 14 mm and a diameter of 42 mm. Furthermore, sapphire glass has been used for the watch, which is known for being extremely strong. The watch closes with a buckle and is beautifully finished with côtes de Genève.

The Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT Ardesia is still equipped with a Swiss made automatic movement. Like all other models from the Nereide series, this model is waterproof up to 200 meters. Furthermore, this watch offers many nice extras. This is because you have a date display, second hand and luminous indicators. The watch also features C1 Swiss Superluminova, a screw-down crown and rotating bezel. Finally, this watch is equipped with a nice GMT function, which makes the watch very complete. In short, this watch is an excellent choice if you prefer a sporty model with a unique appearance, of Swiss made quality. The Italian class in combination with the Swiss movement make this watch a gem.

When you order a Meccaniche Veneziane watch, you will receive it in a beautiful wooden watch box, which has been handcrafted by a woodworking company in Friuli. Meccaniche Veneziane opts for absolute craftsmanship, from the timepiece to the leather watch straps and the watch box. You can now order the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT Ardesia in our webshop at an extra competitive price, because it is on sale with us. So grab your chance now and purchase this beautiful watch from us at a reduced rate. You will receive your new Meccaniche Veneziane watch with a 2-year warranty with manual at home.

We have the latest Meccaniche Veneziane watches in stock. We offer these watches with a nice discount. Take advantage of these last pieces and ensure yourself of a beautiful Italian watch on your wrist.

Iron Annie Bauhaus 5066-4 watch

Posted on 19 April 2022 at 12:28 PM

The German watch brand Iron Annie is part of the watch manufacturer Pointtec, which also produces the special brand Zeppelin. Iron Annie is a brand with a history and was entered into production by them in 2017 in honor of Pointtec's 30th anniversary. With the brand Iron Annie, Pointtec takes us back to the time of the aircraft JU52 with registration D-AQUI. This special and robust model was christened 'Iron Annie' by the Americans at the time, because of the powerful and durable nature of the device. With the Iron Annie watches, Pointtec brought watches to the market with the same robust and high quality as the aircraft at the time. With the Iron Annie brand, Pointtec not only appeals to the admirer of luxury retro watches, but also to the lover of a piece of history and nostalgia.

 Iron Annie Bauhaus 5066-4

With the Iron Annie watch collection, the brand manages to bring a very diverse and diverse range of watches. The collection includes watches with quartz, mechanical and automatic watches. These timepieces are alternately of Japanese or Swiss origin. The Iron Annie collection is also very large and we find watches with beautiful leather watch straps in various beautiful colors. However, it is also possible to order watches with a sturdy Milanese stainless steel strap. The collection is divided into different series of watches. This includes the Iron Annie Bauhaus series. Here we find watches that are inspired by the Bauhaus art movement, which finds its foundation in, among other things, minimalism and a modest design. In addition, the Iron Annie collection also offers beautiful pilot watches for the real enthusiast. We also see several nice extra functionalities here, for those who value a complete picture.

In addition to diversity, quality and a bit of nostalgia, the Iron Annie brand also offers innovation, technical finesse and the well-known German solidity. Moreover, an Iron Annie watch can be purchased at an attractive price. The brand is known for offering a good price/quality ratio. Because it is a small brand, Iron Annie pays extra attention to the quality and finish of the watches. What is also striking is the eye for detail that is reflected in each individual Iron Annie design. Iron Annie watches are made by the best watchmakers in Germany and are therefore extremely reliable. Beautiful and high-quality materials are selected for the manufacture of Iron Annie watches, for a perfect end result.

We would like to put one specific Iron Annie watch in the spotlight, which comes from the Iron Annie Bauhaus series. We are talking about the Iron Annie Bauhaus 5066-4. This watch is fitted with a beautiful brown leather watch strap, but is also available with a Milanese stainless steel watch strap if desired. The dial of this watch is white in color and looks calm and understated. The watch case is made of stainless steel and has a thickness of 12 mm and a diameter of 41 mm. Furthermore, the watch is fitted with K1 mineral glass and this model closes with a buckle clasp. This Iron Annie model is water resistant up to 50 meters.

When we look at the timepiece of the Iron Annie Bauhaus 5066-4, we see a high-quality automatic movement from the Miyota brand. A particularly nice detail with this design is the transparent back, which ensures that you have a good view of the operation of the timepiece. This is a part that will certainly be appreciated by the real enthusiast. In addition, however, this watch offers several other interesting functionalities. With this model you have a date display, second hand and luminous indicators. In addition, this watch offers a power reserve indicator.

With the Iron Annie Bauhaus 5066-4 you choose a watch that fits almost every outfit. Due to the minimalistic nature of this watch, it graces your wrist without being obtrusive. This means you can wear it for almost any occasion. Despite the affordability of this watch, you can rest assured that you are opting for genuine German solidity and reliability. The quality of this watch is excellent, with an automatic movement of also high quality at its heart.

You can get this watch from us in the webshop. After ordering, the watch will be delivered to you in a luxurious official box with a 2-year warranty. In addition to this specific model from Iron Annie, we also offer many other beautiful designs from this unique retro watch brand. If you like pilot watches, classic watches and watches that exude a touch of nostalgia, it is definitely worth taking a look at our webshop. Moreover, as an official dealer of iron Annie, we are very well able to offer you a top service and you can order with a familiar feeling. So choose affordable quality now, choose an Iron Annie watch!