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Soon in our collection: Locman watches

Posted on 22 August 2021 at 4:50 PM

Italian watches are still very popular and trendy! Watches from Italy always have beautiful designs and are stylish. A good example of a watch brand from Italy is Locman. This brand has been producing very good quality watches for several decades. Watch enthusiasts who have ever been to Italy are certainly familiar with the brand. Locman watches are distinguished by their contemporary designs, sporty appearance and colorful accents on the dials and watch straps.

What makes a Locman watch so much fun and interesting? Let's take a closer look at this Italian watch brand.

Technology, innovation, Italian design and passion are the values ??on which Locman's identity is based. The concept of luxury conveyed by the brand's watches is affordable and suitable for any watch enthusiast.

Locman watches are made on the island of Elba, just meters from the sea, which is an inspiration for the brand. Locman, as a Tuscan brand, took the decision to emphasize its origins and create a 100% Italian watch brand that stands out in an international market dominated by major Swiss watch brands. With this in mind, certain strategic alliances have been formed, such as the collaboration with Ducati to create watch collections for fans of motorcycling and Italian design. Locman works closely with the Italian Ministry of Defense and the Premiership (English football) and produces watches for the Armed Forces, Special Forces and especially for the Italian Navy.

The story of Locman watches is closely linked to that of founder and chairman Marco Mantovani, who was born in 1961 in Marina di Campo on the island of Elba. Together with Fulvio Locci, he founded the watch brand Locman in 1986. Locman started out as a design agency for some of the major Swiss watch brands before becoming a self-branded watch manufacturing company. In the late 1980s, Genesi, a renowned Milanese watch factory that had been operating since the 1950s, became Locman's manufacturing partner, enabling the company to offer high-quality watches produced in Italy at prices well below those in Switzerland. Thanks to Genesi and his technical expertise, Locman took the plunge and started designing and manufacturing watches under his own label. The first Locman watch was made entirely by hand, with parts in gold and thorn root, a precious wood typical of Elba and the Mediterranean scrub. At that time, Claudio Fanucchi joins Locman as a shareholder. In 1990, Carlo Crocco, owner of the prestigious Geneva brand Hublot (now part of the LVMH group) bought a stake in Locman and offered to distribute its products worldwide. This was an ideal growth opportunity for the Tuscan brand.

In 1996, during one of his regular visits to America, Marco Mantovani was waiting at a customs office on a small Caribbean island when he saw an old photo of the lighthouse at Punta Polveraia on Elba. It was a moment that touched him deeply. Marco was thousands of miles away from the places and people he loved, and those few minutes were decisive. At the time, he divided his time between Milan, Switzerland and his regular travels around the world. But his real home was on Elba, where Locman had maintained a branch and shop.

On his return to Italy, Mantovani decided to take back control of the company, which was once again 100% Italian, and to move the main production site to Marina di Campo, a stone's throw from the sea. Two old friends joined the company, Giuseppe Pea from Brescia and Ben Feigenbaum from Miami.

Watch sales grew strongly, especially in the United States. The design, colors and use of innovative materials such as aluminum, sometimes combined with diamonds, were key to the company's worldwide success. Demand exceeded production capacity and Locman watches became highly sought after by international stars: Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman and Elton John are just a few of the personalities photographed wearing watches made on Elba.

In December 2000, Hopa SPA, a major Italian financial company and a major shareholder of, among others, Telecom Italia, joined Locman's share capital. For Locman, this arrival marked a significant change in pace, both in terms of governance and international investment. It was in this context that prestigious collaborations began with the Italian Armed Forces, leading to the launch of collections with the decals of the Air Force, the Folgore Paratroopers and the Navy. In 2002, Locman became the official supplier to the English Premiership and his products were later chosen by President Berlusconi to be used as diplomatic gifts to various heads of state and international delegations.

Investments continued in new technologies and at Baselworld 2003 Locman presented the world's first watch with a carbon fiber case. The result of these developments is the Stealth Titanium and Carbon collection which is a big hit with the public. 2010 was the year in which the new Montecristo model was launched, a new milestone for Locman in terms of recognition and production quality. With its sporty, maritime spirit, the Montecristo watch collection has become a true icon of Italian watchmaking.

Locman watches are known and loved worldwide. Real watch lovers know the Italian brand and many who went on holiday in Italy returned with a Locman watch on their wrist. Locman currently has a very nice collection of excellent watches with quartz or automatic movements. The models are characterized by a sporty look and high-quality materials. The nice thing about a Locman watch, however, is the unique price/quality ratio. There are few watch brands in Europe that combine such quality with an interesting price.

We will soon present Locman on our websites. As an official dealer we will have the latest collections in stock. We offer fast delivery, competitive prices and excellent after sales. Will you soon be wearing a beautiful Locman watch from Italy?