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Watches at BensonTrade

As official dealer with more than 10 years of experience in the field of watches, watch winders and watch cases we may say that we are specialists. BensonTrade offers you certainty and excellent service.

With a large collection of more than 50 brands you will find the appropriate watch. We offer men’s watches and ladies watches from brands as Tag Heuer, Junkers, Citizen, Zeppelin, Fortis, Glycine, Luminox, Laco, Ingersoll, Escada, Van Speyk, Cornavin and Seiko.

In our shop your can search for a specific type of watch such as; pilot watches, classic watches, diver watches, automatic watches or Swiss made watches.

Watch winders at BensonTrade

With a large collection of more than 15 watch winder brands you will find the appropriate watch winder to wind your automatic watch safely. By circular motion the watch winder provides the watch of energy so it will continue to function. This is useful if you have multiple automatic watches, and regularly change the watch you wear (so settings such as time, date and /or moonphase are retained).

The use of a watch winder will also benefit to the durability of your automatic watches, because inside parts and fluids remain in motion. Thereby a watch winder is an accessory to protect your watches against dust, moisture and other influences.

As official dealer we offer you brands as; Swiss Kubik, Benson, Elma Motion, Orbita, Rapport, Paul Design, RDI, Bernard Favre and Döttling.

The watch winder brands in our collection are selected on quality, durability and functionality.

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In our online shop you can safely buy a watch, watch winder or watch case for a reasonable price. You can pay with your creditcard, PayPal or by wire transfer. We offer you favourable shipping rates worldwide via Fedex, DPD or PostNL. From our warehouse in the Netherlands we ship your order quick and safely packed. You can return your purchase within 30 days and we offer warranty on each watch winder.

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Watch winder Breitling watches

Suppose you have a beautiful Breitling watch, but you don't always wear it because you have several automatic watches that you also wear. The watch will then stop, so you have to wind and set it every time you want to wear it. This is not only inconvenient, but also time consuming. In addition, it is not good for the watch because opening the crown to set the time and date correctly entails risks because the crown is one of the most vulnerable parts of a watch. A watch winder is therefore an excellent accessory if you have one or more automatic watches and want to keep them in perfect condition. When you are looking for a watch winder for a Breitling watch, there are a number of aspects that you should take into account.

Breitling is a beautiful watch brand and has a huge fan base. The Swiss brand has an excellent reputation and produces its watches with great care. Breitling's quality and technology are renowned worldwide and appreciated by watch fans. Everyone has heard of this watch brand. However, these watches are not cheap. That is why you would like a watch winder that matches the quality and appearance of your Breitling watch.

A Breitling watch is on average a bit heavier than other watches, so you have to take the type of motor of the watch winder into account. This motor must be strong and durable in order to wind the watch properly for a longer period of time without too much wear and tear, causing the motor to break down or make too much noise. We therefore advise you to choose a watch winder from a well-known brand that uses Japanese, German or Swiss motors. These motors have a good reputation and have proven for years that they are excellent for winding all kinds of watches, regardless of make or model. Japanese motors have the advantage that they offer a very good price/quality ratio. German and Swiss motors are a bit more expensive but on average offer a slightly lower sound level. However, the sound level of a watch winder is not only determined by the motors, but also by the design and use of materials of the watch winder. A wooden cabinet and a door can already significantly reduce the sound. Watch winder motors always make a some sound, but it is often no longer perceptible at some distance. This allows you to place a watch winder with good quality motors wherever you want without any problems. For example in your bedroom, office or living room.

If you are the proud owner of a Breitling watch, you also want a watch winder that matches the look and quality of the watch. For example, you can opt for a Swiss Kubik watch winder that is made entirely in Switzerland, or a Bernard Favre watch winder for which the same applies and offers a very special way of winding. If you choose a brand that offers an excellent price/quality ratio in combination with luxurious designs, you will soon end up with Paul Design or the Dutch brand Benson.

A watch winder for Breitling watches really does not have to be expensive. For example, Benson offers various models in its Compact collection that are perfectly suitable for winding a Breitling watch. If you want a watch winder that you can set up with bluetooth, you should definitely take a look at the Chronovision watch winders. These modern models are produced in Germany and use German motors. This combination ensures excellent quality and ease of use. If you really want a very special watch winder, the Bernard Favre Planet watch winders are a good choice. These models wind automatic watches in a very special way. The watches rotate on their own axis, which gives them energy. This is really nice to watch.

Also with watch winders, a cheap purchase can result in an expensive purchase. Especially when you want to wind a somewhat heavier and more expensive watch such as a Breitling watch in a watch winder, you choose the best quality. After all, you don't want to take any risks with your precious Swiss watch. We also advise you to buy from a specialist in watch winders. They can provide you with the right information, good and honest advice. In addition, an official dealer is also useful because you not only buy a beautiful watch winder for your automatic watches, but also security, service and clear warranty. This way you are assured of carefree fun and your Breitling watches will never stand still unnecessarily.

A watch winder is not only handy and good for preserving automatic watches. It is also a wonderful accessory to store your watch collection neatly and safely. You always have your watches at hand and immediately ready to wear. No more stationary automatic watches that you first have to wind up manually and then set the time and date correctly. If you use a watch winder, take the watch you want from the watch winder and put it directly on your wrist to wear. Why make it difficult when it can be done easily?

In our webshop you will find different watch winder brands. We are official dealer of all brands and we offer the latest collections, clear warranty and competitive prices. We also have a loyalty system for customers who want to make another purchase. They can register with the first purchase, automatically saving a discount on a subsequent purchase. This gives you an extra nice discount on every product in our webshop. Of course we ship worldwide. Within the EU including VAT and outside the EU excluding VAT. We ship with Fedex, PostNL and DPD. Of course you can pay in our webshop with your credit card, iDeal, Paypal or regular bank transfer.

You don't let your automatic watches stand still, do you?

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Zeppelin watches, German quality

Watches, still immensely popular and often associated with cars, sports, boats and other luxury items. There are a lot of watch brands that come from all kinds of countries. Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France are known for their watch technology and appealing brands. Just like Swiss watches, German watches are well known. A watch that is "made in Germany" is in any case solid, reliable and durable. It is therefore obvious that this predicate can only be used when various requirements and conditions are met.

A good example of a German watch brand that has a lot to offer in terms of quality is the watch brand Zeppelin. Zeppelin will also attract the attention of the enthusiast because the watches of this brand have a somewhat nostalgic approach and the brand has a wonderful history. The name of this special brand takes us back to the aviation pioneer Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin. This historical person designed the majestic Zeppelin, which has played a major role in aviation history.

The Zeppelin collection consists of various series of watches, each with their own special properties. The common thread through this collection is the traditional design and appearance of the watches. The watches of this beautiful German brand are generally classic and modest in design. Another characteristic of the Zeppelin watches is that they are not only of high quality, but also affordable. In addition, Zeppelin offers a choice of both women's and men's watches. This makes this brand interesting for a wider target group. Even if you not have a big budget available, you can opt for absolute quality at Zeppelin. If you love history and quality watches, Zeppelin is highly recommended. In addition, the Zeppelin collection offers a choice of watches with an automatic/mechanical or quartz movement, which means that a suitable type of movement is available for everyone.

An example of a beautiful series of watches from the Zeppelin collection is the Zeppelin 100-years series. This extra special anniversary series features watches with convex dials and convex glass, which are combined with timeless accents. The watches from this series are equipped with a beautiful leather or stainless steel watch strap and hardened mineral glass. As characteristic of Zeppelin watches, we see within this series watches with a retro look. We see nice extra functionalities in various models, such as a chronograph, date display or tachymeter.

A second special series within the Zeppelin collection is the Zeppelin LZ129 Hindenburg series. This series offers stylish and classic looking watches using colors such as classic blue, black and dark brown. Also in this series there are watches available with a quality leather strap or stainless steel watch strap. Various Zeppelin LZ129 Hindenburg watches are also equipped with extra functionalities that make every watch enthusiast happy. What do you think, for example, of a power reserve indicator and a moon phase function? In addition, the models with a glass back offer a beautiful view of the timepiece, which will certainly appeal to the real fan of beautiful German watches.

A third beautiful Zeppelin series is the LZ120 Rome series. The watches in this series have a calm and clear dial and good readability. Regarding the watch straps, we see beautiful leather in different shades. We also see slightly convex dials and curved watch cases that provide a stylish look. As far as functionalities are concerned, we again encounter the moon phase here with a second hand and date display. A chronograph function and stopwatch function are also possible. Due to the calm and modest style of these specific watches, they are also suitable for almost any outfit.

With the last series that we want to put in the spotlight, Zeppelin also knows how to serve the fashion-conscious woman. We are talking about the watches in the "Princess of the Sky" series. This series is also an anniversary edition and houses ladies watches that can be worn not only on the wrist, but also around the neck. Of course, this fact makes them extra special and also multifunctional. With these watches we see, among other things, different shades of watch cases and white or black leather watch straps. There is also a choice of very quietly designed dials or a more expressive transparent dial, where you can see your watch at work. For the woman with a fascination with how the watch works, or for women who love something unique, these watches are a very nice choice. Finally, the watches are equipped with a second hand and close with a buckle clasp.

In addition to the series mentioned above, Zeppelin has a lot more to offer. Each series contains a wide range of watches and is also very diverse. So there is a good chance that you will come across something you like.

We have been an official dealer of Zeppelin for over 15 years. The brand offers a lot of fun and especially affordable watches. The watches are made in Germany, so you are assured of quality and a beautiful finish. A Zeppelin watch offers years of pleasure, because with a watch of German quality you are always in the right place. Do you make the choice for a beautiful Zeppelin watch? Quickly view the latest collection of Zeppelin watches in our webshop.

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