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Swiss made watches

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A Swiss made watch is still considered as the norm in the field of watches. The Swiss made predicate says something about the quality, sustainability and origin of the watch. Swiss made watches are highly regarded and the most famous watch brands come from Switzerland. If you choose for quality, durability and originality you choose a Swiss made watch.


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Davosa Ternos Diver Ceramic serie

Escada Catherine serie

Escada Catherine E4335011Escada Catherine E4335011
 € 479 € 349
Escada Catherine E4335022Escada Catherine E4335022
 € 529 € 359
Escada Catherine E4335034Escada Catherine E4335034
 € 499 € 359
Escada Catherine E4335063Escada Catherine E4335063
 € 529 € 359

Davosa Argonautic serie

Escada Lauren serie

Escada Lauren E2105214Escada Lauren E2105214
 € 499 € 329

Davosa Argonautic Lumis serie

Escada Madeleine serie

Escada Madeleine E3305164Escada Madeleine E3305164
 € 599 € 399

Davosa Pontus Pilot serie

Cornavin Downtown 3H serie

Tag Heuer Aquaracer serie

Cornavin Downtown serie

Davosa Military Automatic serie

Glycine KMU 48 serie

Escada Estelle II serie

Glycine Similistones serie