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Van Speyk watches

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Van Speyk watches

The new watch brand Van Speyk is a cooperation of entrepreneurs who couldn't find the watch they were looking for among the existing brands. A Van Speyk watch is an automatic watch with sapphire glass which is of good quality, reliable and does have an attractive design. The watch brand Van Speyk refers to the Dutch hero Jan van Speyk who was called "the terror of the bandits". In 1831 he blew up his ship with the words "I'd rather be blown up then" to avoid let Belgian rebels take over his ship, and died. Van Speyk watches are classical watches with an attractive design for affordable prices.

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Van Speyk Dutch Diver serie

Van Speyk Vitesse Editie serie

Van Speyk Holland serie

Van Speyk Holland AW11.BLVan Speyk Holland AW11.BL
 € 219 € 149
Van Speyk Holland AW11.ZLVan Speyk Holland AW11.ZL
 € 219 € 149
Van Speyk Holland AZ11.BLVan Speyk Holland AZ11.BL
 € 219 € 149
Van Speyk Holland AZ11.ZLVan Speyk Holland AZ11.ZL
 € 219 € 149
Van Speyk Holland BZ11.BLVan Speyk Holland BZ11.BL
 € 239 € 169
Van Speyk Holland BZ11.ZLVan Speyk Holland BZ11.ZL
 € 239 € 169
Van Speyk Holland CZ11.BLVan Speyk Holland CZ11.BL
 € 249 € 179
Van Speyk Holland CZ11.ZLVan Speyk Holland CZ11.ZL
 € 249 € 179
Van Speyk Holland EZ11.BLVan Speyk Holland EZ11.BL
 € 249 € 179
Van Speyk Holland EZ11.ZLVan Speyk Holland EZ11.ZL
 € 249 € 179

Van Speyk Dutch Pilot serie