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Watch winders for Rolex watches

Posted on 13 February 2024 at 3:26 PM

Do you have one or more Rolex watches? Do you also hate that they stand still when you are not wearing them? After all, it takes time to set an automatic watch back to the correct time if it has stopped. You also have to open the crown, the most vulnerable part of the watch. Pulling a little too hard can cause the crown pin to become defective. An expensive repair is the result. You can prevent all this by using a watch winder. This watch accessory ensures that your automatic watches keep time so that you can put them on your wrist to wear at any time, with the correct time.

Benson Black Series Pro 12.19.B watch winder

A beautiful, luxurious watch is the ultimate piece of jewelry for many men. However, it can also be a kind of status symbol or true collector's item. Moreover, a beautiful watch has more than once proven to be a valuable heirloom. A luxury watch is therefore a timeless, stylish and useful accessory. When you choose a watch with an automatic movement when purchasing a watch, you are one of many. The charm of an automatic timepiece continues to attract many enthusiasts. A watch with an automatic movement is a special piece of craftsmanship, with absolute technical finesse. A beautiful watch, such as one from the Rolex brand, is therefore not only very elegant and stylish, but also a piece that impresses technically. When you are not wearing your automatic Rolex watch, it is advisable to store it in a quality watch winder. This way you can store your automatic Rolex watch safely and also provide it with the necessary winding. If you own several automatic watches, the importance of a good watch winder is even more important. We have therefore selected a number of watch winders for this article, which are especially suitable for the avid collector. These watch winders are also suitable for any type and brand of automatic watch, including your beloved Rolex watches.

The first extremely beautiful watch winder for a collection of automatic watches is the Paul Design Gentlemen 12 Macassar. This very luxurious watch winder has the capacity to wind up to twelve automatic watches at the same time. The watch winder is made of wood and has a macassar look. The inside of the watch winder is black in color, which provides a nice contrast with the appealing exterior. This model can be locked with a mineral glass door, which ensures that you always feel safe storing your automatic watches in this watch winder. In addition, the watch winder is equipped with a high-end fingerprint lock. The Paul Design Gentlemen 12 Macassar is also equipped with high-quality Japanese engines from the Mabuchi brand. These motors not only ensure the winding of your automatic watches in an energy-efficient manner, but they are also low-noise. This ensures, among other things, that this watch winder offers high user comfort. The handy touchscreen ensures that you can change the settings of the watch winder in an instant. This way you can determine, among other things, the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day per watch. The beautiful appearance in combination with the built-in LED lighting ensures that you can display your watch collection in the Paul Design Gentlemen 12 Macassar in an extremely professional manner. Finally, with this watch winder you have the CW, CC and Alt programs and overwind protection. This model comes with remote control. All in all a watch winder with a very good price/quality ratio that provides every automatic Rolex watch, or any other brand of automatic watch, with the necessary energy without any problems.

The second watch winder that is an excellent choice for a collection of watches is the Benson Black Series Pro 12.19.B. This beautiful watch winder is made of wood and comes in black. This model not only offers space for winding up to twelve automatic watches at the same time, but is also equipped with a storage drawer for another ten watches or any other jewelry. This watch winder can also be locked with a mineral glass door. For an extra safe feeling, it is equipped with a lock and key. The inside of the watch winder is inlaid with a special soft velvet. This is not only a beautiful sight, but also offers your watches protection against damage. The settings of the watch winder can be easily adjusted using the modern touchscreen. This way you determine the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day for each watch separately. Furthermore, the watch winder is equipped with built-in LED lighting, which gives you a perfect view of your watches at any time of the day. This watch winder is also equipped with top-quality Japanese motors. In addition to the CW, CC and Alt programs and overwind protection, this watch winder also offers a handy power winding function and USB connection. In short, a very complete watch winder with a luxurious appearance. This watch winder is therefore ideal for your Rolex watches!

You will find both the discussed Paul Design watch winder and the watch winder from the Benson brand in our webshop. We supply both models with a two-year warranty and manual. In addition to the two models mentioned, we also offer many other high-quality watch winders, both for the enthusiast with a single automatic watch and for the real collector. It is definitely worth taking a look. So be surprised by our extensive and varied range and convince yourself!

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