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As official dealer with more than 10 years of experience in the field of watches, watch winders and watch cases we may say that we are specialists. BensonTrade offers you certainty and excellent service.

With a large collection of more than 50 brands you will find the appropriate watch. We offer men’s watches and ladies watches from brands as Tag Heuer, Junkers, Citizen, Zeppelin, Fortis, Glycine, Luminox, Laco, Ingersoll, Escada, Van Speyk, Cornavin and Seiko.

In our shop your can search for a specific type of watch such as; pilot watches, classic watches, diver watches, automatic watches or Swiss made watches.

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With a large collection of more than 15 watch winder brands you will find the appropriate watch winder to wind your automatic watch safely. By circular motion the watch winder provides the watch of energy so it will continue to function. This is useful if you have multiple automatic watches, and regularly change the watch you wear (so settings such as time, date and /or moonphase are retained).

The use of a watch winder will also benefit to the durability of your automatic watches, because inside parts and fluids remain in motion. Thereby a watch winder is an accessory to protect your watches against dust, moisture and other influences.

As official dealer we offer you brands as; Swiss Kubik, Benson, Elma Motion, Orbita, Rapport, Paul Design, RDI, Bernard Favre and Döttling.

The watch winder brands in our collection are selected on quality, durability and functionality.

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Ingersoll watches

If you are looking for a good quality watch with a stylish appearance, there is a lot of choice. Many brands offer good quality and each brand has its own look when we look at appearance and design. Over the years, various brands have been added that know how to produce beautiful watches, but a watch brand with a history and a special story will be the most attractive for most enthusiasts. A brand that has been active in the watch industry for more than a century and can now be called world famous is the American brand Ingersoll. Ingersoll was founded by the Ingersoll brothers. They wanted to market watches of good quality at an attractive price. In 1892 they bet on an automated production line with which they put a watch on the market for the price of 1 dollar. This so-called 'dollar watch' ensured that the brand became very well known. Ingersoll watches are now indispensable and the real enthusiast certainly knows them.

Over the years, Ingersoll has become very popular and famous. The brand managed to collaborate with well-known names such as Henry Ford and Disney, which allowed them to put themselves even more on the map. To this day, Ingersoll is known for its affordable watches, which in terms of quality are certainly not inferior to the more expensive variants. Ingersoll uses automatic timepieces where the craft of the watchmaker comes into its own. Another strong point of Ingersoll is that the brand has included various designs in the collection, which means that the brand is able to appeal to a wide audience. The designs of Ingersoll watches range from a more traditional and classic look to a more sporty and tough look. Women's watches have also been thought of, because in addition to an extensive men's collection, Ingersoll also offers various beautiful and elegant models for the ladies.

In this article we will discuss some Ingersoll watches in more detail, starting with the Ingersoll IN3900 SL Apache. This watch has a somewhat classic design and a stylish appearance. The combination of the black leather strap with the stainless steel case creates a sleek look. On the white dial we see a number of blue accents, which gives a playful effect. This watch is of course equipped with a reliable automatic movement in which no less than 20 precious stones are processed. The watch has several nice extra functionalities, such as a date display, second hand, luminous indicators and a nice chronograph function. In short, a watch with a luxurious appearance and striking technology at an attractive price.

Ingersoll IN3900 SL Apache watch

The next watch we take a closer look at is the Ingersoll IN3105 BBKO Chinook. This watch has a completely different look and feel than the aforementioned watch because it has a more sturdy and robust appearance. The combination of the dark brown leather strap, black dial and yellow accents makes this watch a creative and original piece. The striking yellow color that contrasts with the black dial makes this watch very easy to read. This watch is also equipped with a quality automatic movement. The watch case is made of stainless steel PVD and hardened mineral glass has also been used. This watch is water resistant to 50 meters and closes with a buckle. The watch also has a seconds hand.

The third watch we mention is the Ingersoll IN2301 BBKO Pomo. This particularly beautiful men's watch has a modern approach. The watch strap is made of black leather and the dial is black in color with orange index. The case is made of stainless steel with PVD coating for a black look. Furthermore, this watch also has an automatic movement, which forms a solid basis. This contains 21 gemstones. This watch has a nice list of extra functionalities. Furthermore, the watch has a date display, second hand, luminous indicators and a chronograph function. In other words, this is a watch that offers everything a true watch enthusiast could wish for.

The last watch we want to highlight is a ladies watch. It concerns the Ingersoll IN 7210 PU Tulalip. If you, as a woman, like to wear a striking watch on your wrist that attracts all eyes, then this is really something for you. With the striking purple color, the embossed leather strap and the creative dial, this is a real eye-catcher. Of course, this watch is also equipped with an automatic movement, which you have a nice view of through the glass bottom. Furthermore, with this watch you have access to luminous indicators and a second hand.

We now offer the above models, but also various other Ingersoll watches, with a nice discount. So grab your chance now to purchase a beautiful Ingersoll watch of excellent quality with a unique appearance at an extra competitive price!

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Watch winder for 1 watch

A watch winder for 1 watch is the ideal accessory if you have one or two automatic watches. This watch accessory ensures that your watch never stands still again. Rewinding and setting the time and date is a thing of the past. If you use a watch winder, you not only save time, but you also ensure the preservation of your automatic watches. Especially when you have an automatic watch from an appealing brand such as Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, Oris, IWC or Patek, the use of a watch winder is recommended.

Watch winders are available with a different capacity. There are models available for one watch, but also models that are suitable for a whole collection of watches. In this article we want to focus specifically on watch winders that are suitable for 1 watch. As noted earlier, these models are particularly suitable for enthusiasts with 1 or 2 automatic watches. But it is also a great option if you are a starting watch enthusiast or if you have a smaller budget. A watch winders for 1 watch is generally very affordable and therefore a fantastic accessory for the real watch enthusiast who wants the best for his or her watches.

A watch winder for 1 watch offers several advantages. Most models for 1 watch are quite compact. This ensures that you can place a watch winder anywhere with little space in the house. In addition, it is easier to take a watch winder that has a more compact design with you to the office or, for example, when traveling. This means that a copy for 1 watch makes you very flexible in this area. All advantages that most models have to offer for 1 watch. Although these watch winders are generally very affordable, there are a number of watch winder brands that stand out in this area. They offer an extra good price/quality ratio. A good example of such a watch winder brand is the Dutch brand Benson. We will take a closer look at a functional and also high-quality watch winder from this brand.

We are talking about the Benson Swiss Series Single 1.20 Black watch winder. This watch winder is made of very beautiful wood and comes in the color black. The compact model can be closed with a glass door that protects your beloved watch against external influences. This includes, for example, dirt, dust and condensation. This watch winder is equipped with a Swiss made motor that is known as the best of the best. Not only are these motors powerful, for more heavy watches, and energy efficient at the same time, they also work silently. This ensures that you can place the watch winder in your bedroom or at your workplace without any problems and irritations. Due to the specially developed safety system, the motor decouples when a watch is removed from the watch winder or placed correctly.

The Benson Swiss Series Single 1.20 Black watch winder works on mains power, but also on batteries. This makes it possible to place the watch winder in a safe. You can easily set the watch winder with the help of the modern LCD screen. For example, it is possible to set the number of rotations per day and the direction of rotation. This watch winder also has an overwind protection. This model is suitable for any automatic watch, regardless of the type or brand of watch. Finally, Benson uses flexible watch holders and these watch winders are completely assembled in the Netherlands. The Swiss technology and Dutch assembly provide a top product that actually has no competition in this price range.

Another watch winder for 1 watches that we would like to bring to your attention is a model by the Swiss Bernard Favre. It concerns the Bernard Favre Planet Silver watch winder. This model is also suitable for winding one watch. Despite the fact that this watch winder also has a compact design, Bernard Favre knows how to attract all eyes with this unique design. Each Bernard Favre model features Bernard Favre's authentic design signature. This specific watch winder has a black base, in combination with silver colored rings. This ensures that the Bernard Favre Planet Silver has a very chic look. Bernard Favre also uses the so-called Planet winding system. The watch is placed in the watch winder and rotates around its own axis to collect the required energy. Like a planet, as it were. In this way, not only the design itself but also the winding process is very fascinating to watch. This will appeal to every enthusiast. A glass dome can be placed over the watch winder. This gives the watch winder an even more luxurious look and also offers protection against moisture, dust and dirt.

Bernard Favre Planet Silver watch winder

The Bernard Favre Planet Silver watch winder is also equipped with a Swiss made motor with which you can be sure of a solid and reliable technique. The watch winder offers various winding programs and overwind protection. Moreover, with this watch winder you have a USB connection. In this way you can wind up this model using mains power, PC or telephone. Incidentally, the Bernard Favre Planet Silver watch winder has a built-in battery (100 days). The handy LED indicator shows the status of the battery. So here again a very complete model, with which you also make an exclusive choice in terms of design.

In addition to the 2 models mentioned above, we have various other watch winders in the range that are especially suitable for 1 watch. Are you looking for a watch winder for a single watch? Then take a quick look at our webshop!

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