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Van Speyk Dutch Diver watches from the Netherlands

Posted on 19 July 2021 at 8:18 AM

Dive watches are always popular. Not only because you can dive with them, but also because they have a tough appearance. They are often sporty and robust watches with a modern look. An additional advantage is that the watches can take a beating. So you can always wear a diving watch. Let's take a look at a nice watch brand that produces beautiful but above all excellent diving watches.

Van Speyk Dutch Diver Blue watch

The high quality of watches of Swiss and German origin are well known. But our own little country also offers watches of sublime quality. The Dutch brand Van Speyk offers reliable and solid watches, which are also stylish and elegant. This watch brand also offers an extremely good price/quality ratio, because Van Speyk watches are affordable. Van Speyk is a still young watch brand and originated from a collaboration of entrepreneurs who could not find exactly what they were looking for in the existing watches.

The name of this special Dutch brand refers to the Dutch hero Lieutenant Jan Carel Josephus van Speyk. As a seafarer, Van Speyk was nicknamed 'terror of the robbers' at the time. When he has to investigate shiploads in Antwerp, it is ambushed by Belgian insurgents. To prevent the ship from falling into their hands, he blew up the ship and was killed. With this, a national hero is born. In short, with a Van Speyk watch you immediately have an impressive piece of history to tell about when you receive a compliment about your watch. This is therefore a nice brand for an enthusiast with a preference for a brand with a history. The brand also stands for the Dutch identity and a piece of Dutch pride.

The Van Speyk collection offers high-quality watches that are made in the Netherlands. Within the collection, Van Speyk offers a wide diversity in terms of application, but certainly also in terms of appearance. We see particularly beautiful pilot watches, special Vitesse watches and very high-quality diving watches. In the latter group we are talking about the Van Speyk Dutch Diver watches, this watch series was introduced by van Speyk in 2015. A good diving watch must of course meet various conditions. This goes a lot further than just having to be waterproof, although that is of course an important condition. In addition, a good diving watch must be sturdy and robust and can take a beating. Furthermore, a screw-down crown and a dial that can be read even in poor visibility are important. The Dutch Diver watches from Van Speyk meet these conditions, and it is not for nothing that they stand out because of their very good specifications.

The Dutch Diver watches from Van Speyk are absolutely very complete and also very attractive from an aesthetic point of view. After all, the eye also wants something. The watch straps of the Dutch Diver watches are made of stainless steel, which gives the watches a tough and robust appearance. In addition, extremely strong sapphire glass is used that is highly resistant to scratches or other damage. In addition, the watches are water resistant up to 200 meters. Different watches have been chosen where the dial and the bezel are executed in various colors. Colors such as black, blue, gray and brown are examples of this. The Van Speyk Dutch Diver watches are equipped with an automatic movement from the Miyota (Citizen) brand, which means that you are guaranteed to have a solid base for your watch. An automatic timepiece will also be preferred by many enthusiasts, since the old craft of the watchmaker is most prominent here. The watch case of the Dutch Diver watches is 12 mm thick and has a diameter of 42 mm.

Furthermore, the Dutch Diver watches offer nice extra functionalities, with an absolute added value. Not only do they feature a seconds hand, date display and luminescent indicators, they also offer a rotating bezel and screw-down crown. With a watch from this series you are therefore assured of a diving watch with a very good water resistance, which can also be consulted in the dark. This complete picture offers a quality watch for the real sports enthusiast, which at the same time also fits very well with another outfit, such as a business outfit. You choose a diving watch with all the trimmings with a Dutch Diver watch from Van Speyk, without having to pay the main price. Highly recommended for every diving and/or snorkelling enthusiast!

Are you looking for a good diving watch? Then take a closer look at the van Speyk Dutch Diver watches, you won't regret it. The brand not only offers quality, but also brings you a piece of Dutch history. A true lover of a beautiful watch who is also interested in our national history will absolutely appreciate this.

You will receive the Van Speyk watches that are ordered from us at home with a 2-year warranty in a luxurious official box. Of course, a clear manual in the form of a booklet is also included. This way you can quickly start enjoying your new purchase. We also sell watch winders, with which you can provide your watch with energy with an automatic movement. Very suitable for example with your Van Speyk Dutch Diver watch!