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High end Schaumburg watches from Germany

Posted on 15 November 2018 at 11:27 AM

Schaumburg watches are made in Germany and are known for their excellent quality and exquisite workmanship. Each Schaumburg watch is made by hand and is equipped with a high end Swiss movement. In doing so, attention to detail and the use of materials of very good quality are of paramount importance. The Schaumburg watches are characterized by a classic style and a small production which makes them unique. They also stand out because of the special designs. Schaumburg brings various limited editions on the market, an opportunity for the real watch enthusiast who has a unique watch in his hands. These beautiful watches often have a movement that catches the eye, with a special finish such as blue stripes or screws that can be viewed through the open back with a view of the movement.

Schaumburg watches

Bensontrade has a large collection of Schaumburg watches in its range, one series from this collection is the Diver series. The watches in this series are equipped with all the specfications of a professional divers watch. The designs are sporty and the materials used are reliable and solid. Schaumburg is one of the few European watchmakers who can test their watches for water resistance up to 600 bar/6000 meters.

Schaumburg watches

Another example is the MooN series. Within this series Schaumburg has watches which contain a meteorite dial and special markers that very accurately reflects the phases of the moon. The meteorite dial consists of asteroid fragments from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. In addition to this particular fact, the designs are also very creative and unique. The moon is processed in a very stylish way in the details of these watches. These two series are just a small selection from the beautiful Schaumburg watch collection.

Schaumburg stands for originality, craftsmanship and quality. With a Schaumburg watch you're ready for the day.

Italian Meccaniche Veneziane watches

Posted on 14 November 2018 at 12:43 PM

The inspiration of the Italian watch brand Meccaniche Veneziane is found in the bell tower of Venice. Here the two brothers Alessandro and Alberto were fascinated by the clock mechanism of the tower during a visit. Together they set up the watch brand Meccaniche Veneziane, with the goal to bring the old Venetian watch tradition back to the 21st century. The brand logo can be traced back to the cross on the Saint Mark watchtower, which is seen in Venice as the symbol of timekeeping. In short, the Meccaniche Veneziane watches bring the Venetian history back to today.

Meccaniche Veneziane watches

The Meccaniche Veneziane watches are characterized by the appealing Italian designs and Swiss technology in the form of Swiss Made movements. The unique Italian watches with beautiful design are among the best watches of Italy. What is striking is the attention to detail and design and the high quality finish. The watches have a handmade leather strap and a beautiful wooden watch box. The leather used for the watch straps comes from Veneto and Tuscany and are made with care by highly skilled artisans. The wooden watch boxes are also hand-made in Italy, according to the old tradition of woodworking. This makes the boxes a very stylish and special addition to the whole.

If you like Italian style in combination with Swiss technology, you will benefit from the best of both worlds at Meccaniche Veneziane. Meccaniche Veneziane watches were launched on Kickstarter and are since then extremely popular!

Meccaniche Veneziane watches

Every Meccaniche Veneziane watch is delivered by us with a 2 year international warranty. The watch is neatly packed in the beautiful wooden watch box with manual. Almost all watches are available from stock.

New Davosa Argonautic and Ternos watches

Posted on 8 November 2018 at 4:14 PM

The German watch brand Davosa is very interesting for the real watch enthusiast. It produces very nice watches with Swiss movements at very competitive prices. The features that a Davosa watch offers you, you find only at other brands at a much higher price level.

Davosa now presents various new models within the Argonautic and Ternos series. Both these series are the most popular within the Davosa watch collection. Within the Argonautic series Davosa has added the new BG and Bronze series. These new models are based on the regular Argonautic series, but have new elements in the form of design and use of color.

Davosa Argonautic Bronze watches

The Davosa Argonautic Bronze watches are not only very sporty but also very stylish. The bronze colored watch case gives these watches a very chic look. The combination of blue and black with bronze is very nice. You can choose a stainless steel bracelet or leather watch strap, so you always have the right watch strap so that the watch fits comfortably on your wrist.

The other popular series is the Ternos. The Davosa Ternos watches belong for years to the top models of the German watch brand. The new models are part of the Ternos Professional series which have excellent characteristics such as a Swiss movement, water resistance of up to 500 meters (!) and ceramic bezel.

Davosa Ternos Professional watches

Another addition within the Ternos collection are watches with bronze details in the watch case, bezel and watch bracelet. This color gives the sporty models a very stylish character and therefore they are perfect to wear in combination with a suit or other formal dressing.

The nice thing about the Davosa watches is that they are very affordable. Where can you buy a Swiss watch (Swiss made) with these specifications for less than 1000.00 euro?

BensonTrade is official dealer of Davosa. We deliver all watches with 2 years international warranty and presented in a luxury watch box. Curious about the beautiful Davosa watches from Germany? Take a look at the latest collection 2019.

German Junkers Bauhaus watches

Posted on 6 November 2018 at 9:41 AM

Junkers was founded in 1895 by the brilliant engineer Hugo Junkers. The company was known in that time because of their aircrafts, which also played an important role in WWI and WWII. Very characteristic of the Junkers aircrafts were the metal corrugated sheets that were used. The structure has become world-famous and Junkers airplanes are still flying with this specific style.

Junkers Bauhaus watches

After the war another industry flourished for Junkers, the brand became known worldwide with their watches in classic design but also various lines of pilot watches. The simple, stylish designs are made in Germany and clearly refer to the legendary German aircraft industry. Junkers has a large collection of watches of which the Bauhaus series is the most popular. The brand offers the choice of both quartz, mechanical and automatic watches, for ladies and gents. With a Junkers watch you have a truly German quality product on your wrist, since all Junkers watches are actually made in Germany. Junkers is currently one of the largest, in terms of numbers, watch brands in Germany.

The popular Bauhaus series by Junkers is inspired by the Bauhaus art movement. Hugo Junkers himself was a great admirer of expressionist painting and modern design and chose for this reason a close collaboration with the artists of the Bauhaus movement. The special designs of his aircraft were the result of this and in the Bauhaus watch series this art movement clearly comes back. Characteristic of these watches are the minimalist designs and thin watch cases. In addition, the price is more than acceptable given the German quality.

When you buy a Junkers watch from us, we deliver from stock with 2 years warranty (international) and of course the watch is packed in a chic Junkers watchbox.

Authentic Elysee watches made in Germany

Posted on 30 October 2018 at 11:36 AM

The Elysee watch brand was born in 1920, founded by the Swiss watchmaker Jacques Beaufort. The first Elysee watch came on the market in 1921, a high-quality ladies watch made of solid gold, set with precious stones. In 1992, the Elysee brand was sold to a German businessman, Reiner Seume. With this, a new direction is chosen for the brand and the focus is particulary on the German watch market. The head office is located in Dusseldorf and the watches are made in Germany. The target group later expanded to several other European countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium.

In the years that follow, the brand becomes involved in the historic motorsport. Drivers such as Graf Berghe von Trips and Jochen Mass act as brand ambassadors. In 2013, the association of jewels and watches from Pforzheim creates guidelines for the 'made in Germany label', Elysee has been involved from the beginning. This results in the contemporary quality that can be found in the Elysee watches.

Elysee watch

The brand goes clearly for quality and uses only high quality materials for their watches. The 316L stainless steel that is processed in the watches is also used for aircraft and machines. The movements inside each Elysee watch are only from quality brands such as Miyota, Ronda and Seiko.

Elysee also stands for innovation, this is evident in their philosophy: 'the core of our watch brand is the sum of design and quality combined with the wishes of the watch enthusiast'. The brand has a large collection from classic to sporty with both quartz and automatic movements. In addition, the Elysee watches, despite being a German quality product, are surprisingly affordable.

Swiss made RDI watch winders

Posted on 30 October 2018 at 10:08 AM

A true watch collector is nowhere without a watch winder. A watch winder is a watch accessory that is used to ensure that an automatic watch continues to run when it is not worn. Beyond that, a watch winder with a beautiful design gives you the opportunity to present your collection in a nice and safe way. A nice example of high end watch winders that stand out for their special appearance and creative designs are the RDI watch winders from Switzerland.

The family company RDI was founded in 2006 in Switzerland. RDI has an advanced factory and produces watch winders of high Swiss quality. All materials used for these watch winders come from Switzerland. Reliability, innovation and craftsmanship are paramount. Use is made of high-quality modern technology. The RDI watch winders are known for their very silent Swiss made motors. In short, the RDI watch winders are the watch winders for the best automatic watches. You no longer have to worry about your automatic watches standing still.

RDI watch winder

The technique and materials used for a watch winder are of course very important, but the looks are important as well! RDI also has a clear philospohy regarding to this. The different designs are special, unique and original. They distinguish themselves by incorporating in the designs not only color but also different beautiful forms. The limited edition RDI watch winders are real 'pieces of art', with the rich use of color and fantastic shapes. An example of this is the 'Signature Traces' collection that was created in collaboration with the French artist Rose Saneuil.

In short, do you opt for Swiss quality in combination with high-quality design? Then an RDI watch winder is an excellent choice. As an official dealer we deliver every RDI watch winder with a 2 year warranty, manual and official packaging.

Discount on all Ingersoll watches

Posted on 26 October 2018 at 1:28 PM

The well-known watch brand Ingersoll was founded by the American brothers Robert and Charles Ingersoll. In 1892 they came on the market with the 'Dollar Watch'. An automated production line of watches that were sold for 1 Dollar, which at the time concerned a daily wage. The watches were very popular and the success of this nice watch brand was born.

The Ingersoll watches still owe their popularity to the good price/quality ratio. They are good quality watches for an affordable price. This was what the Ingersoll brothers had in mind, a beautiful brand that stands for quality and precision work, but at the same time remains affordable for a large group of people. The watches look more expensive than they actually are. The American brand has become world famous in the years, partly due to the collaboration with well-known names such as Henry Ford and Walt Disney. But the 24th US president Theodore Roosevelt also played a major role in this because he was called "the man from the country where the Ingersoll watches are made". Historical events that still determine the position of Ingersoll in the watch market.

Ingersoll RBK watch

BensonTrade offers a large collection of Ingersoll watches with nice discounts, with a choice of both ladies and men's watches. The already very affordable watches are therefore extra advantageous. For a nice price you can now purchase a quality watch with an automatic movement that you will certainly enjoy. The classic designs combined with pure materials result in eye catchers  for around the wrist.

Each Ingersoll watch comes in a chic box with manual and a minimum of 2 years warranty. We deliver free of charge within the Netherlands and offer interesting shipping rates for worldwide shipping. 

Van Speyk watches from the Netherlands

Posted on 24 October 2018 at 9:11 AM

The Dutch watch brand from Speyk is still relatively new on the radar. It is only 7 years old but produces very interesting watches. The brand originated from a partnership between entrepreneurs. They did not find what they were looking for in the existing watch brands. The brand owes its name to lieutenant Jan Carel van Speyk, an important hero in Dutch history. Van Speyk was born in 1802 in Amsterdam. He started training as a tailor, but ended up as a lieutenant at sea. Instead of surrendering when his ship is attacked by a group of Antwerp insurgents, he decides to blow up his ship and thus also himself. With this a hero was born. By linking the name of Lieutenant Van Speyk to this young Dutch watch brand, Van Speyk emphasizes its Dutch identity and national pride.

Van Speyk Dutch Diver Blue watch

The stylish Speyk watches come standard with a reliable automatic or quartz movement, sapphire glass and stainless steel or leather watch strap. Various collections have been brought onto the market, with the Dutch Diver Series, which was introduced in 2015 and designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. The high quality and beautiful workmanship of these watches catches the eye. The dials in different colors like silver, white, blue, brown and black provide an elegant look. The watches in this series have an automatic movement of Miyota (Citizen). In the famous Dutch Pilot series you will find beautiful classic pilot watches with a Swiss quartz movement (Ronda). At Van Speyk you can go for both sporty and classic models. The watches are affordable and of good quality.

BensonTrade now offers various Speyk watches with attractive discounts.

Chronovision watch winders with Bluetooth

Posted on 22 October 2018 at 2:42 PM

Chronovision One watch winderWatch winders made in Germany have always been popular. Because of the quality, functionality and affordable prices, German watch winders are perfect for the winding of automatic watches. A brand that is relatively new but is quite popular is Chronovision. In Sauerland, Germany, Chronovision produces watch winders that are suitable for every watch. The Chronovision One was presented a few years ago and is made entirely by hand. This watch winder is compact, equipped with bluetooth function and fully programmable so that it can provide any watch with energy regardless of brand and model.

With more than 70 different parts, virtually noiseless winding and an intelligent sleep mode, the Chronovision One watch winder is a serious competitor of Swiss Kubik. The watch winder can be rotated clockwise, counter-clockwise and alternately, and the number of revolutions per day can be adjusted by increments of 50 between 500 and 2500. The nice thing about these watch winders is that there are many different versions. In terms of material you can choose from wood, aluminum, metal and carbon. In terms of colors there is even more to choose. 

The watch winder is powered by batteries that last at least 6 months (one set of AA batteries). The guarantee is 3 years so that you as a user always have certainty. As official dealer of Chronovision we deliver every watch winder neatly packaged, with warranty and manual. Within the Netherlands we offer free shipping and abroad we offer competitive shipping rates through Fedex.

Tag Heuer watches with discount!

Posted on 19 October 2018 at 1:12 PM

The watch brand Tag Heuer exists for more than 150 years. In all those years Tag Heuer never stopped developing and improving the brand. This Swiss brand is known for their very high quality and they do not make any concessions here. The highly skilled watchmakers from Tag Heuer are constantly innovating and do not look away for a challenge. The saying of Tag Heuer is therefore 'discover the wheel again and again when you can'. This manifests itself in the development of exceptional watches, which are made in Switzerland. The smallest detail is made with care and also for the finishing touch they go for extreme precision. Tag Heuer is constantly looking for the right balance between functionality and design. The technique must be perfect, but the watch must also look great. The 'Swiss made' watches from Tag Heuer are sporty and mainly stylish. The Swiss quality speaks for itself and the beautiful classic but also sporty designs are a feast for the eyes.

Tag Heuer Carrera watch

Our Tag Heuer watches collection only has automatic movements, which are appreciated by real watch lovers. Watches with an automatic movement can be provided with energy by a watch winder so that they never stand still. This is not only very useful but also good for the movement inside the watch.

BensonTrade now has a special promotion and offers the Tag Heuer watches of the 'Aquaracer' and 'Carrera' collections with high discounts! It is now even more attractive to purchase a Swiss-made Tag Heuer watch, which guarantees you a stylish quality watch that will give you years of enjoyment.