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Watch winder for 1 watch

Posted on 31 July 2021 at 8:30 AM

A watch winder for 1 watch is the ideal accessory if you have one or two automatic watches. This watch accessory ensures that your watch never stands still again. Rewinding and setting the time and date is a thing of the past. If you use a watch winder, you not only save time, but you also ensure the preservation of your automatic watches. Especially when you have an automatic watch from an appealing brand such as Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, Oris, IWC or Patek, the use of a watch winder is recommended.

Watch winders are available with a different capacity. There are models available for one watch, but also models that are suitable for a whole collection of watches. In this article we want to focus specifically on watch winders that are suitable for 1 watch. As noted earlier, these models are particularly suitable for enthusiasts with 1 or 2 automatic watches. But it is also a great option if you are a starting watch enthusiast or if you have a smaller budget. A watch winders for 1 watch is generally very affordable and therefore a fantastic accessory for the real watch enthusiast who wants the best for his or her watches.

A watch winder for 1 watch offers several advantages. Most models for 1 watch are quite compact. This ensures that you can place a watch winder anywhere with little space in the house. In addition, it is easier to take a watch winder that has a more compact design with you to the office or, for example, when traveling. This means that a copy for 1 watch makes you very flexible in this area. All advantages that most models have to offer for 1 watch. Although these watch winders are generally very affordable, there are a number of watch winder brands that stand out in this area. They offer an extra good price/quality ratio. A good example of such a watch winder brand is the Dutch brand Benson. We will take a closer look at a functional and also high-quality watch winder from this brand.

We are talking about the Benson Swiss Series Single 1.20 Black watch winder. This watch winder is made of very beautiful wood and comes in the color black. The compact model can be closed with a glass door that protects your beloved watch against external influences. This includes, for example, dirt, dust and condensation. This watch winder is equipped with a Swiss made motor that is known as the best of the best. Not only are these motors powerful, for more heavy watches, and energy efficient at the same time, they also work silently. This ensures that you can place the watch winder in your bedroom or at your workplace without any problems and irritations. Due to the specially developed safety system, the motor decouples when a watch is removed from the watch winder or placed correctly.

The Benson Swiss Series Single 1.20 Black watch winder works on mains power, but also on batteries. This makes it possible to place the watch winder in a safe. You can easily set the watch winder with the help of the modern LCD screen. For example, it is possible to set the number of rotations per day and the direction of rotation. This watch winder also has an overwind protection. This model is suitable for any automatic watch, regardless of the type or brand of watch. Finally, Benson uses flexible watch holders and these watch winders are completely assembled in the Netherlands. The Swiss technology and Dutch assembly provide a top product that actually has no competition in this price range.

Another watch winder for 1 watches that we would like to bring to your attention is a model by the Swiss Bernard Favre. It concerns the Bernard Favre Planet Silver watch winder. This model is also suitable for winding one watch. Despite the fact that this watch winder also has a compact design, Bernard Favre knows how to attract all eyes with this unique design. Each Bernard Favre model features Bernard Favre's authentic design signature. This specific watch winder has a black base, in combination with silver colored rings. This ensures that the Bernard Favre Planet Silver has a very chic look. Bernard Favre also uses the so-called Planet winding system. The watch is placed in the watch winder and rotates around its own axis to collect the required energy. Like a planet, as it were. In this way, not only the design itself but also the winding process is very fascinating to watch. This will appeal to every enthusiast. A glass dome can be placed over the watch winder. This gives the watch winder an even more luxurious look and also offers protection against moisture, dust and dirt.

Bernard Favre Planet Silver watch winder

The Bernard Favre Planet Silver watch winder is also equipped with a Swiss made motor with which you can be sure of a solid and reliable technique. The watch winder offers various winding programs and overwind protection. Moreover, with this watch winder you have a USB connection. In this way you can wind up this model using mains power, PC or telephone. Incidentally, the Bernard Favre Planet Silver watch winder has a built-in battery (100 days). The handy LED indicator shows the status of the battery. So here again a very complete model, with which you also make an exclusive choice in terms of design.

In addition to the 2 models mentioned above, we have various other watch winders in the range that are especially suitable for 1 watch. Are you looking for a watch winder for a single watch? Then take a quick look at our webshop!

Davosa Ternos Professional GMT watches

Posted on 23 July 2021 at 2:28 PM

Davosa, a brand we love. A watch brand that combines excellent quality with great prices and good after-sales. Recently Davosa presented its latest models from the Ternos Professional GMT series. Very nice watches that we like to write about.

Davosa Ternos Professional GMT watches

For the origin of the quality watches of the German brand Davosa, we have to go back to the Swiss Jura. Here the old craft of the watchmaker was an opportunity for the farmers there about 200 years ago to generate extra income and thus also bridge the winter months. Abel Frederique Hassler also started this profession in 1981, by producing a small edition of silver watch cases. He later manages to pass on the passion for this old craft from father to son, and a family business was born. The Hasler company starts in 1993 with the production of Davosa watches, which proves to be a great success. Davosa watches are a success story to this day and that is of course not for nothing. Davosa is known for its extremely good value for money, which means that you definitely get value for money with watches from this brand.

The Davosa watch collection is very diverse. This brand offers both sporty and classic models in the collection and a diverse range of high-quality materials and different colors are used. In combination with attractive prices and high quality, Davosa is able to appeal to a wide audience. The heart of the Davosa watches is formed by a Swiss movement from well-known brands such as ETA and Sellita, which of course provides a very reliable and solid basis. For many enthusiasts, the preference will be a Swiss made product such as that of Davosa, since these naturally have a very good name. With a Swiss made watch you are guaranteed to choose a beautiful piece for now and for the future. The Davosa collection consists of several beautiful series of watches. The Ternos and Argonautic models with a sporty look are the most popular and therefore offer top quality both technically and in terms of appearance.

Davosa has expanded the Ternos collection with several new Ternos Professional GMT models, which are definitely worth a look. These watches are among the top in the field of diving watches worldwide and therefore know how to perform under high pressure. The watches are water resistant up to 200 meters and offer an impressive list of beautiful extra functionalities. For starters, they feature a date display, second hand and luminescent indicators. The watch is also easy to read in the dark. In addition, the screw-down crown, rotating bezel and of course the GMT function, with which you can set a second time. The watches are of course equipped with a Swiss made automatic movement. In other words, these watches are very complete and offer all the features that a good diving watch should have.

The Davosa Ternos Professional GMT watches are fitted with a stainless steel strap. In addition, the well-known extremely strong sapphire glass has been chosen, on which scratches will not be visible quickly. The combination of the black dial and the rotating bezel in colors such as black, red and blue (or a combination of these) give the watches a very sporty character. The thickness of the watch case, which is made of stainless steel, is 15 mm and the diameter is 42 mm. Finally, these Davosa models close with a folding clasp.

The Davosa Ternos Professional GMT models are suitable for various activities due to their design, appearance and technical properties. So you can do sports, dive or snorkel with peace of mind. But these watches are also absolute eye-catchers for a business outfit or a casual dinner. Because Davosa watches are also attractively priced, this is also a very interesting brand for enthusiasts with a smaller budget. In addition to the above-mentioned Ternos Professional GMT models, Davosa also offers diving watches in the same series that are water resistant up to 500 meters. However, these Ternos Professional models do not offer a GMT function, but also various other extra functionalities.

We are very enthusiastic about Davosa watches and therefore offer a wide range of watches from this special brand. Both the Davosa Ternos models and the Argonautic watches are well represented with us. In terms of quality, these watches are comparable to more expensive brands, but better priced and in our opinion a very good choice. It is therefore not without reason that we have been working with Davosa as an official dealer for over 10 years. If you are looking for a watch of high quality, at a competitive price and are also a sports enthusiast, these watches from Davosa are an absolute must.

Of course you can order Davosa watches easily and safely from us. After ordering, you will receive your Davosa watch in a luxurious official box with a 2-year warranty and a clear manual at home. So choose affordable quality now, choose Davosa!

Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT watches

Posted on 16 July 2021 at 12:39 PM

Meccaniche Veneziane watches are sold by us for some years now and the brand has grown considerably and many clients enjoy their beautiful Italian watch every day. This brand combines many features that appeal to many watch enthusiasts. This Italian brand is one of our favorites. Why? We will tell you that in this blog article.

Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT Ardesia watch

There are watch brands where the love for the craft of the watchmaker is clearly conveyed. The Italian brand Meccaniche Veneziane is an example of such a special watch brand. That is not surprising since the brand was created by the passion of two brothers for automatic watches. This resulted in the creation of their own watch brand.

Meccaniche Veneziane is a young watch brand but nevertheless has a lot to offer in terms of appearance and technical aspect. The watches from the Meccaniche Veneziane collection are stylish and sporty and the Nereide models are most reminiscent of Rolex watches. The quality of the watches from Meccaniche Veneziane can be called absolutely excellent, yet this brand knows how to keep the watches affordable, so that many enthusiasts will find the brand extra interesting. Meccaniche Veneziane previously only used the well-known high quality Swiss made timepieces for the production of their watches. Nowadays, the brand also offers watches with high-quality Seiko timepieces from Japan, with which the brand influences the price in a positive sense.

The Meccaniche Veneziane collection consists of different series of watches, of which the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide models are very popular. The appearance of these watches is stylish and exudes Italian class. With its sporty and modern designs, Meccaniche Veneziane will appeal to many enthusiasts. An Italian design on your wrist such as a Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT watch will certainly attract attention. The Swiss made Nereide GMT watch series consists of models with a beautiful leather strap in particularly beautiful colors, where the stitching is often performed in a contrasting color. The nice leather for these watch straps comes from Veneto and Tuscany. The expertise of local craftsmen is used to manufacture these watch straps, so that each watch is fitted with a top-quality vintage watch strap.

With regard to materials, Meccaniche Veneziane only chooses high-quality materials. This of course includes the just-mentioned leather, but Meccaniche Veneziane also makes use of stainless steel and extremely strong sapphire glass. The watches from the Swiss made Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT series are water resistant up to 200 meters. Furthermore, these watches offer an impressive list of extra functionalities. For example, we see watches with a second hand, date display and luminous indicators. But that's certainly not all, a screw-down crown, rotating bezel and of course the GMT function are also featured. The Superluminova that gives light in the dark certainly offers a clear added value.

With a Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT watch you are definitely opting for top quality. These watches offer you as an enthusiast everything you could wish for and the brand stands for sublime quality. After production, the watches are extensively tested and checked before they are approved. The Nereide models with Swiss movements also offer the well-known Swiss quality, which has of course proved to be unparalleled. As a brand, Meccaniche Veneziane has always stood for affordable quality. Yet you now have the opportunity to purchase the Swiss made Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT watches at an extra attractive price. This is the last series with Swiss made timepieces and these are now discounted with us. This is therefore an excellent opportunity to acquire a watch of this caliber and quality for an extra competitive price.

Meccaniche Veneziane pays attention to detail and has therefore not only used the hands of the craftsman for the watches themselves and for the watch straps. Even the beautiful watch box that Meccaniche Veneziane is known for is a sight to see. These wooden watch boxes are made by a traditional woodworking company in Friuli and are a true work of art in themselves. In short, with a watch from Meccaniche Veneziane you give yourself a wonderful gift, which you will enjoy for many years and will certainly receive many compliments! In addition to the particularly beautiful Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT models, as official dealer of Meccaniche Veneziane we offer many other beautiful watches from this Italian brand. For example, several other Nereide models, but also, for example, the Redentore series by Meccaniche Veneziane is well represented with us. It is therefore certainly worth taking a closer look at the collection, especially if you like a watch that is stylish and has a sporty touch.

When you decide to order a Swiss made Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT watch from us, you will not only receive a top quality watch, but also a nice discount and, as icing on the cake, a beautiful wooden watch box. In addition, the watch comes with a 2-year warranty and a clear manual in the form of a booklet. So choose your favorite Meccaniche Veneziane watch now and order it easily and quickly in our webshop!

Do I need a watch winder?

Posted on 10 July 2021 at 7:49 AM

The enthusiast of automatic watches recognizes the problem that his or her automatic watches stop. The movement inside the watch needs movement to function. It gets this movement by wearing the watch or manually winding the crown. But if an automatic watch is not moved by wearing it and is not wound manually, it will stop. This is inconvenient and undesirable because the time, date and/or other functions of the watch are no longer correct. You will then need to reset the watch. This is inconvenient and takes time. But you can also damage the automatic watch during these actions. After all, the crown and pin (connection between crown and timepiece) are very vulnerable and can break fairly quickly. In that case, you have to have your automatic watch repaired, which can lead to considerable costs.

Fortunately, there is a solution for the downtime of automatic watches, namely the use of a watch winder. A watch winder is a device that rotates automatic watches slowly so that the timepiece obtains energy. This watch accessory simulates wearing the watch on your wrist. By placing automatic watches in a watch winder and winding them, they never stand still again. This is not only important for the preservation and durability of the automatic watch, but also very convenient and easy. You never have to worry about whether your favorite watch is ready to wear. Your automatic watch is always on time and is immediately ready to wear on your wrist. This of course saves a lot of hassle and time. Almost every watch enthusiast with multiple automatic watches uses a watch winder. In this article we will deal with the following question: do I need a watch winder?

Actually, we have already given the answer to the above question in the intro. The use of a watch winder is absolutely recommended if you have one or more automatic watches in your possession, want to take good care of them and always have them ready to wear. This watch accessory not only ensures the preservation of automatic watches but is also very handy. Don't forget that when your automatic watches are neatly kept together in a watch winder, you always have the watches at hand and they are neatly and safely stored together. You can also store and protect your watches in this watch accessory, but you can of course also do this in a beautiful watch box. However, this does not provide your automatic watches with energy at the same time.

If you own a few beautiful automatic watches, for example from Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Patek, Zenith or Seiko, then you want to maintain them well, right? You must have spent a nice amount on the purchase of the watches themselves. Then it makes sense that you also buy a good watch winder and do not save on the purchase. After all, you want to properly maintain and store your automatic watches. Therefore, always choose a good watch winder from a well-known brand. This assures you of a safe and professional excitement. This is the most important thing, because you want the best for your watches.
Don't forget that a watch winder is just very cool! It is the watch accessory for automatic watches. If you like watches, there are few things more fun than looking at your collection and seeing the automatic watches spin and be supplied with energy. There are watch winders with all kinds of special functions such as LED lighting, fingerprint locks, special designs and glass doors so that you have a perfect view of the watches. In short, a watch winder provides so much more than just energy to automatic watches.

You should of course decide for yourself whether you really need a watch winder. A good watch winder is not cheap, but it is an excellent accessory for automatic watches. As described, it has a good influence on the preservation and maintenance of automatic watches and is a very useful accessory. In addition, it is of course very cool if you see your watches spinning in a beautiful watch winder and your friends standing next to you with open mouths and jealous glances!

Eone Time watches

Posted on 6 July 2021 at 10:17 AM

Some watch brands appeal to us extra because of the background and a special story in the creation of the specific brand. A brand that certainly has our special attention is Eone Time. This watch brand is a very special brand with an important social impact. A good reason for us to tell you more about Eone Time watches and why we like this brand so much.

The birth of the American watch brand Eone Time was in 2013 with the help of a kickstarter campaign. No less than 15 times the amount that was envisioned at the time was raised. Eone Time is therefore a special watch brand with a special story. Basically, the brand originated from friendship. The founder of Eone Time, Hyungsoo Kim, saw in his circle of friends that people with a visual impairment had a very limited choice when it comes to watches. These watches often spoke the time aloud when consulted, which affected the wearer's privacy. Moreover, the watches that were suitable for the blind and visually impaired were not always trendy or looking attractive at the time. Because Hyungsoo Kim also allowed people with a visual impairment a watch that was not only functional, but also aesthetically attractive, he focused on developing his own watch brand.

The watches from Eone Time are therefore very handy to consult for the blind and partially sighted due to the unique design, but are also hip, stylish and elegant. This way, people with a visual impairment can also wear a nice watch. In addition, the watches from Eone Time are also very well suited for people without a visual impairment. The design of Eone Time watches is very recognizable and 'one of a kind', due to the unique design. The first watch launched by this ambitious watch brand is the Eone Time Bradley. This watch model is named after Brad Snyder, an army officer who lost his sight during a mission. Brad Snyder did not give up as he managed to win several silver and gold medals while participating as a swimmer in the Paralympics. This special story makes the Eone Time watches extra unique and will certainly appeal to many, with or without a visual impairment.

Eone Time uses very reliable quartz movements for its watches. The advantage of a quartz timepiece over an automatic timepiece is that they are more resistant to shocks and impacts and are also more accurate in the time display. The Eone Time collection is therefore suitable for the blind and visually impaired, but also very hip and modern and consists of various cool designs. What is also striking is the choice of different striking colors and the diversity in the use of materials with regard to the watch straps. For example, there are watches with straps of, for example, leather, canvas and stainless steel available. When we look at the watch case, we see that the use of titanium has been chosen for a reason. Titanium is also often used in the aircraft industry, because it is so strong, reliable and durable. In addition, it has the great advantage that it is very light in weight, which certainly contributes to the high wearing comfort of the watches from Eone Time.

Eone Time Bradley Canvas Green watch

With an Eone Time watch you definitely have something interesting on your wrist. Due to the special way of displaying the time, the watches from Eone Time are ideal for people with a visual impairment, but also the enthusiast without a visual impairment will wear an Eone Time watch with pride. The relief on the dial and the 2 balls that indicate the time make it easy for everyone to quickly consult the time. The design of Eone Time is original, modern and trendy and can be worn with many outfits, it will be a real eye-catcher on your wrist. Due to the many different colored straps (think of yellow, black, various shades of brown, green and blue), there is an Eone Time watch for every personal taste and preference.

With the Eone Time watches, Hyungsoo Kim has found a gap in the market and also knows how to help a large group of people who previously could not find the watch that suited them. Due to the original design, the watches from Eone Time have their own identity and are recognizable everywhere. If you want to purchase a watch from Eone Time, you can do this easily and safely in our webshop.

We are the first official dealer in the Netherlands and Belgium of Eone Time. Not only the unique and particularly beautiful designs of Eone Time appealed to us. The idea that we can also serve people with reduced or no vision is also very important to us. We can also advise and assist you as an official dealer of Eone Time. When ordering an Eone Time watch, you will receive it in a luxurious official box, with a clear manual and a 2-year warranty. So place your order in our webshop now with peace of mind!