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Eone Time watches - beautiful design watches

Posted on 26 March 2024 at 11:08 AM

There are a lot of ordinary watches, but you don't have to search long for special watches. There are various watch brands that distinguish themselves with their design and material choice. Eone Time from the United States is such a special watch brand. In this article we explain why.

For both the connoisseur in the field of high -quality watches and those who do not have much with luxury watches, it is known that Switzerland can be called the land of luxury watches worldwide. In Switzerland you can find numerous watch brands that know how to offer high -quality and beautiful watch designs from the well -known Swiss Made Quality. With a watch from Swiss descent, you are always in the right place as a lover of stylish luxury watches. Yet it is a shame when you only get blind -tailed on watches from Switzerland when you purchase a new watch. There are leading watch brands throughout the world, which offer unique and elegant watches, of also very good quality.

In this article we are happy to introduce you to a real gem in this area. We are talking about an appealing watch brand that comes from the United States. The watch brand Eone Time is absolutely unique in different areas. It starts with the special method of establishing this brand. The establishment of Eone Time was created by starting a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. An amount was raised that was 15 times as high as the actual goal. The second aspect that makes the Eone Time brand exceptional is the reason why the watch brand was established. HyungSoo Kim is the founder of the brand and developed the ambition watches to produce both people with and without visual disabilities. This ambition came from the experiences he had with a friend with a visual impairment. As a result, he discovered that the freedom of choice for people with a visual impairment was very small when it came to beautiful watches. We can say that the Eone Time brand actually originated from friendship, which gives the watch brand an extra touch of charm.

Eone Time Bradley Element Black

The designs within the Eone Time collection are exceptional, both in terms of appearance and functionality. The first design of the brand, the Eone Time Bradley, is absolutely "one of a child". With this design, HyungSoo Kim has managed to achieve its goal, to produce elegant watches for both people with and without visual handicap. The Eone Time Bradley watch is designed in such a way that it can easily be read by feeling, but also also Just like any other watch. Moreover, the design is absolutely stylish and elegant, so that people with a visual handicap can also wear a watch with a trendy and tasteful character. The Eone Time Bradley is also available in various variants, where you can, for example, choose from models with a watch strap of stainless steel, leather or canvas. For this article we have selected two specific models from the Eone Time collection for you, about which we would like to tell you more. We are happy to start with the Eone Time Bradley Canvas Crimson.

The Eone Time Bradley Canvas Crimson is a watch with a canvas watch strap in an appealing color red. This watch closes with a thorn closure. The Eone Time Bradley Canvas Crimson is also equipped with a watch cabinet made of titanium. This is a type of material of very high quality, which is also very light in weight. This ensures that this watch from Eone Time is very comfortable to wear. The watch plate of the watch is gray in color, which combines beautifully with the red watch strap. The heart of the watch is formed by a high -quality Swiss Made Quartz timepiece, which ensures an extremely reliable and punctual representation of time. The watch is finally up to 30 meters waterproof. With the Eone Time Bradley Canvas Crimson you opt for a very high-quality watch, which can be called a real eye-catcher to call every wrist.

A second extremely beautiful Eone Time Bradley Design, is the Eone Time Bradley Element Black. This watch has a completely different look than the previous model with its watch band of stainless steel PVD and beautiful dial. The stainless steel watch strap is black in color and closes with a folding closure. This not only ensures that you are well protected against loss of your watch, but also gives the watch a very luxurious look. The watch of the watch is made of titanium and has a thickness of 11 mm and a diameter of 40 mm. This model is also equipped with a high -quality Swiss Made timepiece and is up to 30 meters waterproof. All in all, a very nice example of a unique copy from the Eone Time collection.

From many customers who have bought an Eone Time watch from us, we get very good feedback about the watches of this brand. They indicate that the original concept in terms of time observation in combination with the beautiful design appeals to them very much.

If you would like to order an Eone Time watch, you can do this easily and safely with us in the webshop. We then deliver this with a 2 -year warranty in a luxury official box. So view our nice range of Eone Time watches in the webshop now!