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Mare Unlimited Greenwich watches

Posted on 10 January 2020 at 3:02 PM

The Mare Unlimited watches actually offer everything you need when you're looking for a nice watch. This watch brand combines a sporty design with Swiss technology and a very interesting price. Mare Unlimited currently has one series called Greenwich. This series has similarities in design with the famous watch brand Rolex. Yet there are various differences in design but also in technology. And not unimportantly, the price is completely different because the Mare Unlimited Greenwich watches are 295.00 euros.

The Mare Unlimited Greenwich watches are characterized by a sturdy design, black dial and black rubber strap. The bezel (uni-directional) is available in different colors. This gives each watch a different look. The Swiss Ronda calibre is a quartz calibre with GMT function. This GMT function offers you the option to set a second time zone. You can therefore set the local time via the regular hands and then have the GMT pointer indicate the time in New York, Hong Kong or Sydney. For the real travelers this is a very nice feature. Of course it also looks very cool and professional.

Mare Unlimited Greenwich MU40GMT.BLBK

Each Mare Unlimited Greenwich watch is water resistant up to 100 meters and has a screw down crown so that the calibre is well protected and the crown cannot just jump open. The dial is clear so you can easily see the time. Even in the dark, because the dial and hands are equipped with SuperLuminova. This lights up in the dark.

The bezel is "uni-directional" and has a 24-hour display. As indicated, the bezel with the Greenwich model is available in various colors and combinations. Think of a completely black bezel, black/green bezel, black/blue bezel, blue/red bezel or a black/gold bezel.

The sporty nature of the Mare Unlimited Greenwich watches ensures that you can always wear this watch. During exercise, on a trip or to work. The rubber band is made of high-quality plastic and sits comfortably on the wrist. Every watch has a manual, 2 year warranty and watch box. The price is 295.00 euros including VAT.