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Ladies watches

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In the field of ladies watches, we have the most appealing watch brands in our collection. A good ladies watch is characterized by an appealing design, a beautiful color combination and a good combination between dial and watch strap. A ladies watch should not only look nice but be comfortable. Wearing comfort is very important for women's watches. In addition, the watch must also match the women's other jewelry.

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Junkers Bauhaus Lady serie

Escada Catherine serie

Escada Lauren serie

Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore 36mm serie

Escada Madeleine serie

Kienzle K Core K302 serie

Iron Annie Amazonas serie

Lapizta AMUR serie

Lapizta AMUR L26.2103Lapizta AMUR L26.2103
 € 229 € 169
Lapizta AMUR L26.2106Lapizta AMUR L26.2106
 € 229 € 169
Lapizta AMUR L26.2108Lapizta AMUR L26.2108
 € 379 € 299

Outlet Brosway serie

Outlet Brosway OB09Outlet Brosway OB09
 € 119 € 89
Outlet Brosway OB12Outlet Brosway OB12
 € 119 € 89
Outlet Brosway OB13Outlet Brosway OB13
 € 119 € 89
Outlet Brosway OB16Outlet Brosway OB16
 € 159 € 119

Outlet Ceramic serie