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Posted on 4 May 2021 at 11:51 AM

Italian class, quality, traditional and affordable, that is the Italian watch brand Meccaniche Veneziane in a nutshell. For the enthusiast of the watch brand Rolex, it is a very nice alternative at a competitive price. In terms of appearance, Meccaniche Veneziane is most like this luxurious and beloved brand. Meccaniche Veneziane is characterized by the use of both Swiss made and Seiko timepieces, which further enhances affordability. Affordability and quality is the combination that makes Meccaniche Veneziane watches appeal to a wide audience.

The Meccaniche Veneziane collection consists of watches with a modern and sporty look, combined with the well-known Italian class. The Meccaniche Veneziane collection can be divided into various beautiful series, each with its own characteristic features and properties. In this article we would like to highlight four watches from the Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore 3 40 mm series and the Nereide 4.0 series.

Meccaniche Veneziane uses automatic timepieces in its watches. The latest models are equipped with a solid automatic movement from Seiko. In addition, a lot of attention is paid to the finish. The brand knows how to extend this far. For example, the leather used for the particularly beautiful Meccaniche Veneziane watch straps comes from Veneto and Tuscany, and the expertise of local craftsmen is used to manufacture these straps. The watch boxes with which Meccaniche Veneziane certainly knows how to make a good decoration, are made of beautiful wood and processed by an artisan woodworking company in Friuli. Meccaniche Veneziane thus provides a very complete picture that will certainly appeal to the watch enthusiast.

The first watch we take a closer look at is one from the Nereide 4.0 series. This is the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 1302003 watch. This watch has a beautiful handmade leather strap in a beautiful brown color. Striking is the red stitching on the strap, which provides a special and playful accent. The dial of this watch is black and the red accent color is reflected here in the rotating bezel. This specific watch is equipped with an automatic Seiko movement and is waterproof up to 200 meters. All Nereide 4.0 watches use anti-reflective sapphire glass, just like this model. Furthermore, this Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 1302003 watch offers many nice extra functionalities. In addition to the aforementioned rotating bezel, the watch also features a screw-down crown, luminous indicators and Superluminova, which glows in the dark. All in all, a very complete watch that is both sporty and stylish.

The second model from the Nereide 4.0 series that we would like to mention is the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 1302007 watch. This model is the opposite of the above model in terms of use of color. Because the watch is fitted with a white leather strap in combination with black accents (colors that are also reflected in the dial), this watch gives a very calm image. This watch is also equipped with an automatic Seiko movement and water resistant to 200 meters. Of course Meccaniche Veneziane again opts for anti-reflective sapphire glass. This not only offers extra comfort, scratches will also not be visible on this very strong glass. In terms of functionality, this watch is just as complete as the first model we reviewed. The watch closes with a buckle clasp.

From the Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore 3 40mm series, we like to highlight the Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore 3 40mm Ref. 1301001 watch. This watch has a somewhat more classic and understated look. The combination of the stainless steel watch case and strap with the white dial creates a calm and stylish whole. This new Redentore watch has a 40 mm case, which at 11.9 mm is slightly thicker than the watches from the previous series. The watch is waterproof up to 100 meters and equipped with an automatic movement from Seiko. The watch is fitted with the strong sapphire glass and is equipped with a date display and second hand.

The last watch from the same series is the Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore 3 40mm Ref. 1301006 watch. This watch comes in a striking blue color in combination with stainless steel. Here, too, we see accents in the form of stitching on the blue leather watch strap, which are in the color white. This watch is also equipped with an automatic Seiko movement and is also waterproof up to 100 meters. Of course, this watch is also equipped with a date display and second hand. This beautiful talking watch closes with a handy buckle clasp.

Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore 1301001 watch

Of course, the above models are just a selection from the wide collection of Meccaniche Veneziane. There are many other options in terms of model, series and color, so it is certainly worthwhile to take a closer look at the collection.

When you order your Meccaniche Veneziane watch from us, you will receive it in the beautiful wooden watch box and with a 2-year warranty at your home. You can also contact us as an Official dealer of Meccaniche Veneziane for advice and the best service.