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Zeppelin watches, German quality

Posted on 12 May 2021 at 7:46 PM

Watches, still immensely popular and often associated with cars, sports, boats and other luxury items. There are a lot of watch brands that come from all kinds of countries. Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France are known for their watch technology and appealing brands. Just like Swiss watches, German watches are well known. A watch that is "made in Germany" is in any case solid, reliable and durable. It is therefore obvious that this predicate can only be used when various requirements and conditions are met.

A good example of a German watch brand that has a lot to offer in terms of quality is the watch brand Zeppelin. Zeppelin will also attract the attention of the enthusiast because the watches of this brand have a somewhat nostalgic approach and the brand has a wonderful history. The name of this special brand takes us back to the aviation pioneer Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin. This historical person designed the majestic Zeppelin, which has played a major role in aviation history.

The Zeppelin collection consists of various series of watches, each with their own special properties. The common thread through this collection is the traditional design and appearance of the watches. The watches of this beautiful German brand are generally classic and modest in design. Another characteristic of the Zeppelin watches is that they are not only of high quality, but also affordable. In addition, Zeppelin offers a choice of both women's and men's watches. This makes this brand interesting for a wider target group. Even if you not have a big budget available, you can opt for absolute quality at Zeppelin. If you love history and quality watches, Zeppelin is highly recommended. In addition, the Zeppelin collection offers a choice of watches with an automatic/mechanical or quartz movement, which means that a suitable type of movement is available for everyone.

An example of a beautiful series of watches from the Zeppelin collection is the Zeppelin 100-years series. This extra special anniversary series features watches with convex dials and convex glass, which are combined with timeless accents. The watches from this series are equipped with a beautiful leather or stainless steel watch strap and hardened mineral glass. As characteristic of Zeppelin watches, we see within this series watches with a retro look. We see nice extra functionalities in various models, such as a chronograph, date display or tachymeter.

A second special series within the Zeppelin collection is the Zeppelin LZ129 Hindenburg series. This series offers stylish and classic looking watches using colors such as classic blue, black and dark brown. Also in this series there are watches available with a quality leather strap or stainless steel watch strap. Various Zeppelin LZ129 Hindenburg watches are also equipped with extra functionalities that make every watch enthusiast happy. What do you think, for example, of a power reserve indicator and a moon phase function? In addition, the models with a glass back offer a beautiful view of the timepiece, which will certainly appeal to the real fan of beautiful German watches.

A third beautiful Zeppelin series is the LZ120 Rome series. The watches in this series have a calm and clear dial and good readability. Regarding the watch straps, we see beautiful leather in different shades. We also see slightly convex dials and curved watch cases that provide a stylish look. As far as functionalities are concerned, we again encounter the moon phase here with a second hand and date display. A chronograph function and stopwatch function are also possible. Due to the calm and modest style of these specific watches, they are also suitable for almost any outfit.

With the last series that we want to put in the spotlight, Zeppelin also knows how to serve the fashion-conscious woman. We are talking about the watches in the "Princess of the Sky" series. This series is also an anniversary edition and houses ladies watches that can be worn not only on the wrist, but also around the neck. Of course, this fact makes them extra special and also multifunctional. With these watches we see, among other things, different shades of watch cases and white or black leather watch straps. There is also a choice of very quietly designed dials or a more expressive transparent dial, where you can see your watch at work. For the woman with a fascination with how the watch works, or for women who love something unique, these watches are a very nice choice. Finally, the watches are equipped with a second hand and close with a buckle clasp.

In addition to the series mentioned above, Zeppelin has a lot more to offer. Each series contains a wide range of watches and is also very diverse. So there is a good chance that you will come across something you like.

We have been an official dealer of Zeppelin for over 15 years. The brand offers a lot of fun and especially affordable watches. The watches are made in Germany, so you are assured of quality and a beautiful finish. A Zeppelin watch offers years of pleasure, because with a watch of German quality you are always in the right place. Do you make the choice for a beautiful Zeppelin watch? Quickly view the latest collection of Zeppelin watches in our webshop.

Official dealer Bernard Favre watch winders

Posted on 5 May 2021 at 4:29 PM

The ultimate accessory for automatic watches is a watch winder. This device ensures that the automatic watches are supplied with the necessary energy and therefore do not come to a standstill. A watch winder is very handy because the watches are always ready to wear, but also with regard to the preservation and maintenance of automatic watches, the use of a watch winder is recommended. The watches are rotated and therefore the oil is well spread over the parts of the timepiece. An important side effect is that you no longer have to open the crown to set the time and date correctly when the automatic watch is empty. The crown is one of the most vulnerable parts of a watch and you want to pull itout as little as possible.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of watch winders. We are official dealer of all brands that you will find in our online store. We visit brands, fairs, factories and presentations. Based on this, we follow all new developments, collections, technology and innovations in the field of watch winders and we can inform our customers well. In the Netherlands we have our own service workshop so that we can help our customers professionally.

As an official dealer of different brands, we see many watch winders every day, of all brands. We find Bernard Favre's watch winders very special. This Swiss brand, based in the south of Switzerland, produces its watch winders entirely by hand. Craftsmanship is extremely important to this brand and results in a high quality and beautiful finish. The Bernard Favre watch winders are Swiss made. This means that the production takes place in Switzerland and a % of the parts come from Switzerland. The Swiss made designation is an important indicator in the world of watches. The same applies to watch winders, although there are brands from the Netherlands and Germany that offer the same degree of quality.

The owner and designer of this Swiss brand is mr. Bernard Favre. He developed a special system and called it “Planet”. Bernard Favre Planet watch winders distinguish themselves from other watch winders by various aspects. First we would like to mention the Swiss made designation. Second, the unique concept of winding a watch. The winding of the automatic watch takes place through a three-dimensional movement. The watch turns, as it were, on its own axis, whereby the watch obtains energy. Not only is this a spectacular sight, it is also very effective. As a third aspect we mention the battery function of the Bernard Favre watch winders. When the battery is charged via the adapter, the watch winder can function for up to 3 months, depending on the weight of the watch. This allows you to place the watch winder where you want it. You can also put a Bernard Favre Planet watch winder in a safe, for example, so that the watch and watch winder are optimally safe. But you can also easily take a Bernard Favre watch winder with you on a trip or vacation.

Bernard Favre Planet Black & Orange leather watch winder

The Bernard Favre Planet watch winders also have a modern design and are available in different colors and materials. As a watch enthusiast, you will always find a suitable Bernard Favre watch winder that suits you. As an extra, the watch winder comes with a beautiful glass bell jar that you place over the watch winder. As a result, the watch is fully protected and you still have a perfect view of the watch that is rotating.

Each Bernard Favre Planet watch winder has 9 pre-programmed winding cycles. Each with a different direction of rotation and a different number of TPD (turns per day), or the number of revolutions per day. This makes this watch winder suitable for winding 99% of all automatic watches, regardless of the specific watch brand or model. You simply choose the settings that your automatic watch requires via the controls at the bottom of the watch winder.

What strikes us about the Bernard Favre Planet watch winders is the luxurious appearance and beautiful materials that are used. There is a choice of chrome, black pvd and gold in terms of rings that rotate. In terms of base, you can choose from various types of materials such as carbon, plastic and leather. These are also available in a variety of different colors. As a result, there are 50 different Bernard Favre Planet watch winders available and you can choose exactly the model that appeals to you and fits perfectly with your watch and interior.

The brand has also thought of all kinds of extras. Not only a glass bell jar is included, but also a small round rubber mat that you place under the watch winder. Everything has been done by this Swiss brand to provide an automatic watch with energy safely and in absolute luxury. An adapter, manual and certificate are of course included.

Bernard Favre Planet watch winders are luxury and Swiss made, which means that they are not cheap. The collection starts with a price of 1390.00 euros (incl. 21% VAT) or 1148.00 euros (excl. VAT) for the Bernard Favre Planet Black model. The prices rise if you want gold-colored rings or a special type of leather on the base, for example. The most expensive models are around 2100.00 euros (incl. 21% VAT) or 1735.00 euros (excl. VAT). The price is absolutely justified by the surplus of quality, the beautiful finish and durable technology. In addition, the mode of excitement is unique and a beautiful sight. You also do not buy a Bernard Favre watch winder if you want to wind a Seiko watch. Most customers who purchase such a watch winder own a high-end watch, such as IWC, Rolex, Zenith, Patek, Breitling, Omega or Longines. Whichever Bernard Favre model you choose, all Planet models will wind all automatic watches without any problems and completely safely.

But why do the Bernard Favre watch winder appeal to us so much? There are a number of reasons why we recommend a Bernard Favre watch winder to our customers. The quality and unique mode of arousal are the main reasons. If you really want a special watch winder for your beautiful collection of automatic watches, you cannot ignore this Swiss brand.

Of course there are good alternatives to a Bernard Favre watch winder, which also offer a Swiss made product with Swiss technology. But the special way in which an automatic watch is supplied with energy by rotating on its own axis in combination with the luxurious appearance and beautiful materials offers no other brand.

Bernard Favre stands for craftsmanship and authenticity. Each model comes with a minimum of 3 years warranty. This is of course extremely important for us as an official dealer. We want to supply you with an excellent product that you will enjoy for years to come. We are also enthusiasts of automatic watches and we know how important it is to use a good watch winder for winding automatic watches. The use is positive for the preservation of automatic watches and very handy because your automatic watches run neatly on time and are immediately ready to put on your wrist.

As an official dealer of Bernard Favre, we offer you the latest collection, interesting prices and good service. In addition, we give a discount on every subsequent order. You automatically save a discount when you create an account. You can pay in our web shops with iDeal, Paypal, credit card or regular bank transfer. We ship worldwide from the Netherlands through our partners Fedex, PostNL and DPD. Naturally, we deliver VAT-free to customers who live outside the EU.

Do you want a unique watch winder of perfect quality to wind your high-end watches? Then we advise you to view the Bernard Favre collection.

Elysee watches | Collection 2021-2022

Posted on 29 April 2021 at 3:27 PM

Elysee Vintage Chrono 80550 watch

Just like the "Swiss made" label, the designation "made in Germany" also brings a nice promise of quality and reliability in the field of the quality watch. Many watch enthusiasts will therefore like to own a watch of Swiss or German origin. With a watch of that quality, you know that you are buying a watch that will give you years of enjoyment. To be able to use the "made in Germany" label, many conditions and requirements must be met, just as with the Swiss made label. The German watch brand Elysee has even been involved from the beginning in the preparation of the guidelines (2013) for the "made in Germany" label. You can conclude from this that the brand sets very high standards for the quality of its products. This naturally creates trust and that is not without reason. With an Elysee watch you choose top quality and a sustainable product. What makes the brand extra interesting for many enthusiasts is, among other things, the good price/quality ratio. You can purchase a beautiful Elysee watch for an attractive price, without compromising on quality.

Elysee has a rich history. The brand has been producing quality watches for both men and women for more than a century. The company was taken over in 1991, but the standards and values ??and original goals have been continued ever since. At Elysee, quality, innovation and development are of paramount importance. The company even has its own business philosophy that has benefited it for years, namely "The core of our work is the sum of design and high quality, combined with the wishes of watch enthusiasts".

There is a lot of diversity to be seen within the Elysee collection. For example, the brand has both modern and classic designs, generally with a modest approach. In addition, Elysee offers watches with both quartz and automatic timepieces of quality. Due to the diversity, quality and affordability of Elysee watches, this brand is very interesting for almost every watch enthusiast. In the field of technology, Elysee likes to lead the way, so when you choose a traditional watch from Elysee, you can count on it being equipped with the high-quality technology of today.

The Elysee collection consists of several series. We start with the Elysee Nestor watch series. In this series, the modest character of Elysee clearly comes to the fore, but then combined with a unique design and an absolutely original look. With these watches we see colors that match a stylish and classic look. Think of dark brown, black, gold and rosé. The watches from the Nestor series are equipped with an automatic movement from Miyota, which is known for its high quality. Only high-quality materials have been chosen for these watches, such as beautiful calf leather for the straps, sapphire glass and stainless steel. Characteristic of these watches is the beautiful open dial and sturdy folding clasp.

A second beautiful series from the collection is the Elysee Picus watch series. Here too we see a lot of classic use of color. These watches also have an open dial, which really gives the timepiece something extra. Despite the fact that the Elysee Picus series houses watches with the same color styles and the same modest character as the aforementioned series, these watches still have their own look. Here too, Elysee once again chooses the best materials. The watch straps are made of exceptionally beautiful calf leather and the glass that was chosen is extremely strong sapphire glass. These watches are also equipped with an automatic Miyota movement and also close with a folding clasp.

The third series from Elysee that we would like to name is the Elysee Vintage Chrono watch series. The watches within this series have a retro look and there is a choice of watches with a beautiful leather or stainless steel watch strap. As the name of the series suggests, these watches have a nice chronograph function. These watches are also equipped with a Seiko quartz movement. In addition to the chronograph function, we see many other beautiful functionalities within this series. Think of a date display, stopwatch function and tachymeter. These watches also have a somewhat minimalist look, so that the image remains calm. Moreover, they are easy to combine with various clothing styles.

Of course, the aforementioned series are just a selection from Elysee's special collection. The brand has several other beautiful watch series to offer. It is therefore really worthwhile to take a closer look at the collection of Elysee. Whatever your personal taste, and whatever your preference is in terms of the type of timepiece, the Elysee collection has something to offer everyone. When you decide to order an Elysee watch from us, you will receive it with a 2-year warranty in a beautiful luxury watch box at your home. is an official dealer of Elysee. We offer the latest collections of Elysee watches and are happy to advise you if you have any questions or comments. Quickly take a look at the current collection of this beautiful German watch brand!

RSC watches | Affordable pilots watches

Posted on 20 April 2021 at 1:17 PM

For the true lover of special watches, it is often not only the quality and appearance of a watch brand that is important. When a particular watch brand or a specific watch has a special story with it, this is often highly appreciated by the watch enthusiast. It means that certain watches are also considered a collector's item and yet have that extra appeal. If you do not only consider yourself one of the lovers of a beautiful watch, but are interested in WWI and specifically in aviation, then we have a very special watch brand for you. We are talking about the Belgian watch brand RSC watches. Co-founder and designer Ronald Steffen himself is very fascinated by WWI and was inspired by this period when designing the designs for RSC watches. Every watch from RSC therefore carries a piece of nostalgia and history with it. RSC has succeeded in presenting a beautiful collection of watches that are not only a tribute to aviation, but are also very affordable.

RSC Vickers 203 watch

RSC is a watch brand that may be less known, but is one of our favorite watch brands. The brand is very sympathetic and we like watches with accents and references to the past. At RSC you are then in the right place, because the brand knows how to make a perfect combination between contemporary technology and beautiful details of aviation from years ago.

RSC was the first to market a watch with a design based on the Sopwith Camel, a legendary aircraft that played an important role in WWI. After this design Ronald Steffen was inspired by many other aircraft with history. Aircraft like Mustangs and Spitfires, but also jet fighters, helicopters and cargo planes. RSC managed to grow into an icon among pilot's watches with his designs. The designs based on well-known squadrons (from England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands) that fought in WWI are characterized by oversized watch cases and squadron logos that are incorporated into the watches. The eye for detail with regard to these designs is therefore sublime. What makes an RSC watch even more special is that they are produced in only a very limited edition (250 pieces per series). With a watch from RSC you can be sure that you have a unique and original watch on your wrist.

The heart of RSC watches is formed by high-quality movements from well-known movement factories such as Miyota. Furthermore, the RSC watches use various high-quality materials such as hardened mineral glass, stainless steel and particularly beautiful leather. The watches from the different series from RSC all offer a clear dial and take you back to the days of yore with their traditional look. A nice series within the collection of RSC is the RSC Vickers F.B. 5 series. The watches in this series are equipped with a Miyota quartz movement and a stainless steel watch case. The strap is made of high-quality leather and offers a high wearing comfort. Also special is the "UK Royal Flying Corps" designation. The watches offer a water resistance of up to 50 meters. We also see nice extra functionalities, such as luminous indicators, a second hand and a date display. The watches close with a buckle clasp.

A second beautiful series within the collection is the RSC SPAD XIII series. This French series from RSC is characterized, among other things, by the dark gray dial in combination with a PVD black watch case. Here too we see a Miyota quartz movement and a high quality leather watch strap. These watches are labeled Aeronautique Militaire, which of course offers a nice extra accent. The RSC SPAD XIII watches are provided with particularly beautiful and unique accents on the dial. This makes these watches stand out in the collection and will certainly be appreciated by the real enthusiast.

The watches from the RSC Sopwith Hawker series are a very good example of the variety that RSC watches offer. The various beautiful accents that are incorporated in these watches make them absolutely unique. Due to the clear dial and oversized watch case, these watches are also very easy to read in terms of time and date. The watches are waterproof up to 50 meters and offer nice extra functionalities, such as luminous indicators, a second hand and a date display. The watches close with a handy buckle clasp.
All in all, the RSC watches are very original due to a unique combination of properties and they definitely have their own recognizable identity. In addition, the limited edition of 250 pieces per series makes these watches extra special and a highly sought-after collector's item. Do you have a passion for aviation and WWI in particular and do you have a preference for beautiful pilot's watches? Then viewing the RSC collection is definitely worth it. The aforementioned series from RSC are a selection from the collection, the brand also has more beautiful models to offer.

When you order a watch from the RSC collection from us, you will receive it in a luxurious official box with a 2-year warranty and manual at home. At the moment you can order a number of very beautiful models from us with an attractive discount. This makes it even more interesting to choose a watch from RSC now!

Paul Design Gentlemen 4 Black Shadow watch winder

Posted on 14 April 2021 at 1:05 PM

For a watch winder that brings the best technique and a great looking design, you do not always have to focus only on brands from Switzerland and Germany. Brands from other countries also offer watch winders that have excellent properties. An interesting brand that absolutely meets these conditions is the innovative brand Paul Design. Paul Design is a relatively young brand that distinguishes itself through good technology and modern designs. This brand has various models that are excellent for winding automatic watches. The Gentlemen watch winders in particular have a very good reputation and are available for winding 2, 4, 6, 8 and even 12 automatic watches.

We would like to highlight a watch winder for 4 watches from the Paul Design collection. This model is an excellent option for the watch enthusiast who already has a few automatic watches and does not want to let them come to a standstill. We are talking about the Paul Design Gentlemen 4 Black Shadow watch winder. This model has 4 separate rotors that are individually adjustable in terms of direction of rotation and number of revolutions per day. This allows you to wind several automatic watches at the same time. By means of the remote control you can also set the watch winder remotely according to your own preferences. This makes using this watch winder extra easy. But of course it is also nice to show the modern functions to family and friends. Because who has a beautiful watch winder with a fingerprint lock and remote control?

Paul Design Gentlemen 4 Black Shadow watch winder

Not only does a watch winder have to ensure that every automatic watch is wound correctly, a good watch winder also functions as a safe storage place and as a display for your watches. In terms of appearance, the Paul Design Gentlemen 4 Black Shadow watch winder will appeal to many enthusiasts. The watch winder is made of particularly beautiful wood and mineral glass and comes in the style Black Shadow. What is also striking about this watch winder is, among other things, the luxurious finish and chic appearance. The compact model and slightly neutral color schemes make this watch winder suitable for almost any interior.

The Paul Design watch winders also offer everything you need in terms of technology. The Paul Design watch winders are of such high quality due to the use of Japanese motors. These motors are durable and at the same time virtually silent and energy-efficient in use. With the Paul Design Gentlemen 4 Black Shadow watch winder specifically, you choose a watch winder for winding 4 watches. This watch winder is also equipped with the latest technology. This allows you to wind automatic watches efficiently and gently. Using the modern touchscreen, you can easily set the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day, among other things. This is possible for each watch individually, which ensures that you can individually provide each watch with the best winding settings. Paul Design also uses flexible watch holders, making this watch winder suitable for any automatic watch, regardless of the brand or type of watch.

The Paul Design Gentlemen 4 Black Shadow watch winder has built-in LED lighting. This makes it possible to switch on the LED lighting at any time and to view your watches when they rotate. This is a beautiful sight, especially with the LED lighting on so that you have a good view of the watches. You can close your watch winder properly by means of the door, which also protects your watches against moisture, dirt and dust. In addition, the watch winder has a fingerprint lock that allows you to open and close the watch winder with one simple action.

In short, with the Paul Design Gentlemen 4 Black Shadow watch winder you opt for a stylish design but above all a very complete watch winder that is equipped with the latest technology. In this area, this watch winder can be called more than complete. With 4 high-quality Japanese motors, you can be sure that you can always count on your watch winder and you no longer have to worry about a possible standstill of your automatic watches. This prevents any inaccuracies in time and date display and unnecessary wear and tear. As we are used to from Paul Design, the brand also offers a very good price/quality ratio with this watch winder. Paul Design not only opts for quality and the most recent technology, but also knows how to keep watch winders affordable. This makes the brand a formidable competitor for the more expensive and well-known brands.

BensonTrade is official dealer of Paul Design. We have almost all models in stock and can be delivered quickly. When you order the Paul Design Gentlemen 4 Black Shadow watch winder from us, we will deliver it to you very well packaged with a 2-year warranty, manual and remote control.