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Kunstwinder watchwinders

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Kunstwinder watchwinders

Kunstwinder watch winders was founded by Valentin Balter, an engineer in Silicon Valley. He grew up as a child with automatic watches. Soon his collection of watches expanded and it became impossible to wear every watch regularly. His search for a watch winder resulted in disappointment. The watch winder he was looking for to wind up his watches while keeping a full view of the watch was nowhere available. Then he decided to produce watch winders himself, the result is Kunstwinder watch winders. This American brand of watch winders combines the best in design, technology and originality. The designs are progressive and very original. The Kunstwinder watch winders are made entirely by hand, have a unique way of excitement and consist of the most beautiful materials. Do you want the most original watch winder for your automatic watches? Then an Kunstwinder watch winder is definitely a good choice!

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