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Swiss Kubik Startbox Bronze watch winder for 1 watch

Posted on 9 July 2024 at 10:55 AM

Are you the proud owner of a luxury automatic watch and have you not yet purchased a watch winder? Then it is definitely worth reading this article. We would like to tell you more about all the advantages that a quality watch winder has to offer and also introduce you to a brand that offers very high-quality models.

First of all, we will give you all the reasons to purchase a high-quality watch winder. The most important function of a watch winder is to provide the correct mode of movement, which provides your automatic watch or watches with energy.

Swiss Kubik Startbox Bronze watch winder

A good watch winder offers you the option (usually through rotation) of winding your automatic watch, even when it is not on your wrist. When you wear your automatic watch, it moves because you make movements with your wrist. However, as soon as you put your automatic watch away, it comes to a standstill and therefore does not wind automatically. Ultimately, this will cause the automatic watch to stop. To prevent this, place the automatic watch in a good watch winder when you are not wearing it. At this point the watch is simply wound up and you can use it immediately whenever you want. In addition, the movement of the watch winder also ensures correct oil distribution in the watch, which ensures the preservation of your automatic watch.

In addition to the winding function, a good watch winder has a number of (possible) functions. A watch winder also serves as a safe storage place for your watch. A good copy is designed in such a way that you run no risk of damage when placing the automatic watch in the watch winder. For example, a good brand chooses high-quality watch holders and/or a soft protective fabric on the inside of the watch winder. Moreover, it is nice if a watch winder can be kept in a safe, so you opt for optimal safety of your automatic watch. A watch winder with a built-in battery or a battery-powered model is the right choice in this case. A copy can also offer your automatic watch extra protection because it is lockable. In addition to providing a good storage space, a watch winder with the right design can also function as a display to present your automatic watch or perhaps even several automatic watches. In short, a suitable watch winder offers many advantages, allowing you to enjoy your automatic watches even more.

A high-end brand that has been active in the watch industry for years is the Swiss Kubik brand. Swiss Kubik is very well known worldwide. The brand offers models of Swiss quality. The brand's watch winders are equipped with Swiss made motors, which ensure the winding of every automatic watch in a safe and reliable manner. It does not matter which brand or type of automatic watch it concerns. Thanks to the use of these motors, the Swiss Kubik models are also quiet in use and energy efficient. The brand's models can function for up to three years on a set of AA batteries. If you are looking for a watch winder that you can store in a safe, a Swiss Kubik model is an excellent choice. Swiss Kubik offers watch winders in different price ranges and with various capacities within its collection.

The collection houses models for use for a single automatic watch, but also for an entire collection. Moreover, you can choose from more luxurious models, but also from the entry-level models from the Swiss Kubik Startbox series. With the watch winders from this specific series of the brand, you choose top quality in combination with a simple design, at a competitive price. A nice example of a watch winder from this series is the Swiss Kubik Startbox Bronze. This watch winder is made of bronze on the outside and black on the interior. This model has a very compact design and is made of polyamide. The cube shape is reflected in the design of all Swiss Kubik watch winders. This model from the brand is also cube-shaped. Thanks to the handy model, you can easily take this watch winder with you on a (business) trip or to the office, for example. The Swiss Kubik Startbox Bronze watch winder is equipped with a Swiss made motor and also offers overwind protection to protect your automatic watch against overvoltage.

You will find the Swiss Kubik Startbox Bronze, just like many other Swiss Kubik models, in our webshop. We supply these watch winders with an extensive warranty period of three years, so you can always place your order with peace of mind. View the extensive range now in our webshop and choose the watch winder that suits you best!